petak, 7. rujna 2012.

Velika lista blogova posvećenih klasičnoj glazbi

Eto zašto je potrebno imati pedeset paralelnih ličnosti.

I utopijske uvjete življenja, recimo redovnički večerati u Gaudíjevoj Casa Batlló.

Music Magazines

Some online classical music magazines and information sources also exist in print form. Others are available only through the internet. Both kinds are listed here. Many offer free access to content, while others restrict content or require a paid subscription.



Academically inclined bloggers write about musicology, music theory and other scholarly topics.


Here you will find reviews and articles by music critics who write for newspapers and magazines. Many of these links are to “virtual blogs,” generated by searching a newspaper’s website for a critic’s work. (For blogs by unaffiliated critics and commentators, see Independents.)


Here you will find independent blogs by "self-appointed critics" and commentators who write about classical music.


Composers offer their views on composing and other music-related topics. Below, you will find blogs about specific composers.


Blogs About Composers

These blogs are not written by composers; rather, they are about specific composers.



These are blogs by musicians who discuss the performance of classical music, and other topics of interest to instrumentalists and singers.

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