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Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble - All Material (2013)

Glasovi i zvukovi krcati pčelama, bebama, magarcima i majkama.

All Material is the second full length by Trevor Wilson and the versatile and talented singers that make up his Vocal Ensemble. NYC based since 2011, the group has carved out an idiosyncratic stylistic niche; a mixture of five-part layered, difficult harmonies, delivered in a straightforward tone, over a casual nylon guitar and soft-nightmare electronics. The result is new-folk, art-pop, escaping any particular idiom; just beautiful and compelling music.
All Material expands upon the territory Wilson broke with the ensemble’s 2012 release, Soft Wings. The performances on All Material capture an experienced ensemble that is comfortable with one another and with this strange vocabulary; compositional choices that may seem odd on paper come out as rich and soulful expressions.
The ensemble has also expanded their production palette, creating recordings that are deep explosions of the original themes; sometimes scary, sometimes peaceful, but always real. The complex vocal work stands out in, for instance, tracks 1, 3,4,7, 11. Wilson takes the helm alone in the piano ballad See You Weigh You (track 9), and the digital mindcrush Dotery (track 8). Incredible performances abound, such as those by Eliza McKelway in Straight Me (track 2), Ethan Woods in I See The Plan (track 10), Michael Chinworth in Mary Magdalene (track 5), and Alice Tolan-Mee pretty much everywhere.

I’m the Only One, a music video. Filmed at Mark’s Pizza in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Snake and Boy from Asher Woodworth on Vimeo.
Music video for Snake and Boy, directed by Asher Woodworth. Footage is from a project of his that took place in the summer of 2012.

Some footage taken by Jaime Boddorff of TWVE at the Red Hook Loft, Feb-2013. Here, we play Soft Wings and Hold Me.

Performing I’ve Begun to Flower at WNYC’s Green Space, Feb 2013.

Performing ‘Hold Me’ in Prospect Park, Oct-2012. Video by Paper Swan.

Performing The Bad Man for our CD release party, March 2012, at Tribes Gallery, NYC.

Soft Wings (2012)

“This Is Real Life”- A ‘review’ by D. Sean Adams and Eric Conroe
These songs you’re holding in your hands are filled with stuff like pianos and guitars and voices – many voices, provided by Trevor’s very talented ensemble – which themselves are filled with stuff like bees and babies and donkeys and mothers. This music, held up equally by the harmony and dissonance Trevor creates with his ensemble is, as he says in the song “Colin”, blanketed in choices.
Trevor is, above all else, ambidextrous. One arm shoots straight and true as the other punches through rhythms and genres without scruple. The noises are true and human, so much so that the listener recognizes them as sounds of her own throat. Rarely does there emerge a musical voice that conveys such authority and such empathy – while doing so in a truly experimental way.
Trevor’s an expert craftsman, but he doesn’t use a throwing wheel. His songs are pinch pots. In places they feel inches thick and in others he’s squeezed them so thin that you might worry they’ll break. But don’t, because Trevor is a master pincher, and he’d never make something that couldn’t hold your soup.
Trevor’s music doesn’t pitch its flag and claim ownership. Nor does he wave his flag around. Instead he carries it folded neatly in his back pocket, and he’ll show it to you if you ask him, but more likely than not you’ll be astounded when you hear him at work. Trevor is only 25, yet he’s already clearly joined the proud lineage of the great hollerers, yawping down through the ages. This is not background music or a sonic knick-knack. This is real life, harmonious and dissonant in the same heartbeat. We have the good fortune to be around when Trevor is writing music.

Growth and Decay (2009)

Lions, Sheep, and Trains (2003)

Trevor Wilson is a brooklyn-based composer and songwriter, most recently known for the alternative vocal harmonies and song structures employed in his Vocal Ensemble. In 2011, he formed the ensemble, which currently includes Michael Chinworth, Eliza McKelway, Alice Tolan-Mee, and Ethan Woods. They all met at Bennington College, and currently live in Brooklyn.
The ensemble released their album Soft Wings in March of 2012. (One could say) their work is aesthetically aligned with groups like the Dirty Projectors, Mountain Man, and Joanna Newsom. They combine five part harmonies with simple nylon guitar riffs, with some elements of fantasy and dramatics.

Their biggest audience is in NYC, where they have performed in venues such as The Clocktower Gallery, Glasslands, WNYC’s Green Space, Shea Stadium, and Joe’s Pub. In 2012 they did a 20-date tour to Chicago and back. In the spring of 2013, they recorded their second full-length, All Material. As of this writing, Trevor is currently participating in a theater piece with an international ensemble that will be performed in San Francisco.

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