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Jorge Amat - Les Avortés (1970) + La mort de l'utopie (1974)


Dva situacionistička filma Jorgea Amata. Žudnja je halucinacija. Bijeg iz otuđujuće svakodnevice samo je oblik seksualne igre.

In 1970, young filmmaker Jorge Amat, a pupil of Deleuze, Lyotard & Châtelet at Vincennes, and a great fan of Artaud, Dreyer & Stroheim, makes his first Situationist film. Les Avortés (The Aborted) was first screened at the festivals of Avignon (teamed up with the beautifully outrageous Living Theater performance Paradise Now) & Amsterdam. With Petrica Ionesco, Nadia, Jorge Amat, Michel Lebeau, François Salvatori & Jean François Pastou. Soundtrack: Captain Beefheart. - Henrik Aeshna


"La mort de l'utopie" - The Death of Utopy - (1974) had its premieres at the Avignon Festival, then at Le Marais Cinema. In this underground film the characters seek a way out of their social alienation. We hardly know if they are living their desires or if they're the prisoners of their own hallucinations. With Emmanuel Riva, José Luis Aguirre, Charlotte Trench, Christian Van Cau, Julien Negulesco.

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