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The Space Lady - Major Tom / Radar Love (2013)

Major Tom (from LSSN018)

Autsajderska legenda, ulična pjevačica iz San Francisca Suzy Soundz radi obrade poznatih pjesama na svom Casiu, ali glas joj je toliko hipnotičan da vam preko ramena prebaci cijeli svemir čim je čujete.


(mp3) The Space Lady - Ghost riders in the sky
(mp3) The Space Lady - I had too much to dream (last night)

Night School Records have announced that, this autumn, they will be releasing a retrospective of music by cult US musician The Space Lady, titled, simply enough, The Space Lady's Greatest Hits. Having made music away from the eye of the wider world in San Francisco between the 70s and the 90s, her low-key and strangely moving Casio keyboard covers of pop songs originally came to public attention via Irwin Chusid's 2000 'outsider music' compilation Songs In The Key Of Z, alongside the likes of Wesley Willis, Joe Meek and Daniel Johnstone. Her music has since appeared on mixes from John Maus and Erol Alkan and has gradually been attracting wider interest since. "This music has transcended genre, style and fashion, opening up hearts and minds along the way," say the label, who connected with The Space Lady two years ago and are now preparing to issue her only recorded music from that time period.
The Space Lady's Greatest Hits will be released later this year on CD, LP and digital formats, but in the meantime, the label are releasing a 7" containing two particularly lovely electronic pop songs - a cover of Peter Schilling's 'Major Tom', which you can listen to above, and a version of Golden Earring's 'Radar Love'.
More information on the full compilation when we have it, but the label conclude this announcement by revealing that "even more exciting, The Space Lady has begun performing and recording again, returning to a scene of independent musicians that she helped define before many of them were born." In the meantime, you can listen to her cover of The Electric Plumes' 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night' - which appeared on Songs In The Key Of Z - below. - thequietus.com/

For over 35 years, The Space Lady has inspired and confounded music and humanity lovers. Mysterious yet overwhelmingly human, dressed in the paraphernalia of outer space travel yet seemingly well-versed in the vagaries of exploring the Inner Space. The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop music an accordion and dressed flamboyantly, transmitting messages of peace and harmony. Following the theft of her accordion, The Space Lady invested in a then-new Casio keyboard, birthing an otherworldly new dimension to popular song that has captured the imaginations of the underground and its lead exponents ever since.
The legend of The Space Lady has continued to grow in the 21st century. Originally featured on the landmark 'outsider' compilation "Songs In The Key Of Z," then on mixes by Erol Alkan and John Maus, this music has transcended genre, style and fashion, opening up hearts and minds along the way. In the late 90s The Space Lady packed away her Casio and silenced her distinctive voice, retiring from the streets of San Francisco.
Night School managed to establish communications two years ago and is delighted to be working with The Space Lady in issuing the only recordings she made at the time on CD, LP and digital. Even more exciting, The Space Lady has begun performing and recording again, returning to a scene of independent musicians that she helped define before many of them were born.

Look out for The Space Lady's Greatest Hits, coming in the Autumn / Fall.
- nightschoolrecords.bigcartel.com/

The Space Lady was a 70′s street performer Susan Dietrich aka Suzy Sounds. The Space Lady helped support her family by performing a mix of original & cover versions of popular songs with cosmic themes to the sidewalk traffic of Boston & San Francisco. With a cheap, thrift store bought Casio keyboard, a simple efx processor and echo unit for her voice, Suzy crafted haunting, otherworldly music presented in a soft, quiet almost childlike manner. Really special stuff. Included here are her cover versions of David Bowie’s “Major Tom” and “I Had To Much To Dream Last Night” by 60′s Psych Rockers, The Electric Prunes.


The Space Lady, i have no idea where to start with this. This music is incredible, minimal flourishing phased synthesizers underneath the most beautiful delia derbyshire/white noise esque vocal. Her story and my personal favourite Major Tom are on her myspace.
i found out about the space lady when i was looking for a cover version i had of Shakin' all over someone had put on a compilation for me, it turned out to be Drinking Electricity but while i was looking, the unbelievable space lady turned up! with a cover of the same song! I was taken aback, she looked fantastic, her story was so brilliant and i loved how heavenly and simple the sounds she was creating made shakin all over, a song known to be a hell raising rock n roll sleazer sound like an innocent astral fairytale of one space ladys untainted sexual exploits and her casio. With all over versions i know myself of this song, there has been no other version like it, they're all pent up explosions of excitement which johnny kidds bursts of guitar are nothing more than a show of a boundless adolescent's release of joy, sex and love through that bone shattering key hook we all know so well. But this is played softly, quietly and delicately, so the whole content and idea of the song is turned on it's arse. Shakin' all over is one of those songs like when you see those videos of the beatles or the stones playing in the early sixties and you can see the screaming audiences unable to control themselves, those girls with the uncontrollable 'shakes' and screams of excitement, that electrifying uncontrollable feeling created by these kinds of songs, like satisfaction by the stones, that do these marvellous things to a person, those shakes and shivers that one mustn't talk about at the dinner table, this is what this song is supposed to make you feel like, It's loud, it's raw and animalistic but our Space Lady delivers something so pure and beautifully different that it sort of makes the original and all other versions that have come before completely obsolete, You just have to listen to those beautiful minimal electronics and punching zuckerzeit drum machines to know johnny kidd wishes he could of traded his strat for a casio back in 1960! enough chit chat and wallop, here's to the almighty space lady! - sevenshypnoticunderworld.blogspot.com

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