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dobleA [Andrea Robles & Adriana Bravo] - El Fish (2008)

Nadjev tacosa zapravo je pakao nastanjen "humanoidnim amebama koje se pare na gnojnom tlu od mesa, kostiju i gvakamole umaka".

Ostali filmovi: vimeo.com/andu
Instantes is a series of 4 loops. It talks about time, fear, death, nostalgia, its about perception and distortion of a moment and how a moment could repeats obsessively in the memory. How present dies and becomes immediately in past. Each piece It's a loop in an infinite loop, we call it “unstable drawings”.
Microftalmia: This animation dives into the daily world of Benjamin, my mentally disabled brother. The soundtrack was constructed based on his emotional states. He produced the source sounds with all kind of instruments and parts of his body, as well I have captured the sounds that fascinates him. The images in this work are an attempt to interpret Benjamin′s perceptions and to get up close with him.

Anatomía de una mariposa [Anatomy of a moth]: This experimental animation seeks to transform the flight of a moth towards the light in to a delicate metaphor for fragility.


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