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Anna Domino - Blood Makes Noise (2010)

Picture of Anna Domino

Jedna od onih pjevačica koje su avangardno loše: dekadentno prosječne na jako zanimljiv, gotovo enigmatičan način. Japanka-Belgijanka pjeva na ukrajinsko-ugrofinskom engleskom '80-ih u polupraznom noćnom klubu nacrtanom flomasterom. 
Nakon 20-godišnje pauze pojavila se 2010. sa singlom Blood Makes Noise (streaming).
Engleski se popravio.

Johnny (feat. Anna Domino)
Want You More (feat. Jil Caplan)
Losing The Will To Survive (feat. Tal Weiss)
Twist In My Sobriety (feat. Lidwine)
Porque Te Vas (feat. Iris Aneas)
The Crying Game (feat. Jil Caplan)
Gush Forth, My Tears (feat. Hila Baggio)*
Motion Drawing (feat. Tal Weiss)*
Being Boiled (feat. Noa Vax)*
Trouble Comportemental (feat. edo.)*
Dub Mentor - Versions
The debut EP, features six cover versions and featuringAnna DominoJil CaplanTal WeissLidwine and Iris Aneas.
The music was arranged and produced by Dub Mentor and co-produced by Lior Suliman and Tal Weiss. Guest musicians areEtay Maor (bass), Issar Tennenbaum (drums), Tal Weiss(glockenspiel, recorder), Noa Vax (percussion), Tal Arbel (viola da gamba) and Ido Manor (melodica).
Versions was engineered by Yoram Vazan (Public Enemy, Laurie Anderson, Wu Tang Clan etc) and mastered by Greg Calbi(Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Brian Eno and many more).
* The CD version includes 4 extra tracks.
Dub Mentor’s warm, peeled-down arrangements, comprised of loping drum loops, chocolatey bass and treated field recordings for texture, lend these tunes the intimacy of late-evening jazz.(Igloo Magazine)

Unspectacularity is his secret; whether electronic or man-made, each sound is separated from the next with precision, allowing resonant voices and instruments to focus our minds... Passion through restraint… (Igloo Magazine)

Artist: Dub Mentor
Single: Johnny
Year: 2012


Dub Mentor feat. Anna Domino - Johnny
With the vocals of Anna Domino, and based on the traditional "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya", Johnny is the first single taken from Versions,Dub Mentor's EP.
The music was arranged and produced by Dub Mentor and
co-produced by Lior Suliman and Tal Weiss. Guest musicians are Etay Maor (bass), Issar Tennenbaum (drums) andTal Weiss (recorder).

Artist: Various
Album: Evidence One
Year: 2011

Hila Baggio - Gush Forth, My Tears
Tal Weiss - Return Of The Native
Anna Domino - Blood Makes Noise
Dub Mentor Feat. Noa Vax - Being Boiled
Karni Postel Feat. Dub Mentor - Winter Dub
Julia Rovinsky - Six Wings Of Bliss
Cristal - Dupla Pena
Yuco - February
Uri Brener and Issar Tennenbaum - 11 O'clock
Linden - Halo I
edo. - Spiderman
Yan Jun Feat. Dub Mentor - Hello, Mad Dog Is Out
Of Home
Arc Of Doves - Pavane
Rachel Mercer - Dialogue IV

Allergy To Consciousness - Evidence One
Allergy To Consciousness is a series of 14 diverse singles released worldwide: full studio tracks or remixed/"reworked" demos, songs or instrumental tracks, classical or electronic pieces. Details about the singles and the artists can be
found HERE.
"Evidence One" is a selection of tracks from this series.
All the music on the album, and the series, was produced by 
Lior Suliman
 and Tal Weiss.
An introduction to some fascinating artists.


Tokyo born musician Anna Domino has paved quite the eclectic career— with influences ranging from the far east to Ann Arbor. Her nomadic youth came to berth in the midst of the New York post punk scene of the late 70s and into the fold of the legendary Belgian label Les Disques du Crepuscule— a partnership that produced the brief but potent collection of nocturnal ballads “East and West.” Today Anna Domino is still a hypnotic force—exorcizing delicately the come-hither sound that only she can cast. 

Tell us your name(s).
Anna Taylor (née), Domino (acquired), Delory (married)
Walk us through an intimate day in your life.
Jolted awake by a nightmare that I must not fall back into. Coffee while patrolling the perimeter to see what wildlife has rearranged during the night. To the computer to forage for encouraging words but facebook is weirdly depressing and why do I get so many email adverts for “steel buildings?” Work for what feels like days on mind numbing e-commerce site and then retreat to one of 17 projects that all need attention before they melt. Snacks, yay! Rehearse for as long as stamina or patience will allow. Somedays the guitars just don’t feel like staying in tune and I want to beat them up, but of course they don’t respond well. Then, somewhere between 10pm and 2am I go read till there’s a chance of sleep… zzzzzz
Some days I actually leave the house, the city, even the country but not as often as I’d like.
Where did you grow up and how did that influence your life as a musician?
Born in Japan. Grew up all over as parents moved, fought, divorced, moved again. Most of childhood was in Ann Arbor, a great place to be in the 60’s for music and high drama! But then to Ottawa, Canada… Brrr. Didn’t finish high school as we were not well matched. Traveled a lot once was able. Went to art school for a few years, in Toronto. Took myself to New York City in 1977 to visit a friend of an uncle and there I stayed, for 20 years. My father loved music and took me to see Bob Dylan and the Beatles and more before I could walk. It made a huge impression. But then, even before that, the grownups could stop me crying by playing Mahalia Jackson, and only Mahalia Jackson for hours on end.
What does music mean to you?
EVERYTHING, though color is a big deal too.
Tell us about the birth of Anna Domino.
I’d gone to Brussels at invitation of Les Disques du Crepuscule (Twilight Records) to record first LP which was only an EP because of time constraints. It was a hilarious and nerve-racking exercise and when I left I thought that my so brief career was already over. Then, a year and half later I got a test pressing in the mail. They had titled it “East and West” and it came out and was such a fragile, tiny thing. John Peel of the BBC championed it and, Hurrah! I got to record again. It was always touch and go with the label, you never knew if you’d work again or if a recording would ever be released… I felt I needed a pseudonym to hide behind so chose Domino as it’s the sugar company and I could see the great neon sign from my window. Also, being Anna Domino,  gave me the illusion of having buildings named after me- a life long ambition.
What sparked your affair with music? Describe this memory.
Father’s influence (as above), he also played music as themes to his life; music for sorrow/happiness/rage/and fixing the furnace. Also, my grandparents on mother’s side all played something and sang every last verse of traditional ballads they’d grown up with. I grew to appreciate this with time. And, in the 80’s music did change from being something you danced to, to being something you danced in. I’d always been moved by this power and wanted to learn the language.
Name 3 artists you would like to have collaborate together if you were given the chance to orchestrate a musical mesh between them-and why.
Not to be contrarian but I do believe that musicians, like painters and maybe all artists, are better on their own. There are lots of exceptions but collaboration between artists in the same medium hardly ever brings out the best unless they’ve known each other forever and trust each other. Bands that stay together play well together but one time collaborations are hard, so much insecurity in one room!
Time Warp. Describe a musical memory you are fond of.
I was never without my 9 volt battery powered, aqua blue, transistor radio. Drove teachers, elderly relatives, camp counselors and most friends batty. Many school yard fights over this small object but I slept with it on and would not let it go. Then I learned to memorize the songs and sing them to myself, equally annoying. I think people understand how important music is to kids, now, but then it was just odd and antisocial. Then there was the time I won a whole pack of Juicy Fruit gum in a dancing competition at age 9. The thing was, we were all supposed to be dancing in pairs but I jumped in on my own, made total fool of self and won the Great Prize! Juicy Fruit remains a favorite.
What is it that you most want to exercise through your music?
Exercise or Exorcize? I want to give my demons a workout! That covers both, yes?
If given a chance to re-score a soundtrack to any film, what would it be?
That is a tough one… Cannot think of one as scoring is so different from song writing. I would love to write a theme song for a Bond or Super Hero film!
Do you find that these are exciting times for musicians and/or is there anything you find disheartening?
It’s always both. There is more great music out there than ever but we will never get paid…
Name a favorite album that you never seem to tire of.
Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” Brian Eno’s “Another Green World” and “Taking Tiger Mountain,” Eels “Electroshock Blues,” Weepies “Hideaway,” Nick Cave “The Boatman’s Call,” T-Rex “Electric Warrior,” Cesaria Evora “Miss Perfumado,” Magnetic Fields “69 Love Songs,” Ali Farka Toure- everything, Brazilian Girls “NYC” and “Talk to the Bomb,” LCD Soundsystem, Oumou Sangare, Al Green, Depeche Mode “Violator,” Skip James, Ledbelly, George Jones… Roxy Music… Mahalia Jackson! I have to stop.
Are there any new projects brewing that you would like to give us a verbal sneak peek of?
There are always new projects, but will any see daylight? I’ll be playing a few shows in new year, just me and guitars, playing tambourine with my feet and Michel on a 12 string. It will either be powerful in it’s simplicity or it will be silly, or a bit of both. I am really looking forward to it either way. Also dearly hope to take the Snakefarm project (traditional American ballads with unexpected arrangements) out as theater! But that is asking a lot of the gods.
I give you this scenario, you write a little chorus for it: temporary amnesia-you don’t know who you are.
Woke up this morning, all I had was wrong
In ten words, Anna Domino today.
Saltwater, tin, calamity, lacquer, skyscraper, snowfall, phosphorescent, temper, stereo, anthem
Sorry, then realized you want a sentence but all I get are more words.

(Allergy To Consciousness Versions)

MP3 Download:
June 1, 2010
[1] Blood Makes Noise (ATC Tribal Version)
[2] Blood Makes Noise (ATC Mild Version)

Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness
MP3 Download:
July 11, 2006
[2] Bowery Blues (Album Version) Anna Domino

Dreamback - BEST OF
August 2004
LTM (itmcd 2418)
[1] 'Rythm'
produced and mixed by Marc Moulin. originally released as a single (TWI 520) in May 1985 and on the album Anna Domino (TWI 600/ Fact 165) in April 1986.
[2] Summer
originally produced by Alan Rankine. remix and additional produced by Arthur Baker. originally released as a 7" and 12" single (TWI 641/ Fact 158) in July 1986.
[3] Take That
produced by Alan Rankine. originally released as a 7" and 12" single (TWI 586) in November 1985 and on the album Anna Domino (TWI 600/ Fact 165) in April 1986.
[4] Caught
produced by Alan Rankine. originally released on the album Anna Domino (TWI 600/ Fact 165) in April 1986.
[5] Zanna
produced by Luc Van Acker. originally released on the compilation album L'amour Fou (Car I) in June 1989.
[6] Tempting
[7] She Walked
[8] Time For Us
produced by Flood. originally released on the album This Time (TWI 777) in November 1987.
[9] Lake
produced by Flood. originally released on the album This Time (TWI 777) in November 1987.
[10] Hammer
produced by Anna Domino and Michel Deloy. originally relased on the flipside of single Lake.
[11] Luck
produced by Michel Deloy. originally released on the mini album Colouring in the Edge and the Outline (TWI 865) in November 1988.
[12] Bonds Of Love
produced by Anton Sanko. originally released on the album Mysteries of America (TWI 888) in November 1990.
[13] Temper With Time
produced by Anton Sanko. originally released as a 7" single (TWI 879) in January 1991 and on the album Mysteries of America (TWI 888) in November 1990.
[14] 88
produced by Michel Deloy. originally released on the mini album Colouring in the Edge and the Outline (TWI 865) in November 1988.
[15] Dreamback
produced by Anna Domino and Michel Delory. recorded in January 1996 and originally released on the compilation album Favorite Songs from the Twilight Years (RPS-000) in 1996.
[16] Land Of Dreams
produced by Anna Domino and Blaine L. Reininger. originally released on the mini album East and West (TWI 187) in February 1984.

SNAKEFARM Songs from My Funeral
Mar 99
RCA 67687
2010 Reissued CD
LTM: ltmcd 2539
[1] St. James [2] Rising Sun [3] This Train That I Ride [4] Frankie and Johnny [5] Laredo [6] John Henry [7] Black Girl [8] Tom Dooley [9] Banks of the Ohio [10] Pretty Horses
Anna Domino - vocals and vocal fx, electric guitar and accordion; Michel Delory - electric, acoustic and classical guitar, dobro, banjo, and keyboard and drum programming; Paul Dugan - upright, arco and fender bass; Stephen Ulrich - electric guitar and fx; Paul Shapiro - tenor sax, flute and recorder
All songs based on traditional ballads, arranged and produced by Snakefarm
HEARSAY 1999 Anna Domino Interview Page

12" EP

SNAKEFARM St. James (12" remix)
Sept 98
[1] St. James - Gus Gus Remix [2] St. James - Hypnogaja Remix [3] St. James - Album version
side -B
[1] St. James - John Tejada Remix [2] St. James - Skylab Remix
[Promotional only vinyl 12-inch featuring remixes of the first single "St. James" by GUS GUS, SKYLAB, JOHN TEJADA & HYPNOGAJA was servied to college radio, specialty programs, and club djs.]


Favorite Songs From The Twilight Years 1984-1990Dec 96
CD: CA 1996 (Jaken Pon RPS-000)
[1] Home
"is what I remember, I'm not there anymore. It's where childhood lives."
[2] Tyranny
"was your company when your presence meant everything."
[3] Koo-Koo
"After 3 years in Europe I knew I was beginning to disappear. Clerks didn't see me, cars didn't stop. I dreamt of throwing my luggage in the river and me after it."
[4] This Time
"was written late at night. The man I loved had left again and I was up turning sorrow to anger, which is more like fuel, when he came back."
[5] Paris
"is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. A day spent in silence, walking from the river through the changing light, can move you to tears."
[6] Tempting (New Version)
"Finally around 25th year I began to know a thing or two about love. Starting with pursuit and persuasion it's hard to get to trust. Which, you know, lasts."
[7] Dust
"is a peaceful lullaby to the end of the world as you know it, the only thing we really produce and all that will be left of us."
[8] Rythm
"was my spelling mistake - getting language mixed. I wrote it while falling in love and driving in Italy. We might still be together if we had kept moving."
[9] Summer (New Version)
"Looking out at the back yard one day when I was 9, I knew this was now and would be over and can't be stopped. This recording of the song is from early '96 - more as it was first written - with Michel Delory on banjo, Hearn Gadbois on percussion and Paul Dugan on upright bass."
[10] Half Of Myself
"was always trying to get past my gates out where it could really sink its teeth into you. Despite my vigilance it did and broke both your legs before I reined it in - with Steven Brown playing the clarinet at 4am, me on everything else."
[11] Luck
"is discount fate, an elaborate system of artificial magnetism, Like prayer in a can."
[12] '88
"was the year I spent lost in France. On a hillside at night I climbed around ruins to a clearing at the top. I could see the ocean in the moonlight and wasn't afraid of it."
[13] Dreamback *
"was written 10 years ago on a hot day in Queens, NY. I felt farther from home than if I'd been out at sea. This version was recorded late Jan. '96 with Michel, Hearn, Paul. I still have dreams of driving and losing control."
[14] Lake
"was an instrumental composed by Michel Delory. The first time I heard it I knew the words as if someone was singing to me, but when I tried to sing it I found myself crying."
* Previously unreleased
[There are several versions of Summer released. I like the acoustic version on this CD. There is also another nice acoustic piece Dreamback. There two pieces alone worthwhile to sought out this CD.]

L'Amour Fou
Jun 91
CD: JP 1991 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-5056)
[1] Paris [2] Land Of My Dreams [3] Zanna [4] Rythm [5] Koo Koo [6] Always, Always [7] Time For Us [8] Change To Come [9] Lake [10] Perfect Day (No He Says) [11] '88 [12] Bead [13] Tamper With Time
- Only released in Japan. Different tracklist and different sleeve to earlier CREPUSCULE/CAROLINE compilation (CAR 1).

Mysteries Of America
Nov 90
LP: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 888), CD: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 888-2), CD: JP 1990 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-84), 2004 re-issued CD: LTM (itmcd 2410)
[1] Home
vocals and accordion - Anna Domino, guitars, tipple and programming - Michel Delory, additional keyboards - Anton Sanko, bass guitar - Mike Visceglia' drums and drum programming - Frank vilardi
[2] Pandora
vocals and accordion - Anna Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, additional keyboards - Anton Sanko, bass guitar - Erik Sanko; percussion - Frank vilardi
[3] Paris
vocals and accordion - Anna Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, percussion - Frank Michiels
[4] "Oh Beautiful..."
vocals - Annoa Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, keyboards - Anton Sanko, bass guitar - Mike Visceglia, percussion - Frank Vilardi
[5] Isn't That So
vocals - Annoa Domino, guitars, midi guitar and programming - Michel Delory, keyboards - Anton Sanko, percussion - Frank Michiels
[6] Tamper With Time
vocals - Anna Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, percussion - Frank Michiels
[7] Bead/9.15
vocals and accordion - Anna Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, bass guitar - Mike Visceglia, percussion - Frank Vilardi
[8] Bonds Of Love
vocals - Annoa Domino, guitars and programming - Michel Delory, keyboards - Anton Sanko, bass guitar - Mike Visceglia, drums and programming - Frank Vilardi
[9] Dust
vocals - Anna Domino, guitars, tipple and programming - Michel Delory, percussion - Frank Vilardi
All songs written by Anna Domino & Michel Delory except "Ins't That So" by Jesse Winchester
Lyrics by Anna Domino except "Ins't That So" by Jesse Winchester
Produced by Anton Sanko
[This album is like opening a photo album. All things around you turn vivid, lost memories come back, recalling scents in a flash. A perfect album. Closing by the track Dust paean to youth wasted on young.]

Colouring In The Edge & The OutlineNov 88
MLP: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 865), MLP: SP 1988 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales GA 263), MLP: US 1988 (Crepuscule/Giant Records GR 16041-1), 10": GE 1988 (Crepuscule/Polydor 871 331-0), CD: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 865-2) *, CD: JP 1988 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-25003), CD: US 1988 (Crepuscule/Giant Records GR 16041-2) *, CD: GE 1988 (Crepuscule/Polydor 871 331-2) *, CD: BE 1989 (Crepuscule TWI 865-2) **, 2004 re-issued CD: LTM (itmcd 2410)
[1] Luck [2] Clouds Of Joy [3] Tyranny (Of Your Company) [4] '88 [5] Perfect Day (No, He Says) [5] Always Always *
Music & Lyrics by Anna Domino: "Luck" written with Michel Delory; "Tyranny" written with Ivan Georgiev; "Always Always" written with Michel Delory & Rudy Sybertz
All songs performed by Anna Domino & Michel Delory: bass on "Clouds of Joy" & "Tyranny" by Francois Garny; drums on "Clouds of Joy" & "Tyranny" by Jean Pierre Onraedt; accordion on "88" & "Tyranny" by Vincent Kenis
Arranged & Produced by Michel Delory: "Always Always" produced by Anna Domino, Michel Delory & Gilles Martin
Enginnered by Michel Dierckx
** With purple-ish/green front cover and black/white back cover.
- One-side LP. With inner bag. Spanish LP with insert. B-side featuring an etching by Benoit Hennebert. Spanish LP and German 10" are 2-sided. Japanese CD in slime-line box.

Crepuscule/Giant Records

This Time
Nov 87
LP: BE 1987 (Crepuscule TWI 777), LP: JP 1987 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VIL-28110), LP: SP 1987 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 171), LP: GE 1987 (Crepuscule/Polydor 835 022-1), LP: GR 1987 (Crepuscule/Music Box SMB 40361), LP: CA 1988 (Crepuscule/Polygram 835 236-1), LP: US 1988 (Crepuscule/Giant Records GR 16007-1), CAS: SP 1987 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 171K), CAS: GE 1987 (Crepuscule/Polydor 835 022-4), CD: BE 1987 (Crepuscule TWI 777-2), CD: JP 1987 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1301), CD: GE 1987 (Crepuscule/Polydor 835 022-2) *, CD: CA 1988 (Crepuscile/Polygram 835 236-2) , CD: US 1988 (Crepuscule/Giant Records GR 16007-2), CD: JP 1992 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-23024),2004 reissue CD: LTM (itmcd 2399) **
[1] Own Kind [2] Just Once [3] Time For Us [4] Chance To Come [5] This Time [4] Tempting [5] She Walked [6] Rain [7] Come To Harm [8] Lake [9] Hammer * [10] Chaos * [11] Hammer** [12] Chaos** [13] Please Don't** [14] Tempting (12" Version)** [15] Tempting (1996 Version)**
Frank Michiels - percussion; Evert Verhees - bass on "Tempting" and "Time of Us"; Walter Mets - drums on "Tempting", "Time of Us" and " Change to Come", B.J.Scott & Piet Van Den Heuvel - bcakground vocals on "Time for Us" and "Shae Walked"; Alan Rankine - vocal on "Come to Harm"
Engineer - Philippe Delier
Lyrics by Anna Domino; Music by Anna Domino & Michel Delory
Produced by Flood
- LP with inner bag. Spanish LP with insert. German edition comes in different sleeve. Greek LP in generic company sleeve.

LTM Reissue

Anna Domino
Apr 86
LP: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWI 600), LP: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VIL-28039), LP: UK 1986 (Crepuscule/Factory FACT 160), LP: FR 1986 (Crepuscule/Barclay 829 276-1), LP: SP 1986 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales GA 072), LP: GE 1986 (Crepuscule/Funfundvierzig 4521), LP: GE 1986 (Crepuscule/Polydor 831 086-1), LP: SW 1986 (Crepuscule/Stranded EKO 139), CAS: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWIC 600) *, CAS: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VCL-10041) *, CD: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWICD 600) *, CD: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1109) *, CD: GE 1986 (Crepuscule/Polydor 831 086-2) *, CD: JP 1992 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-23025) *, 2004 re-issued CD: LTM (itmcd 2397) **
[1] Rythm [2] Drunk [3] Koo Koo [4] My Man [5] Caught [6] Summer [7] The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game [8] Chosen Ones [9] Not Right Now [10] Take That [11] Sixteen Tons * [12] Half Of Myself * [13] Target ** [14] Summer (Arthur Baker Remix) ** [15] Zanna **
program; Anna Domino - voices, incidental keyboards, guitars + rythms; Marc Moulin - keyboards, guitars + programming on "Drunk" + "Koo Koo"; Steven Brown - clarinet on "Rythm", Dan Lackcsman - fairlight program on "Rythm", Michael Delory - guitars on "My Man", Rudy Sybert - electric bass on "My Man"
Recorded at Katy, ICP, Synsound & Kitsch Studios
Engineers - Roger Howorth, Dan Lacksman, Gilbert Lederman, Christian Ramon, Jean Trechant, Thierry Van Roy
- LP with inner bag. German POLYDOR LP, contains the Arthur Baker remix version of 'Summer' instead of the original version.

East And West
Feb 84
MLP: BE 1984 (Crepuscule TWI 187), MLP: JP 1984 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Shinseido Sirius TWI 187/SC-62), MLP: NL 1985 (Crepuscule TWI 187), MLP: GE 1985 (Crepuscule/FunfUndVierzig 4506) *, MLP: SW 1985 (Crepuscule/Stranded KOD 136), MLP: SP 1985 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 036), 2004 re-issued CD: LTM (itmcd 2383) **
[1] With The Day Comes the Dawn [2] Land Of My Dreams [3] Review [4] Everyday I Don't [5] Trust In Love [6] Repeating [7] 'Rythm'** [8] My Man** [9] Take That** [10] Change** [11] Just Too Much** [12] She Walked** [13] Caught**
Anna Domino - guitars, synthesisers, vocals; Virginia Astley - piano, backing vocals; Blaine L. Reininger - drum machine programming, violins; Jan Weuts & Eric Michiels - horns ; Luc Van Acker - additional noises and silences; Jan Parmentier - percussion, tables
produced and arranged by Anna Domino & Blaine L. Reininger
Engineered by Gilles Martin
- 1985 NL and German editions have different back cover.
** Live in JAPAN
recorded at PARCO, Tokyo in January 1987. Anna Domino - vocals; Michel Deloy - guitar & programming; Rudy Sybertz - bass; Eric Sleichim - soprano & tenor sax; Frank Michiels - percussion; Yves Baibay - drums
Although Anna was suffering from a severe cold on the night, we feel sure you will agree that these performances are too good to remain unreleased.

Picture of Dreamback: The Best Of

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