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Heat Wave - Fukd In Tha Game

Alex Gray (Deep Magic, Heat Wave) stvara nekoherentnu psihodeliju koja zapinje za sve što dotakne, pada, diže se, polijeće, pada, kotrlja se, odskače, leti, dodiruje pseću njušku, udara u semafor, razbija izlog dućana, pada niz stubište, upada u suzu prolaznice, propada kroz otvor u grudnjaku, meškolji se među dlakama, hvata pticu za rep, ljubi oblake u trbuh, skače na kap kiše, pada na vaše uho i lijepi vam se za mozak poput plastične naljepnice koju ne možete saprati razmišljanjem o Bobu Dylanu.

Streaming ovdje

Los Angeles resident Alex Gray dropped his latest HEAT WAVE mix yesterday, and anyone who’s ever stumbled across one of his massive sound collages of deranged beats and psychedelic excursions will be aware that these are the most alluring and mind-altering trips this side of actual drug-taking. All others should find out now. - nofearofpop.net

Fukd In Tha Game, flung into the public domain on January 1, is Alex Gray’s umpteenth release in the last 18 months or so, and it’s easily one of the most seductively assembled. On a whim, I reckon that Gray’s ‘Fukd’ relates to the addiction he has to his beguiling craft, ‘Tha Game.’ The artist has found his niche and is exploiting it here profusely — in this instance, across 17 tracks of manipulated, sample-heavy appropriations that blooms and folds beautifully all over itself. Gray’s technique is as tender and fluid as the music is incoherent and slap-dash, tiptoeing and galloping brilliantly across genres that shift more frequently than the artist himself (Gray has since retired his Heat Wave project and is now known under the equally brilliant DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE moniker). For all the haphazardry and contemplation that this artist yields, Fukd In Tha Game is among his most significant to date, a testament to the limitless boundaries of imagination concerning music in the digital age and the exhilarating experiences it can induce, no matter how addictive. - Birkut

• Heat Rave: http://heatrave.com

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