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Kazuki Umezawa - Internet image: The Ground, Water and Ownerless Property Core


Brikolaži najrazličitijih slika i podataka skupljenih na webu. Ep o urušavanju interneta.


It began as a hobby – one that many of us probably share – of saving graphics he found online onto his desktop. Realizing that he had amassed an overwhelming collection of data, 28-year old Japanese artist Kazuki Umezawa one day decided to begin turning his collection into art.
His work, which features beady anime eyes, figures and graphics that collide with his own paint, is now part of a large scale exhibition at the Mori Art Museum and a solo show at Diesel Denim Gallery.
He assembles his data in photoshop files, which can run anywhere from 3GB to 30GB. And the imagery he uses changes, along with the currents of time. For example, after 3.11 he began incorporating a lot of tsunami imagery because that was simply what he was coming across online. With appropriated online imagery and his own craftwork, Umezawa creates a world in which the data of physical reality and virtual reality clash together.

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We will this time present “The Ground, Water and Ownerless Property Core” solo show of Kazuki Umezawa, from March 2 through 31.
Umezawa is a young artist who creates a kind of bricolage with all kinds of images and data scattered around on the Internet.
A vast number of characters and motifs are buried on a bright white background, and it is hard to know what are the original forms amid three primary colors of red, green and blue. He has equalized the fragments and fractions of the buried data and shows us a new aspect of them.
This is be the second personal exhibition of Umezawa at CASHI. He presents a series of new works titled Mahojin (magic circle). The works consist of smaller parts than previous works and have decorative, thick and high-density faces.
The legal term “bona vacantia (ownerless property),” which had been unfamiliar to us but created controversy when used by Tokyo Electric Power Co. in relation to its compensation for the nuclear accident caused by the March earthquake, gave Umezawa a clue for the works, in which he placed characters and motifs against a white sky as if they have appeared out of the blue. He is again addressing issues like the Internet vs. reality, anonymity vs. real names, and digital vs. analogue.
In the previous works, he reconstructed data fragments into something like a character in anime or manga.
Under the theme of magic circle, however, his latest works are dotted with a lot of patterns and symbols and spectators will catch the eyes of them everywhere. This structure of the works may stir up your anxiety or some other emotion more strongly than previous works.
Are those fragmented data our hope or desire for the future?
Umezawa will attend the reception party held on March 2, the opening day of the exhibition.
Please come and watch his latest works, in which Umezawa has shown his endless creativity.

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