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Sorne - House of Stone: Apstraktno-antropologijski pop

Antropologijska shizofrenija, glasovi napravljeni golim rukama, instrumenti izvađeni iz utrobe Indijanca, šamanistički ekspresionizam, adolescentska opera, urbani mitovi za špiljske ljude, špiljski mitovi za asfaltirane umove.

SORNE sounds of the future gawking at you with a gaping mouth, fearlessly and enveloped in mysticism. They will make you lose your mind. – Red River Noise

A wonderful brand of twisted, deeply textured abstract pop. Sonically and conceptually it reaches beyond genre definition. – Bowlegs Music

Nonconformist in nature, brilliant in execution. This is absolutely phenomenal in every sense of the word. Music cannot get more unique and authentic as this.– Sputnik Music

A conceptual, wide screen epic that unfolds in shivering awe. – Doug Freeman of the Austin Chronicle

Echoes of Tv on the Radio’s ghostly pop. – San Francisco’s Bold Italic

Sounds like Anthony and the Johnsons inhabiting the more esoteric realms of the Mars Volta. – Austin Powell of the Austin Chronicle

Somewhere in the same realm as Yeasayer’s psychedelic pop. – Austin 360

I definitely recommend going to the show and witnessing the otherworldly artistic performance for yourself. – OVRLD

Theatrical creativity at its finest. This one deserves your complete attention. – Austin Music Weekly

Completely blown away. – Peel Post 

"Born at the highest point of elevation in the Panhandle, right up against an Indian burial ground, Morgan Sorne grew up with dreams of Indians coming out of the woods surrounding his home. Music and Christianity encircled him as a child. The latter, he grew out of. The first, he embraced. His mother, an opera singer, enrolled him in a music program after her voice coach suggested it. Sorne remembers hating it profoundly even at the age of three, but after throwing a rock at a kid’s face, his days at the school for the gifted ended. Music never left him.
In the last few years, Sorne has written over 80 songs using only the voice, handmade instruments and found objects. The first 13 were released in 2011 in his debut album, House of Stone, and he’s working on the rest to be released in a series of chapters, one for each of the five siblings, the star characters of the House of Stone saga: First Born. Second Son. Black Sister. Little Brother. Blue Sister.
Set in no particular time or place, the story speaks of family relationships, focusing on the death of the father and highlighting Sorne’s obsession with the Divine Mother. House of Stone grew in his mind for years, the characters initially born as direct reflections of his mother and her siblings. House of Stone evolved from childhood views of family into characters with a life of their own, each representing, in Sorne’s words, “archetypes of the human condition.”
A short film based on the story behind the album House of Stone entitled "Children of the Black Mountain" premiered at the SXSW Film Fest 2012 and can be seen at www.sorne.com

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