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Što reći - savršen časopis.

Volume 18, 2014
                                    Issue 1: On Stanley Cavell, Edited by Robert Sinnerbrink (December, 2014)
Volume 15, 2011
                                    Issue 2: The Disgust Issue, Edited by Tina Kendall (October, 2011)
                                    Issue 1: Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis, Edited by David Sorfa (February, 2011)
Volume 14, 2010
                                    Issue 2: Baudrillard and Film-Philosophy, Edited by John Baldwin (October, 2010)
Volume 13, 2009
                                    Issue 1: Edited by David Sorfa (December, 2009)
Volume 12, 2008
                                    Issue 2: Edited by David Sorfa (October, 2008)
                                    Issue 1: Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy, Edited by Douglas Morrey (February, 2008)
Volume 11, 2007
                                    Issue 3: Encore: Lacan and Film, Edited by Benjamin Noys (October, 2007)
                                    Issue 2: The Occluded Relation: Levinas and Cinema, Edited by Sarah Cooper (June, 2007)
                                    Issue 1: Edited by Richard Stamp (February, 2007)
Volume 10, 2006
                                    Issue 3: Edited by David Sorfa (October, 2006)
Volume 3, 1999
                                    Issue 1: Edited by Daniel Frampton (December, 1999)
Volume 2, 1998
                                    Issue 1: Edited by Daniel Frampton (December, 1998)


Vol 16, No 1 (2012)Edited by David Sorfa, Graham Matthews, Matthew Holtmeier and Ben Tyrer


Vol 14, No 1 (2010)Edited by David Sorfa and Greg Tuck


Vol 13, No 1 (2009)Edited by David Sorfa


Vol 12, No 2 (2008)Edited by David Sorfa


Vol 10, No 1 (2006): Reanimating the AuteurEdited by David Sorfa, David Martin-Jones and John Mullarkey

Vol 10, No 2 (2006): Continental Film-Philosophy TodayEdited by Sarah Cooper, David Martin-Jones, Douglas Morrey and Benjamin Noys

Vol 10, No 3 (2006)Edited by David Sorfa


Vol 8, No 2 (2004)Edited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 6, No 1 (2002)Edited by Daniel Frampton

Vol 6, No 2 (2002): French Cinema IssueEdited by Daniel Frampton

Vol 6, No 3 (2002): Future Cinema IssueEdited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 5, No 1 (2001)Edited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 4, No 1 (2000)Edited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 3, No 1 (1999)Edited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 2, No 1 (1998)Edited by Daniel Frampton


Vol 1, No 1 (1997)Edited by Daniel Frampton

Vol 16, No 1 (2012)

Edited by David Sorfa, Graham Matthews, Matthew Holtmeier and Ben Tyrer

Table of Contents


Interpreting Disturbed Minds: Donald Davidson and The White Ribbon PDF
James J Pearson 1-15
Haptic Aurality: Resonance, Listening and Michael Haneke PDF
Lisa Coulthard 16-29
To Describe a Labyrinth: Dialectics in Jacques Rivette’s Film Theory and Film Practice PDF
Douglas Morrey 30-54
The Subject Trapped in Gomorrah: Undecidability and Choice in Network Cinema PDF
Maria Poulaki 55-71
Film as Thought Experiment: A Happy-Go-Lucky Case? PDF
Basileios Kroustallis 72-84
Losing Face: Francis Bacon's 25th Hour PDF
Arne De Boever 85-100
Charm and Strangeness: The Aesthetic and Epistemic Dimensions of Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein PDF
Kieran Anthony Cashell 101-126
Why He Really Doesn’t Get Her: Deleuze’s Whatever-Space and the Crisis of the Male Quest PDF
Niels Niessen 127-148
Groundhog Day and the Good Life PDF
Diana Abad 149-164
Remystifying Film: Aesthetics, Emotion and The Queen PDF
Stella Hockenhull 165-182
Contrapuntal Close-up: The Cinema of John Cassavetes and the Agitation of Sense PDF
Daniele Rugo 183-198
Of Bastard Man and Evil Woman, or, the Horror of Sex PDF
Lorenzo Chiesa 199-212
Perversity and Post-Marxian Thought in Buñuel’s Late Films PDF
Chad Trevitte 213-231

Book Reviews

Peter Wollen (1993/2008) Raiding the Icebox: Reflections on Twentieth-Century Culture PDF
Alexandra Dumitrescu 232-237
Amy Herzog (2010) Dreams of Difference, Songs of the Same: The Musical Moment in Film PDF
Mithuraaj Dhusiya 238-242
Alban Pichon (2009) Le cinema de Leos Carax. L’experience du déjà-vu PDF
Daniele Rugo 243-245
Catherine Wheatley (2009) Michael Haneke’s Cinema: The Ethic of the Image PDF
John Anthony Bleasdale 246-250
Homay King (2010) Lost in Translation: Orientalism, Cinema, and the Enigmatic Signifier PDF
David H. Fleming 251-255
Sheila J. Nayar (2010) Cinematically Speaking: The Orality-Literacy Paradigm for Visual Narrative PDF
Kathleen Elizabeth Scott 256-262
Paula Amad (2010) Counter-Archive: Film, the Everyday, and Albert Kahn's Archives de la Planète PDF
Katherine Groo 263-269
Cristina Vatulescu (2010) Police Aesthetics: Literature, Film and the Secret Police in Soviet Times PDF
Laszlo Strausz 270-275
Courtland Lewis and Paula Smithka, eds. (2011) Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside PDF
Tim Jones 276-280
Phyllis Frus and Christy Williams, eds. (2010) Beyond Adaptation: Essays on Radical Transformations of Original Works PDF
Frances Smith 281-286
Cristina Johnston (2010) French Minority Cinema PDF
Jehanne-Marie Gavarini 287-291
Todd McGowan (2011) Out of Time: Desire in Atemporal Cinema PDF
R.d. Crano 292-298
Richard Rushton (2011) The Reality of Film: Theories of Filmic Reality PDF
Timothy Robert Holland 299-302
Tim Palmer (2011) Brutal Intimacy: Analyzing Contemporary French Cinema PDF
Caroline Walters 303-306
Patrick J. Cook (2011) Cinematic Hamlet: The Films of Olivier, Zeffirelli, Branagh, and Almereyda PDF
Rajesh Kumar Sharma 307-312
Alexie Tcheuyap (2011) Postnationalist African Cinemas PDF
Zachary Thomas Ingle 313-316
Maurice Yacowar (2010) Hitchcock's British Films, 2nd edt. PDF
Zorianna Zurba 317-319
Felicity Colman (2011) Deleuze and Cinema: The Film Concepts PDF
Kam Chui Ping 320-322

Vol 15, No 2 (2011)

The Disgust Issue

Guest Editor: Tina Kendall

Table of Contents


Introduction: Tarrying with Disgust PDF
Tina Kendall 1-10
Toward a Poetics of Cinematic Disgust PDF
Julian Hanich 11-35
Imprisoned in Disgust: Roman Polanski's Repulsion PDF
Tarja Laine 36-50
Laura Dern’s Vomit, or, Kant and Derrida in Oz PDF
Eugenie Brinkema 51-69
Chew on This: Disgust, Delay, and the Documentary Image in Food, Inc. PDF
Jennifer Marilynn Barker 70-89
Body Horror and Post-Socialist Cinema: Györgi Pálfi’s Taxidermia PDF
Steven Shaviro 90-105

Book Reviews

Dina Iordanova, David Martin-Jones and Belén Vidal (2010) Cinema at the Periphery PDF
Rowena Santos Aquino 106-112
Richard Greene and K. Silem Mohammad, eds. (2010) Zombies, Vampires, and Philosophy: New Life for the Undead PDF
Caroline Walters 113-118
Joseph Mai (2010) Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne PDF
R. D. Crano 119-125
Boaz Hagin (2010) Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema PDF
Richard Lindley Armstrong 126-128
Peter Lee-Wright (2010) The Documentary Handbook PDF
Wes Skolits 129-134
William Brown, Dina Iordanova and Leshu Torchin (2010) Moving People, Moving Images: Cinema and Trafficking in the New Europe PDF
Alison Frank 135-138
Richard Misek (2010) Chromatic Cinema PDF
Robert Barry 139-142
Alain Badiou (2010) Cinéma PDF
Manuel Ramos 143-149
Annie van den Oever, ed. (2010) Ostrannenie PDF
Lara Alexandra Cox 150-153
William J. Devlin and Shair Biderman, eds. (2011) The Philosophy of David Lynch PDF
Keith Dromm 154-158
David Martin-Jones (2010) Scotland: Global Cinema: Genres, Modes and Identities. PDF
John Marmysz 159-165

Vol 15, No 1 (2011)

Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

Edited by David Sorfa

Table of Contents


Bringing Bodies Back In: For a Phenomenological and Psychoanalytic Film Criticism of Embodied Cultural Identity PDF
Kate Ince 1-12
Undoing the Image: Film Theory and Psychoanalysis PDF
Paula Quigley 13-32
Sex, Dialectics and the Misery of Happiness PDF
Greg Tuck 33-62
Why Is Touch Sometimes So Touching?: The Phenomenology of Touch in Susan Streitfeld’s Female Perversions PDF
Kohei Furuya 63-81
The Return of the New Flesh: Body Memory in David Cronenberg and Merleau-Ponty PDF
Dylan Trigg 82-99
On the River: History as a Palimpsestic Narrative in The Danube Exodus PDF
Laszlo Strausz 100-117
The Anthrobiogeomorphic Machine: Stalking the Zone of Cinema PDF
Adrian J. Ivakhiv 118-139
Between Utopia and Event: Beyond the Banality of Local Politics in Eisenstein PDF
Julia Vassilieva 140-160
The Trials of Individuation in Late Modernity: Exploring Subject Formation in Antonioni's Red Desert PDF
Christine Henderson 161-178
Transgression and Transcendence in the Films of Werner Herzog PDF
William Verrone 179-203
Dissonance Rising: Subversive Sound in Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern PDF
Jacqueline Loeb 204-219


Brecht Today: Interview with Alexander Kluge PDF
Angelos Koutsourakis 220-228

Film Festival Reports

Venice Film Festival 2010: The Mad and the Bad and the Dangerous to Know PDF
John Bleasdale 229-233
Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale 2011 PDF
Alison Elizabeth Frank 234-239

Book Reviews

Mark T. Conard, ed. (2009) The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers PDF
Taylor Benjamin Worley 240-246
Frederick Wasser (2010) Steven Spielberg’s America PDF
Steven Rybin 247-254
Claire Molloy (2010) Memento; Geoff King (2010) Lost in Translation; Gary Needham (2010) Brokeback Mountain. American Indies Series. PDF
John Bleasdale 255-261
Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Allen, eds. (2009) The Hitchcock Annual Anthology: Selected Essays from Volumes 10-15 PDF
Tifenn Brisset 262-266
Richard Abel, ed. (2010) Encyclopedia of Early Cinema PDF
Carrie Giunta 267-269
Jim Ellis (2009) Derek Jarman's Angelic Conversations PDF
Jason Wakefield 270-277
Christopher Lindner, ed. (2009) The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader. 2nd Edition. PDF
Lucy Bolton 278-282

Vol 14, No 2 (2010)

Baudrillard and Film-Philosophy

Edited by Jon Baldwin

Table of Contents


Introduction - White Magic: Baudrillard and Cinema PDF
Jon Baldwin 1-5
Jean Baudrillard and Cinema: The Problems of Technology, Realism and History PDF
Gerry Coulter 6-20
Dreams Rise in Darkness: The White Magic of Cinema PDF
David B. Clarke 21-40
The Paradox of Film: An Industry of Sex, a Form of Seduction (Notes on Jean Baudrillard’s Seduction and the Cinema) PDF
Hunter Vaughan 41-61
Terminal Indifference: The Hollywood War Film Post-September 11 PDF
Kim Toffoletti, Victoria Grace 62-83
The ‘ABCs’ of B, Or: To Be and Not to Be B PDF
Alan Cholodenko 84-112
The Shared Destiny of the Radically Other: A Reading of The Wizard of Oz PDF
William Pawlett, Meena Dhanda 113-131

Book Reviews

Eugene W. Holland, Daniel W. Smith and Charles J. Stivale, eds. (2009) Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text PDF
Caroline Hagood
Lukas Bleichenbacher (2008) Multilingualism in the Movies: Hollywood Characters and their Language Choices PDF
Michael Abecassis
Mark Slobin, ed. (2008) Global Soundtracks: Worlds of Film Music PDF
Aparna Sharma
Marc Augé (2009) Casablanca: Movies and Memory PDF
Anna Magdalena Elsner
Lindiwe Dovey (2009) African Film and Literature: Adapting Violence to the Screen PDF
Helena Cantone
Andrew Asibong (2008) François Ozon PDF
Ger Zielinski
John Mullarkey (2009) Refractions of Reality: Philosophy and the Moving Image PDF
Joshua Conrad Hilst
Ellis Cashmore (2009) Martin Scorsese's America PDF
Michael Meneghetti
Mike King (2009) The American Cinema of Excess: Extremes of the National Mind on Film PDF
Michael B. Mathias
Alexander García Düttmann (2009) Visconti: Insights into Flesh and Blood PDF
J. Douglas Macready
Francesco Casetti (2008) Eye of the Century: Film, Experience, Modernity PDF
Adriano D'Aloia
Laura Rascaroli (2009) The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film PDF
Matilde Nardelli     

Vol 14, No 1 (2010)

Edited by David Sorfa and Greg Tuck

Table of Contents

Extended Article

Post-Cinematic Affect: On Grace Jones, Boarding Gate and Southland Tales ePUB PDF
Steven Shaviro 1-102


What is Film-Philosophy? Round Table AUDIO
David Martin-Jones 81 mins


Visual Alterity Abroad: Hegel through Birgit Hein's Baby I will Make You Sweat and La Moderna Poesia PDF
Randall Halle 103-121
The Thought Specular: Kieslowski’s White and Streitfeld’s Female Perversions PDF
Frances L. Restuccia 122-143
‘It’s the End of the World!’: The Paradox of Event and Body in Hitchcock’s The Birds PDF
Bruno Lessard 144-173
Beyond Internalism and Externalism: Husserl and Sartre’s Image Consciousness in Hitchcock and Buñuel PDF
Gregory Minissale 174-201
Cannibalistic Capitalism and other American Delicacies: A Bataillean Taste of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre PDF
Naomi Merritt 202-231
Logistics of Perception 2.0: Multiple Screen Aesthetics in Iraq War Films PDF
Patricia Pisters 232-252
Simulation, Simulacra and Solaris PDF
Julian Haladyn, Miriam Jordan 253-273

Film Festival Reports

Venice Film Festival 2009: Survival of the Fittest PDF
John Bleasdale 274-286
New York Film Festival 2009: Gimme Provocation PDF
Martha P. Nochimson 287-302

Book Reviews

Domietta Torlasco (2008) The Time of the Crime: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Italian Film PDF
Alan Fair 303-309
James Walters (2008) Alternative Worlds in Hollywood Cinema: Resonance Between Realms PDF
David Sterritt 310-317
Daniel Barnett (2008) Movement as Meaning in Experimental Film PDF
Kim Knowles 318-325
Dean A. Kowalski, ed. (2007) The Philosophy of the X-Files PDF
Andrew Patrick Nelson 326-331
Dan Flory (2008) Philosophy, Black Film, Film Noir PDF
Brian Butler 332-336
James Phillips, ed. (2008) Cinematic Thinking: Philosophical Approaches to the New Cinema PDF
William Brown 337-349
Jay McRoy (2007) Nightmare Japan: Contemporary Japanese Horror Cinema PDF
Juneko J. Robinson 350-360
David E. Morrison, Matthew Kieran, Michael Svennevig and Sarah Ventress (2007) Media & Values. Intimate Transgressions in a Changing Moral and Cultural Landscape PDF
Laura Sava 361-366
Daniel Herwitz (2008) The Star as Icon: Celebrity in the Age of Mass Consumption PDF
Wing-Fai Leung 367-370
Irving Singer (2007) Ingmar Bergman, Cinematic Philosopher: Reflections on his Creativity PDF
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein 371-376
Irving Singer (2008) Cinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film PDF
Robert Sixto Sinnerbrink 377-386
Ian Buchanan and Patricia MacCormack, eds. (2008) Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema PDF
Micki Nyman 387-391
Mark Rowlands (2008) Fame PDF
Ben Hutchens 392-394
Sarah Cooper (2008) Chris Marker PDF
Oliver Mayer 395-400
Sarah Cooper (2008) Chris Marker PDF
Joana Pimenta 401-414
Dean A. Kowalski, ed. (2008) Steven Spielberg and Philosophy: ‘We’re Going to Need a Bigger Book’ PDF
John Bleasdale 415-421
Timothy Murray (2008) Digital Baroque: New Media Art and Cinematic Folds PDF
John A. Riley 422-429
Joe McElhaney, ed. (2009) Vincente Minnelli: The Art of Entertainment PDF
Paul Anthony Johnson 430-439
Sandra Shapshay, ed. Bioethics at the Movies PDF
Pramod Nayar 440-444
Inga Scharf (2008) Nation and Identity in the New German Cinema: Homeless at Home PDF
Susanne Schmetkamp 445-452
Constantin Boundas, ed. (2009) Gilles Deleuze: Intensive Reduction PDF
Robert King 453-461
Winfried Pauleit, Christine Rüffert, Karl-Heinz Schmid, Alfred Tews, eds. (2009) Das Kino träumt: Projektion, Imagination, Vision / Cinema Dreams: Projection, Imagination, Vision PDF
Sylvie Magerstädt 462-467
Katherine Thomson-Jones (2008) Aesthetics and Film PDF
Abigail Keating 468-474
Michael J. Shapiro (2009) Cinematic Geopolitics PDF
R. D. Crano 475-480
Randall E. Auxier and Phil Seng, eds. (2008) The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West PDF
Anthony Metivier 481-483
Thomas R. Lindlof (2008) Hollywood Under Siege: Martin Scorsese, the Religious Right, and the Culture Wars PDF
Colm O'Shea 484-489
Karen Ward Mahar (2008) Women Filmmakers in Early Hollywood PDF
Sara Ross 490-495
Mark T. Conrad, ed. (2009) The Philosophy of Neo-Noir PDF
Chris Pallant 496-500

Vol 13, No 1 (2009)

Edited by David Sorfa

Table of Contents


'Occupy without Counting': Furtive Urbanism in the Films of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne PDF
R. D. Crano
Hegel and the Impossibility of the Future in Science Fiction Cinema PDF
Todd McGowan
Godfathers and Sons: Tripping Over the Unconscious PDF
Timothy O'Leary
Consumer Ethics in Thank You For Smoking PDF
Stacy Thompson
Meanings and authorships in Dune PDF
Tony Todd

Film Festival Reports

Now Wait for Last Year: A Report from the 65th Venice International Film Festival 2008 PDF
John Bleasdale
New York Film Festival 2008 - Part I: Of Time, Memory, and the 'I' PDF
Martha P. Nochimson
New York Film Festival 2008 - Part II: Of Now, Passion, and the 'We' PDF
Martha P. Nochimson

Book Reviews

Hanns Eisler and Theodor W. Adorno (1947/2007) Composing for the Films PDF
Leonardo Aldrovandi
Daniel Herwitz (2008) Aesthetics PDF
Daniel Barnett
Maria Pramaggiore (2008) Neil Jordan PDF
Sarah Boslaugh
Patricia Pisters (2003) The Matrix of Visual Culture: Working with Deleuze in Film Theory PDF
D. H. Fleming
David Martin-Jones (2006) Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative Time in National Contexts PDF
Will Higbee
Melanie Swalwell and Jason Wilson, eds. (2008) The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics PDF
John Finlay Kerr
Sabine Nessel, Winfried Pauleit, Christine Rüffert, eds. (2008) Wort und Fleisch: Kino swischen Text und Körper / Word and Flesh: Cinema between Text and the Body PDF
Codruta Morari
Stephen Mulhall (2008) On Film, 2nd Edition PDF
Joshua Shaw
Martin O'Shaughnessy (2007) The New Face of Political Cinema: Commitment in French Film Since 1995 PDF
Tom Whittaker
Thinking Political Cinema Now: A Response to Tom Whittaker PDF
Martin O'Shaughnessy
Gail Cunningham and Stephen Barber (2007) London Eyes: Reflections in Text and Image PDF
Sarah Wishart

Vol 12, No 1 (2008)

Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy

Edited by Douglas Morrey

Table of Contents


Introduction: Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy PDF
Douglas Morrey
Icon of Fury: Claire Denis's Trouble Every Day PDF
Jean-Luc Nancy
Open Wounds: Body and Image in Jean-Luc Nancy and Claire Denis PDF
Douglas Morrey
The Practice of Strangeness: L'Intrus - Claire Denis (2004) and Jean-Luc Nancy (2000) PDF
Martine Beugnet
The Community According to Jean-Luc Nancy and Claire Denis PDF
Anja Streiter
Deconstructing Community and Christianity: 'A-religion' in Nancy's Reading of Beau travail PDF
Laura McMahon

Book Reviews

Caroline Bainbridge (2007) The Cinema of Lars von Trier: Authenticity and Artifice PDF
Davina Quinlivan
Time, Affect, and the Brain: Deleuze’s Cinematic Aesthetics: Darren Ambrose and Wahida Khandker (eds.) (2005) Diagrams of Sensation: Deleuze and Aesthetics: Pli, The Warwick Journal of Philosophy PDF
Robert Sinnerbrink
Eyal Peretz (2007) Becoming Visionary: Brian De Palma’s Cinematic Education of the Senses PDF
Edward Willat
Style and Substance in The Matrix: Stacy Gillis. Ed. (2005) The Matrix Triology: Cyberpunk Reloaded PDF
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
Martin Harries (2007) Forgetting Lot’s Wife: On Destructive Spectatorship PDF
R. D. Crano

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