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2l2code - Live in Madrid (2012)


Radioaktivna energija kapitalističkog prisvajanja umjetnosti kao oruđa za jačanje paradigme privatnog vlasništva, obitelji, egoizma i nenadzirane ambicije.

Concert registered in January 2012 by 2l2code
sound engineers
Ernesto Santana and Alvaro Muñoz
Merran Laginestra : voice, piano, computer
Pedro López: drums, invented instruments, computer
Image from the film “Stalker” by A. Tarkovsky
The originals files are in quadraphonic format. The mp3 stereo is only a  version for evaluation.
Stereo version

Quadraphonic version

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Our task consists in creating “fictions”, that is to say, re-organizing the relationships between what one does and what one can do. Possible alternatives to what has come to be known as the dominant fiction, that now seems to reclaim the condition of the definitive fiction.
We are looking for a language free from all expression, rhythm, melody and harmony. As in all dictatorships, the arta are usually used to contol the emotions of the population, we have decided to free artistic manifestations of any type of emotion.We have transcended the physical reality of emotion and sentimentality to create a simplified,virtual relationship in a digital experience.
What is more expressive? White noise,C flat, a pneumatic drill or a supermarket till?
The contents of this concert have been tried and demonstrated to fulfil the limits established for digital devices in Class B,in conformity with Paragraph 15 from the Standard AFCJZ.
These limits have been designed to proportion a reasonable protection against harmful interferences in a residential installation.
The mediasphere and the forces of order propogate and install, without difficulty and with the general consent of the populace, the definitive fiction,in every aspect of our existence, homogenizing our aspirations,dreams and necessities.
This performance generates,uses and may radiate radioactive energy,if it is not installed and used according to the instructions,and it may cause harmful interference when comunicating through radio.However, there is no guarentee that the interferences are not produced in a particular installation.
At the present moment the semantic mechanisms of control are being reinforced.
The meaning of the word “Art” has reached such extensive levels of ambiguity equal to words such as “Freedom” or “Love” that allow the Powers-that-be to use them in function to whichever purpose they so choose. And so they can become instruments that serve us to strengthen the paradigm of property, family, egoism or uncontrolled ambition.
What used be to called “seeds” will now be called “Monsanto”
What used to be called “health”, will now be called “pharmacy”
What used to be called “soma” will now be called “Prozac”.
Goethe said: ” No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so”

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