subota, 17. studenoga 2012.

Tokafi - glazbeni overload

Tokafi - your link to music scenes worldwide

Tokafi je poput egipatske Doline kraljeva - grobnica do grobnice nekoga s perjem u imenu, no ovdje je riječ o glazbenim vračevima i prinčevima, i nije riječ o grobnici nego o ciklotronu. Može vam rasturiti mozak. Možda čak i dva.

Recommended articles:
Adaledge: Vintage Feelings flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
First Shigeto, now Adelage - something's decidedly stirring in the electronic underground: Drum beats are infused with organic irregularities more complex than any drum computer could ever be programmed to devise. Arrangements are shedding the shackles of linear movement, following intriguing new logics of their own. And the digital sequences of intelligent dance music are being traced back to the minimalists' principle of pulsation. A music outside of all categories is budding, a streetwise blend equally influenced by Jazz, Fusion, Ambient and Classical Music, by academia and the gutter. Ron Wilde, head of Triple Down Records, refers to it as „compositional electronic music“ and as vague as that description may sound, it strangely makes complete sense.
„Vintage Feeling“ is a perfect appetiser for the kind of multidimensional works this approach is capable of yielding: „Lionest“ opens with what could be a  reference to Philip Glass, then drifts through a space filled with bewildering counterpoints, counterintuitive rhythmical changes and dissonant Marimba patterns, while „File that under never“ possibly constitutes contemporary composition's first foray into the realms of Electronica. The background story to the album is, apparently, that the two label founders overheard the music in a bar one night by complete coincidence and that Adaledge won the lottery and his since spent every single day composing. After listening to „Vintage Feelings“, that story doesn't actually sound all that improbable any more.
Homepage: Triple Down Records

Dub45: Suizen – Cartesian Space

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Prebble's new netlabel Dub45, founded almost three decades after his first seminal listening experiences, may therefore be a sentimental affair, but its first release, two deep mixes of very own „Cartesian Space“ is anything but retro: Propelled by a playfully babbling Bass and subterranean Dubstep growls, myriads of delayed musical objects – Piano clusters, trashcan rolls, digital Guitar chords – and dreamy pads are floating in a space which sounds remarkably like the bastard child of Tangerine Dream and Can jamming on Jamaica.

Homepage: Dub45 Netlabel

Eric Serra: Subway Soundtrack

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
While the film remains a curious item, the soundtrack by Eric Serra is still worthy of attention. Serra personally starrs as „the bass player“ in Subway himself – which should seem apt, as his aggressive, precisely-cut bass lines and motoric  drum computer beats are the driving force behind his score, which emulates the coolness of Jazz with digital means and juxtaposes it with completely over-the-top Horn-fanfares and Sax solos. At other points of the film, Serra hints at Industrial culture, intertwining bleak, greyish sounds with nervously asymmetrical pulses.

Serra's soundtracks have often acted as a second layer to Besson-movies, operating in a zone of their own rather than a typical support function. Even though Subway already indicates how much space Besson was willing to award to his favourite bard's compositions (the scene below, based on somewhat untypical schmalzzy ballad "It's Only Mystery"), the movie is rather an exception than a suitable example in this regard. In contrast to works like „Léon“ and „The Fifth Element“, sound and image complement each other perfectly here, resulting in a audiovisual roller coaster ride, which completely ridicules criticism aimed its supposedly unambitious content.


flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
„Lethal Industry“ is perhaps most tangible in this regard: Haunting choirs are chanting in the distance („The Harbour Master“) and syrupy organ points are viscously flowing through clouds of hiss („Orichalcum“), while mysterious processes are stirring underneath the lense of Fescal's microscope. Tracks like „Moon Man“, with its serene pulsation and breathing layers of metallic dust or „Atlas Air“, a single complex tone sustained for six full minutes, are meanwhile turning „Endorphin“ into a feast for lovers of the drone.

Most ambitious, however, is „Twin“, Fescal's latest work on pioneering German netlabel Tonatom: Glistening ambiances are interwoven with fantastical field recordings, all seemingly rotating around eight-and-a-half-minute „Sunday Morning“, which injects a dose of genial tranquilisers into an otherworldly vision of musique concrete and dreamy chimes.

Homepage: Fescal
Homepage: 1789 Netlabel
Homepage: Bypass Netlabel
Homepage: Tonatom Records

Hans Zimmer: Inception Soundtrack

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
His second collaboration with Nolan, however, sees these conflicts resolve into absolute determination. Inception's intricate layering of time, complex psychological layers and confusion of dreams, memories and „physical reality“ sparked sounds of previously unprecedented power and depth. When the curtain is raised and the camera zooms in on a stranded Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) on a surreally beguiling beach, the spectator is greeted with colossal horns which seem to sound straight from the darkest and most obscure corners of the limbus, that ominous place of oblivion, where concrete objects, shapes, thoughts and ideas dissolve into pure and undiluted subconsciousness. Likewise, some of the subsonic frequencies are of a threatening physicality, sending shock waves through the audience.
While these examples may seem to suggest that the work is mostly about suggestive sound sculpting rather than composition, few Zimmer-soundtracks have combined the ambitious with the accessible as organically as Inception. When Cobb is chased through a labyrinth of narrow side-streets, a ferocious bass line and polrythmical percussion patterns are enough to create a hypnotic pull. On other occasions, meanwhile, puckering (analogue?) sequencers provide a sense of subtle, weightless motion.
While these action-movie tactics reference previous pieces like the „Black Rain“ suite, the Inception soundtrack is foremost marked by a poignantly bittersweet chord progression („The Dream is Collapsing“) that holds the different layers together on a thin thread of hope, sorrow, emotional turmoil and inexplicable consolation. While it is the only theme to continuously accompany the narrative's development, it never plainly attains the function of a Leitmotif and is never reassuringly resolved – the ambiguity that is one of the trademarks of the film carries over into its music as well.
Few movies keep their audiences glued to their seats from beginning to end, but Inception even manages to keep them sitting through the entire closing titles. When, on an otherwise empty screen displaying nothing but the title-logo against a black background, the fulminant horn blows make their final and resolute return, they seal the triumph of sound over image in one of this year's most visually stunning feature films.
Homepage: Inception
Homepage: Hans Zimmer

Havergal Brian: King of the Symphony

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Especially so, since Brian wasn't just about „big“. The first movement, an extract of which you can listen to in this clip, is full of haunting string washes, ethereal solos at the borders of sound and silence and goldenly  gleaming  brass chord progressions. This isn't Gothic, this is Star Wars, one listener commented – which is strangely true, but not in a derogatory sense. Certainly worthy of a rediscovery, especially since there are finally a couple of fine recordings available: The vintage 1966 version broadcast by the BBC (merely available as a bootleg for decades and re-released by Testament only last year), a Marco Polo interpretation as well as the budget edition by Naxos.
It would have given great pleasure to Brian to see his work slowly attaining more widespread attention. He, however, only got to see a tiny fraction of his oeuvre performed, some of it very late in his life. Even today, as „the official Brian Havergal“ website reports, „the Australian premiere of Brian’s vast Gothic symphony, scheduled to take place in December 2010, is encountering an unexpected funding shortfall of £15,000“, putting the first performance of the symphony in thirty years in danger – showing once again that it's not easy to be the king of maximalists.

Heinali & Matt Finney: Lemonade

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Even though Finney's main project Finneyjerkes was already marked by a pretty impressive stylistic diversity, his collaborative efforts with rising Sound Artist Heinali are uncovering yet new territory, embedding his spaced-out, somnambulant  vocals into a hallucinatory, robotic band-context, like pouring Bourbon on top of a burning fire. A heavenly string arrangement cushions the harsh blows of „End of July“, the title track is a pure drone-piece and closer „The Dream“ an unapologetically  romantic Piano ballad. Never once even coming close to acoustic soda, these two artists have created a veritable musical equivalent to an exquisite red wine instead.

Homepage: Download and listen to „Lemonade“ by Heinali & Matt Finney at Bandcamp

Higucci: Nobody

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
On the third of „Nobody's“ eight untitled tracks, a pensive piano is placing plaintive patterns on a canvas sparsely filled with sentimental hiss, sad strings and romantic choir echoes. On the fifth, the instrument is firing off angular percussive impulses, as it is ducking angry robotic fusillades. Similar motives are carefully spread out over most of the material, but these references to traditional melody and harmony are never just clever quotes, but harbingers of the exciting fusion the genre has long promised but failed to deliver: Higucci has gone beyond the mere abstractions of many of his colleagues and, astoundingly, arrived at an all the more progressive statement.

Homepage: Higucci

Lowercase Noises

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Sound Artist Andy Othling uses his loops with care and subtlety: Rather than creating repetitive, hypnotic patterns, Othling switches back and forth between compositional modules with great precision, creating an organic flow between subdued, expectatant passages and elegant dynamic sequences, in which the plaintive splendour of the music is brought to a quiet climax. The performance at hand is already the eleventh part in an ongoing series of spartan videos featuring nothing but close-ups of his legs and effect pedals and airy atmospheric soundscapes, but nowhere has he sounded more brittle and classical than here.



Philip Glass: Glassworks

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Over at amazon, people are still debating, whether it's lazy to just keep on playing the same chords over and over again and if his ideas on harmony are boring. For anyone else, this video of Branka Parlic, who recorded an entire disc of Glass in 2006, performing the opening section of Glassworks may be more rewarding than those discussions. 

Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night)

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
„Verklärte Nacht“ („Transfigured Night“), originally a String Sextet later reworked into an orchestral tone-poem and a more minimal Piano trio (see our review of a recent performance by the Vienna Piano Trio for an account of the latter's charms), is perhaps the best example of his capacity to evoke a sense of deep yearning and sensuality. Marked by a mostly fluent narrative over the course of its half-hour-long single-movement-structure, the music develops through tight, almost claustrophobic and evocative textures, which spiral slowly but surely towards an uncertain resolution.

As befits this passionate outburst, composed in a mere three weeks, Transfigured Night was inspired by his wife-to-be Mathilde and can be regarded as a coded declaration of love.


Shostakovich: Symphony No 5 Movement III – Largo

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
Shostakovich's fifth symphony bares plenty of parallels and resemblances with the work of Mahler, not just with regards to the sound and dramaturgy of the work but also in terms of its underlying concept. The most obvious point of reference perhaps is the third movement of the symphony, a darkly burning Largo around the quarter of an hour mark. Here, Shostakovich evokes the same brooding moods evoked by Mahler's slow movements of his fifth and sixth symphonies, but adds a touch of pitchblack utopian beauty to it – John Frizzell may have been listening to this as he composed the beguilingly ambivalent string palpatations to „Alien Resurrection“.


Zelienople: Hollywood

flag  Tobias Fischer
article image
There is a fascinating duality to „Hollywood“, whose microstructures, composed of grotesque brass-intermezzi, analog synth blurbs, sustained choir sheets and sweet Flute lines, are composed of a colourful mosaic of broken shards, while combining into a coherent, mesmerising and sweeping macro-cosmos. There is a flow to these two pieces which can only be attained by three musicians sitting in the same room together, yet „Hollywood“ simultaneously makes use of the possibilities of post-production by aligning occasionally stunning inventions into a entirely organic storyline. At the end of „Drug Legs“, a sequencer line peals itself off a static soundscape, infusing it with antsy tension and a bewildering rhythmical urge – this is not for the faint of heart.

Homepage: Zelienople
Homepage: Under The Spire Recordings

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us Interview with Oh Pears!
jp Interview with Okamotonoriaki
us Interview with Oksana Kolesnikova
is Interview with Olafur Arnalds
is Interview with Olafur Arnalds II
england Interview with One More Grain
pl Interview with Pawel Grabowski
us Interview with Peter Broderick
us Interview with Peter Grenader
us Interview with Phil Manley / Trans Am
us Interview with Philip Glass
fr Interview with Philippe Petit
us Interview with Phillip Wilkerson
au Interview with Pimmon
no Interview with Pjusk
nl Interview with Premonition Factory
england Interview with Preslav Literary School
at Interview with Radian
england Interview with Richard Barbieri
us Interview with Richard Lainhart
us Interview with Richard Lainhart 2
us Interview with Robert Ashley
de Interview with Robert Lippok
it Interview with Robert Miles
scotland Interview with Ron Geesin
england Interview with Russ Sargeant
us Interview with S.Q.E.
ch Interview with Salome Scheidegger
us Interview with Sam Prekop
us Interview with Sara Gazarek
au Interview with Seaworthy & Matt Rösner
tr Interview with Seda Röder
in Interview with Shariq Parvez
it Interview with Shinkei
jp Interview with Small Color
ar Interview with Sol Gabetta
england Interview with Spheruleus
de Interview with Stefan Goldmann
se Interview with Stefan Solyom
za Interview with Stefan Temmingh
ch Interview with Steinbrüchel
us Interview with Stephen Vitiello
us Interview with Steve Roden
scotland Interview with Steven Osborne
england Interview with Steven Wilson/ I.E.M.
england Interview with Steven Wilson/ Porcupine Tree
us Interview with Tanner Menard
ru Interview with Tatjana Vassiljeva
us Interview with Taylor Deupree
de Interview with Telekaster
jp Interview with Terre Thaemlitz
england Interview with The Black Dog
us Interview with The Books
us Interview with Tidy Kid
ch Interview with Tobias Reber
us Interview with Tom Heasley
us Interview with Tomas Phillips
mn Interview with Urna
be Interview with Vidna Obmana
no Interview with Vilde Frang
ca Interview with Vincent Bergeron
fi Interview with Vladislav Delay
england Interview with Will Montgomery
jp Interview with Yoshio Machida
jp Interview with Yui Onodera
de Interview with ZEE / Zaboura Eichstaedt Experience
de Interview with centrozoon
england Interview with iambic
cn Interview with me:mo
no Interview with the Chicago Odense Ensemble
us Interview with the Cypress Quartet
us Interview with the Pacifica Quartet
is Interview with Ólafur Arnalds III
de Interview/ Nachtgeschrei
nl Interview: Anaphylactic Shock
tr Interview: Erdem Helvacıoğlu
global Interview: Taphephobia
global Interview: Tholen
de Interview: Traumatic Voyage
it Interview: Vestigial

cd-feature articles

us Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree: "Hourglass"
us 15 Questions to Mico Nonet
fr 15 Questions to Richard Pinhas
england 65daysofstatic: Heavy Sky EP
england AR: Wolf Notes
us ARP: The Soft Wave
us Aaron Martin: "Worried About the Fire"
gr Absent Without Leave: 'neath the Tumbling Stars
ca Aidan Baker: Drone Compendium 1 / Pure Drone
be Akhet: Akhet
jp Akira Kosemura: Polaroid Piano
nz Album Feature/ VAW & Heliogabalus
jp Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakomoto: summvs
de Alva Noto: "For 2"
sg Amberhaze: „Then we saw the Stars again“
au Anaphoria: Footpaths and Traderoutes
de Andreas Bick: Fire and Frost Pattern
de Andreas Obieglo: Lieder
de André Müller: Andremu
us Andréa Wood: Dhyāna
us Andy Caldwell: "Obsession"
us Andy Graydon: Methodical Scratchings
england Angus Carlyle: "Some Memories of Bamboo"
ru Anna Netrebko & Rolando Villazon: La Boheme for young lovers
it Antonio Ciacca Quintet & Steve Grossman: "Lagos Blues"
de Apparat: DJ-Kicks
us Aquarelle: Sung In Broken Symmetry
england Astralasia: A Coloured In Dream
ca Aun: Motorsleep; Ultica; Habsyll Split; VII
ca Aun: Phantom Ghost
england Autechre: Oversteps & Move of Ten
ar Axel Dörner & Diego Chamy: "Super Axel Dörner"
se B.J. Nilsen: "The Invisible City"
za BLK JKS: "After Robots"
us Bad Boy Bill: "The Album"
england Bad Lieutenant: "Never Cry Another Tear"
us Barn Owl: Shadowland
england Bass Communion: "Litany"; "Molotov & Haze + Haze Shrapnel"
england Bass Communion: Cenotaph
jp Ben Kono: Crossing
us Benji Kaplan: Meditacoes no Violao
ar Berlin - Buenos Aires Quintet: s/t
fr Bertrand Denzler: Tenor & Antoine Chessex: Fools
us Billy Gomberg: Quiet Barrier
no Biosphere: N-Plants
pt Birds Of Passage & Leonardo Rosado: Dear And Unfamiliar
no Blackpepper: "Vqarekk"; Jan-M Iversen & Sound_00: "s/t"
de Book Feature/ F.S. Blumm: "Drawings"
jp Boom Boom Satellites: Over and Over
jp Boris with Merzbow: Klatter
jp Boris: "Boris At Last - Feedbacker"
jp Boris: Czechoslovakia / Saade: Vrah
us Brains: Gristle and Skins
ca Brandi Disterheft: Second Side
us Brim Liski: "Brim Liski (EP)"
us Bvdub: The Art of Dying Alone
us Bvdub: Tribes at the Temple of Silence
de CD Feature - Brahms: "Symphony No. 1"
de CD Feature - Klaus Schulze: "Dig it"
ro CD Feature - Nick Grey: "Regal Daylight"
de CD Feature/ "Bach Classics"
us CD Feature/ "Blue" Gene Tyranny: "The Somewhere Songs/ The Invention of Memory"
de CD Feature/ "Der Michel und der DOM"
it CD Feature/ "F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda"
de CD Feature/ "Finnish Snow-Walks and Dances"
de CD Feature/ "Handel's Water Garden"
de CD Feature/ "Mozart Classics"
ca CD Feature/ (((Stereofect))): "PING"
us CD Feature/ 15 Degrees Below Zero: "Between Checks And Artillery, Between Work And Image"
de CD Feature/ 17 Pictures aka Wechsel Garland
us CD Feature/ 230 Divisadero: "A Vision of Lost Unity"
us CD Feature/ 3Banditos: "Sympathy for the Donkey"
pt CD Feature/ :papercutz: "Lylac"
pt CD Feature/ :papercutz: "Ultravioleta Remixes"
ca CD Feature/ ARC Trio: "Triptych Mirror"
us CD Feature/ ASG: "Win Us Over"
de CD Feature/ Aalfang mit Pferdekopf: "Fragment 36"
de CD Feature/ Aalfang mit Pferdekopf: "Genmaicha: At the Opal Seashore"
nl CD Feature/ Aarde: "A Whole Day"; Kasper van Hoek: " Den Haag/ Groningen/ Froombosch"; Dead Wood & Red Needled Sea: " Split Series #3"
us CD Feature/ Aaron Spectre: "Lost Tracks"
fr CD Feature/ Abbaye de Solesmes: "Paques"
ro CD Feature/ Ad Ombra: "Smaragdine"
wales CD Feature/ Adam Khan & Luis E. Orias Diz: "Interludio"
es CD Feature/ Agusti Martinez: "Are Spirits what I hear?"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker: "Fantasma Parastasie"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "Green & Cold"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "Oneiromancer"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "Remixes"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "Scalpel"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "The Sea Swells a Bit"
ca CD Feature/ Aidan Baker: "Thoughtspan"
scotland CD Feature/ Aisling Agnew & Matthew McAllister: "Recital"
de CD Feature/ Akasha Project: "Cosmic Colors"
global CD Feature/ Alan Curtis & John Pascoe: "Vivaldi - Ercole Su’l Termodonte"
it CD Feature/ Albalonga & Anibal Cetrangolo: "Venetian Composers in Guatemala and Bolivia"
us CD Feature/ Alex Shapiro: "Notes from the Kelp"
fr CD Feature/ Alif Tree: "Clockwork"
ua CD Feature/ Alina Kabanova: "Piano Recital"
it CD Feature/ Alio Die & Martina Galvagni: "Eleusian Lullaby"
ru CD Feature/ Alla Pavlova: "Symphony No. 5"
de CD Feature/ Alva Noto: "Unitxt"
de CD Feature/ Alva Noto: "Xerrox Vol. 2"
it CD Feature/ Amadeus Duo: "Krumpholtz - Sonatas for Flute & Harp"
it CD Feature/ Amon & Nimh: "Sator"
au CD Feature/ Amplifier Machine: "Her Mouth is an Outlaw"
nl CD Feature/ Amstel Quartet: "Amstel Peijl"
be CD Feature/ Andre Cluytens: "Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition + Ravel, Stravinsky"
us CD Feature/ Andre Goncalves & Kenneth Kirschner: "Resonant Objects"
it CD Feature/ Andrea Bacchetti: Mendelssohn
it CD Feature/ Andrea Marutti: "The Brutality of Misbreathing"
us CD Feature/ Angel of Decay: Covered in Scars
ar CD Feature/ Anla Courtis: "Tape Works"
nz CD Feature/ Annea Lockwood: "A Sound Map of the Danube"
nz CD Feature/ Annea Lockwood: "Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World"
be CD Feature/ Annette vande Gorne: "Exils"
fi CD Feature/ Anssi Karttunen & Kari Kriikku: "A Due"
au CD Feature/ Anthony Pateras: "Chasms"
england CD Feature/ Antifamily: "Antifamily"
it CD Feature/ Antonio della Marina: "Fades"
cz CD Feature/ Aranos: "Koryak Mistress stakes Golden Sky"
cz CD Feature/ Aranos: "Mother of Moons Bathing"
ar CD Feature/ Ariel Ramirez: "Missa Criolla"
de CD Feature/ Artemis Quartet: "Beethoven - String Quartets op.59/2 & 18/4"
de CD Feature/ Artridge: "Butterfly Wing Theory Part 1“
ee CD Feature/ Arvo Pärt: "Music for Unaccompanied Choir"
us CD Feature/ As lonely as Dave Bowman: "Pod"
us CD Feature/ Asher: "Intervals", "Cell Memory", "Graceful Degradation: Variations"
us CD Feature/ Asher: "Untitled Composition (For B)"
us CD Feature/ Asianova: "Magnamnemonicon"
us CD Feature/ Asmus Tietchens & Richard Chartier: "Fabrication"
de CD Feature/ Asmus Tietchens: "Geboren, um zu dienen"
de CD Feature/ Asmus Tietchens: "Zwingburgen des Hedonismus/Mysterien des Hafens"
de CD Feature/ Asmus Tietchens: "h-Menge"
de CD Feature/ Atom TM: "Liedgut"
england CD Feature/ Aufgehoben: "Messidor"
england CD Feature/ Autistici: "Volume Objects"
se CD Feature/ Avsky: "Silent Decay"
de CD Feature/ Bach: "Christmas Oratorio"
us CD Feature/ Balmorhea: "Balmorhea"
de CD Feature/ Barbara Maria Willi: "Deconstruction"
us CD Feature/ Barry Schrader: "Beyond"
us CD Feature/ Barry Schrader: "EAM"
us CD Feature/ Barry Schrader: "Fallen Sparrow"
us CD Feature/ Barry Schrader: "Lost Atlantis"
ca CD Feature/ Barzin: "Notes to an absent Lover"
england CD Feature/ Bass Communion: "Molotov and Haze"
de CD Feature/ Beethoven Classics
de CD Feature/ Beethoven: "Symphonies 3 & 8"
us CD Feature/ Behrouz: "Nervous Nitelife - Pure Behrouz NYC"
us CD Feature/ Bill Evans Trio: "Sunday at the Village Vanguard"
us CD Feature/ Bill Laswell & Fanu: "Lodge"
no CD Feature/ Bjerga/Iversen: "(Go with the flow) Like a twig on the shoulders of a mightly stream"
us CD Feature/ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: "The Effects of 333"
us CD Feature/ Blood Meridian: "Liquidate Paris!"
de CD Feature/ Bohren & Der Club of Gore: "Dolores"
nl CD Feature/ Bong-Ra: "Full Metal Racket"
de CD Feature/ Brandstifter: "Asphaltbibliotheque"
us CD Feature/ Branford Marsalis: "Metamorphosen"
us CD Feature/ Brendan Murray: "Wonders Never Cease"
england CD Feature/ Brendan Pollard: "Expansion"
england CD Feature/ Brendan Pollard: "Flux Echoes"
us CD Feature/ Brian Parnham: "Mantle"
se CD Feature/ Bruno Råberg: "Lifelines"
de CD Feature/ Bruno Weil & Capella Coloniensis: "Mozart - Demofoonte"
global CD Feature/ Buddha and Bonsai Vol 5
england CD Feature/ Burning Skies: "Greed Filth Abuse Corruption"
us CD Feature/ Bvdub: "Return to Tonglu"
de CD Feature/ Byetone: "Death of a Typographer"
us CD Feature/ C.O.M.A.: "Ornamental Urban Shrubbery"
se CD Feature/ CM von Hausswolff: "Operations of Spirit Communication"
us CD Feature/ Capillary Action: "So Embarrassing"
ve CD Feature/ Cardopusher: "Mutant Dubstep vol. 2"
england CD Feature/ Carolyn Sampson: "Henry Purcell - Victorious Love"
us CD Feature/ Caspian: "The Four Trees"
ge CD Feature/ Catherine Gordeladze: "Hommage a Haydn"
us CD Feature/ Cdatakill: "Valentine"
global CD Feature/ Cecilia Bartoli: "Maria"
us CD Feature/ Celer: "Nacreous Clouds"
us CD Feature/ Cenotype: "Origins"
fr CD Feature/ Charles Koechlin: "The Music of a Magician"
us CD Feature/ Chas Smith: "Nakadai"
england CD Feature/ Chemical Brothers: "Brotherhood"
ca CD Feature/ Cherry Beach Project: "silo 11"
england CD Feature/ Chloe Hanslip: "Benjamin Godard - Violin Concertos"
england CD Feature/ Chloe Hanslip: "John Adams - Violin Concerto"
au CD Feature/ Chris Abrahams & Mike Cooper: "Oceanic Feeling-Like"
us CD Feature/ Chris Pugh & Jack Gold: "Penumbra/Heqat"; Ghidra: "The Sound of Speed"; D.B.H.: "Wave the Old Wave"
ch CD Feature/ Christian Weber: "Wacheturm Solo"
de CD Feature/ Christiane Klonz: "Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt"
de CD Feature/ Christiane Klonz: "Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Shostakovich"
de CD Feature/ Christiane Klonz: "Romantische Werke"
us CD Feature/ Christine Anderson: "Live Summer Session"
de CD Feature/ Christoph Timpe & Academia Per Musica Roma: "Venetian Ensemble Music"
us CD Feature/ Christopher Willits: "Plants and Hearts"
us CD Feature/ Citadel: "Granite Sky"
it CD Feature/ Claudio Parodi: "A Ritual which is Incomprehensible (To the Smile of Pauline Oliveros)"
it CD Feature/ Claudio Parodi: "Horizontal Mover (Homage to Alvin Lucier)"
england CD Feature/ Clinic: "Do It!"
ru CD Feature/ Closing the Eternity: "Northern Lights Ambience"
us CD Feature/ Colin Andrew Sheffield: "Signatures"
england CD Feature/ Continuum: "Continuum II"
us CD Feature/ Cordell Klier: "Espionage"
it CD Feature/ Corelli: "Violin Sonatas op.5"
us CD Feature/ Crack Nation: “Artifacts II: 1989-1994”
us CD Feature/ Crawling with Tarts: "Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies/ Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7"
it CD Feature/ Cria Cuervos: "Leitfossilien"
it CD Feature/ Cria Cuervos: "Vor Feuerschlünden"
us CD Feature/ Cristiana Pegoraro: "ITHAKA"
ua CD Feature/ Critikal: "Graphorrhea"
global CD Feature/ Cross Border Trio: "New Directions"
england CD Feature/ Crowell, Doles & Quinn: "Don't Look Down"
nl CD Feature/ DJ Hidden: "Later After"
us CD Feature/ DJ Sprinkles: "Midtown 120 Blues"
jp CD Feature/ Daisuke Miyatani: "Diario"
england CD Feature/ Damian Lazarus: "Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol 2: Night of the Dark Machines"
se CD Feature/ Dan Fröberg: "15 Songs (Down at Jinxey´s)"
england CD Feature/ Daniel Hope: "Mendelssohn"
us CD Feature/ Daniel Menche: "Creatures of Cadence"
us CD Feature/ Daniel Menche: "Radiant Blood"
england CD Feature/ Darren McClure: "Softened Edges"
england CD Feature/ Darren Tate: "Small Worlds"
us CD Feature/ Dave Brubeck, Anthony & Joseph Paratore: "Points on Jazz"
us CD Feature/ David Behrman: "My Dear Sigfried"
us CD Feature/ David Watson: "Fingering an Idea"
england CD Feature/ David Wells: "op.2"
se CD Feature/ Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words: "[A Line: Align]"
de CD Feature/ Denis Patkovic: "Bach & Tiensuu: Goldberg - Mine Variations"
england CD Feature/ Description Without Place: "Filaments"
england CD Feature/ Detritus: "Fractured"
england CD Feature/ Detritus: "Thresholds"
de CD Feature/ Diana Damrau: "Arie di Bravura"
it CD Feature/ Diego Fasolis & I Barocchisti: "Bach - Brandenburg Concertos"
gr CD Feature/ Dimitri Voudouris: "NPFAI.1/ PALMOS/ NPFAI.3/ PRAXIS"
it CD Feature/ Dino Ciani: "Mozart - Piano Concertos No. 20 & 25"
england CD Feature/ Donald Bousted: "A Journey among Travellers"
us CD Feature/ Donkey: "Stone"
de CD Feature/ Dorothee Oberlinger: "Concerti per Flauto & Flautino"
de CD Feature/ Dorothee Oberlinger: "Concerti per Flauto"
de CD Feature/ Dorothee Oberlinger: "Händel: Sonatas for Recorder"
de CD Feature/ Dorothee Oberlinger: "Italian Sonatas"
england CD Feature/ Double Action: "Reaction"
nz CD Feature/ Douglas Lilburn: "A song of Islands"
global CD Feature/ Dr. Bob: "Dark Times"
de CD Feature/ Dronaement: "ezoterick muzick"
us CD Feature/ Drumcorps: "Grist"
england CD Feature/ Dual: "Tocsin"
england CD Feature/ Dub Syndicate: "Overdubbed"
us CD Feature/ Dub Trio: "Another Sound Is Dying"
es CD Feature/ Duo Hammel - Sanchez: "176 Keys to Europe"
de CD Feature/ Duo Scherzer-Schröder: "Beethoven & Mendelssohn-Bartholdy"
us CD Feature/ E. Ryan Goodman: "Under the Lamp"; James Beaudreau: "Fresh Twigs"
us CD Feature/ ESA: Devotion Discpline and Denial
ar CD Feature/ Earzumba: "Bestia Infernal"
ar CD Feature/ Earzumba: "Hermoso Movimento/ Floresce Escondido"
ar CD Feature/ Earzumba: "simulando un refugio"
england CD Feature/ Ebola: "Mutant Dubstep Vol 1"
us CD Feature/ Eddie the Rat: "Once around the Butterfly Bush"
us CD Feature/ Edgey vs Depth Error: "The Abuse Technique"
it CD Feature/ Edoardo Ricci & Thollem Mcdonas: " SONOCONTENTODISTAREQUA"
us CD Feature/ Elijah Bossenbroek: "Harmony in Disarray"
us CD Feature/ Ellen Fullman + Sean Meehan: "s/t"
us CD Feature/ Ellen Weller: "Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations"
ar CD Feature/ Elsa Justel: "Mâts"
us CD Feature/ Emily Hay & Marcos Fernandes: "We are"
us CD Feature/ Encomiast: "Transit Bed"
ro CD Feature/ Enigma: "Seven Lives, Many Faces"
it CD Feature/ Enrico Coniglio: "Areavirus: Topofonie Vol 1"
it CD Feature/ Enrico Coniglio: "dyanMU"
ch CD Feature/ Ensemble Peregrina: "Mel et lac"
de CD Feature/ Ensemble Phorminx: "Dal Niente"; The Epicureans: "Introducing"
ru CD Feature/ Ensemble Syntagma: "Remembrance"
tr CD Feature/ Erdem Helvacioglu: "Wounded Breath"
tr CD Feature/ Erdem Helvacıoğlu: "Altered Realities"
fr CD Feature/ Eric La Casa: "Les Oscillations Part 1-2"
fr CD Feature/ Eric la Casa: "Secousses Panoramiques"
fr CD Feature/ Eric la Casa: "air.ratio"
us CD Feature/ Erik Satie & Mike Svoboda: "Phonométrie"
au CD Feature/ Ernie Althoff: "Dark by Six"
be CD Feature/ Erratic: "The Invisible Landscape"
gr CD Feature/ Eva Fampas: "Fampas plays Fampas"
us CD Feature/ Evidence: "Iris"
is CD Feature/ Evil Madness: "Demoni Paradiso"
pl CD Feature/ Ewa Kupiec: "Alfred Schnittke: Piano Concertos"
it CD Feature/ Ex-P: "Ancora Saigon" & "Carpaccio Existenziale"; I/O: "Polytone"
global CD Feature/ Exillon: "It's OK to dance"
ru CD Feature/ Exit in Grey: "Nameless Droplet"
es CD Feature/ Exxasens: "Polaris"
nz CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel: "s/t"
ca CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning & Nadja: "st"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "First by a Whisper, then by a Storm (Special Edition)"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "Frenzy of the Absolute"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "He spoke in dead tongues"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "The Amplifier Drone"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "The Carnival of Ourselves"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "The Infinite Sea of Sustain"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "The Rainbow Mirrors a Burning Heart"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "We slowly lift ourselves from Dust"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "When Mystery Prevades the Well, the Promise sets Fire"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "Woes of the Desolate Mourner"
be CD Feature/ Fear Falls Burning: "i'm one of those monsters numb with grace"
de CD Feature/ Felix Werder: "The Tempest"
at CD Feature/ Fennesz: "Black Sea"
es CD Feature/ Ferran Fages: "Cancons per a un lent retard"
nl CD Feature/ Ferry Corsten: "Twice in a Blue Moon"
de CD Feature/ Feu Follet: "Toi et le son"
se CD Feature/ Fever Ray: "Fever Ray"
ru CD Feature/ Five Elements Music: "VarunaGhat"
us CD Feature/ Flintglass: "Circumsounds"; disHARMONY: "Cloned"
it CD Feature/ Floraleda Sacchi & Claudio Ferrarini: "Suite en duo"
it CD Feature/ Floraleda Sacchi: "Chiaroscuro Harp"
it CD Feature/ Floraleda Sacchi: "Minimal Harp"
us CD Feature/ Fluorescent Grey: "Gaseous Opal Orbs"
global CD Feature/ Formication: "Agnosia"
ie CD Feature/ Fovea Hex: "Allure"
ie CD Feature/ Fovea Hex: "Bloom"
ie CD Feature/ Fovea Hex: "Huge"
es CD Feature/ Francisco Lopez: "Wind [Patagonia]"
de CD Feature/ Frank Rowenta: "Klänge Siziliens"
de CD Feature/ Frank Rowenta: "Raumstudien # 01"
it CD Feature/ Frati & Dadomo: "Bach for Mandolin & Guitar"
fr CD Feature/ Frederic Zigante: "Giuliani - Le Rossiniane"
nl CD Feature/ Freiband: "298"
scotland CD Feature/ Frevo Quartet: "Histoire du Tango"
us CD Feature/ GVSU New Music Ensemble: "Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians"
us CD Feature/ Gabriel Paiuk & Jason Kahn: "Breathings"
cn CD Feature/ Gao Ping: "Chamber Music"
us CD Feature/ Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters: "Coming Clean"
us CD Feature/ Gel Sol: "IZ"
de CD Feature/ Genevieve Pasquier: "Virgin Pulses"
at CD Feature/ Gernot Wolfgang: "Common Ground"
it CD Feature/ Giancarlo Toniutti: "Sound-field for Rattle-Harp"
us CD Feature/ Giancarlo Vulcano: "vetro"
lt CD Feature/ Gintas K: "Lovely Banalities"
it CD Feature/ Giuseppe Ielasi: "Aix"
it CD Feature/ Giuseppe Ielasi: "August"
it CD Feature/ Giuseppe Ielasi: "Stunt"
wales CD Feature/ Graham Bowers: "Eternal Ghosts"
wales CD Feature/ Graham Bowers: "Of Mary's Blood"
wales CD Feature/ Graham Bowers: "Pilgrim"
wales CD Feature/ Graham Bowers: "Transgression"
us CD Feature/ Gram Rabbit: "RadioAngel of the RobotBeat"
se CD Feature/ Gravy: "Gravy"
us CD Feature/ Greg Palast: "Live from the Armed Madhouse"
it CD Feature/ Guido Ponzini: "Twilight Town"
de CD Feature/ Gunter Adler: "Douches Dames"
se CD Feature/ Gustaf Hildebrand: "Primordial Resonance"
cl CD Feature/ Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt: "Obra Electroacústica"
nz CD Feature/ Gydja: "Umbilicus Maris"
ch CD Feature/ Günter Müller: "Reframed"
de CD Feature/ Günter Wand: "Bruckner - Symphony No. 5"
no CD Feature/ HOH: "Bestemor"
no CD Feature/ HOH: "We can work it out"
us CD Feature/ Haco, Hans, Jakob, Marcos
it CD Feature/ Hall of Mirrors: "Reflections on Black"; NIMH: "The Missing Tapes" & "The Unkept Secrets"
de CD Feature/ Hands on Strings: "Offroad"
us CD Feature/ Hans Fjellestad: "Kobe Live House"
us CD Feature/ Hans Fjellestad: "Snails R Sexy"
in CD Feature/ Hasu Patel: "Gayaki Sitar"
jp CD Feature/ Hear: "5 Pieces"; Trio Sowari: "Shortcut"; The Epicureans: "A Riddle..."
us CD Feature/ Heath Yonaites: "Rim of the Sun"
global CD Feature/ Helena Gough: "With what Remains"
us CD Feature/ Henry Brant & Charles Ives: "A Concord Symphony"
de CD Feature/ Henschkeschlott: "Cafe Thiossane"
de CD Feature/ Hermann Baumann: "Horn Concertos"
us CD Feature/ High Places: "High Places"
za CD Feature/ Hugh Masekela: "Phola"
au CD Feature/ Hunz: "When Victims Fight"
de CD Feature/ Hypnosphere: "Within the Whirl"
it CD Feature/ I Fiati Italiani: "I Solisti della Scala"
it CD Feature/ I Fiati Italiani: "J. Triebensee"
fr CD Feature/ I am a Vowel: "Et op la Bang"
nl CD Feature/ ICP Orchestra: "Live At The Bimhuis"
england CD Feature/ Ian Holloway: "A lonely Place"
global CD Feature/ Ian Holloway: "Walking through Fireflies"
us CD Feature/ Ian Tescee: “A Traveler’s Guide to Mars”
us CD Feature/ If, Bwana: "Rex Xhu Ping"
fi CD Feature/ Iiro Rantala: "Piano Concerto"
ua CD Feature/ In Meditarium: "Mare Internum"
de CD Feature/ Indian Tea Company: "Aravinda"
de CD Feature/ Indian Tea Company: "Mandala"
se CD Feature/ Irene: "A Song for You"; Sophie Duner: "The City of My Dreams" & "The Rain in Spain"; Ruby Ruby Ruby: "The Shadow of Your Smile"
global CD Feature/ Irezumi: "Endurance"
us CD Feature/ Isis: "Wavering Radiant"; Constants: "The Foundation; The Machine; The Ascension"
us CD Feature/ J. Corigliano/J. Friedman: "String Quartet/String Quartet No.2"
de CD Feature/ J.S. Bach: "Suites Nos. 1-4"
us CD Feature/ JVOX: "QED"
us CD Feature/ Jair Rohm Parker Wells: "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"
de CD Feature/ Jake Playmo: "My Favourite Toys"
nz CD Feature/ Jakob: "Solace"
us CD Feature/ James Beaudreau: "Java St. Bagatelles"
jp CD Feature/ Jamie Saft & Merzbow: "Merzdub"
de CD Feature/ Jan Vogler: "Concerti Brillanti"
de CD Feature/ Jan Vogler: "My Tunes"
no CD Feature/ Jan-M Iversen: "Drone 1.05"
no CD Feature/ Jana Winderen: "Heated"
pl CD Feature/ Janek Schaefer: "Alone at Last" & "Extended Play"
us CD Feature/ Jason Corder & Beta Two Agonist: "Further to Find Closer"
us CD Feature/ Jason Kahn: "Fields"
us CD Feature/ Jason Kahn: "Sihl"
us CD Feature/ Jason Robinson: "Fingerprints"; Initial Conditions: "s/t"; Rick Helzer & John Stowell: "Friendship and Remembrance"
se CD Feature/ Jasper TX: "Singing Stones"
us CD Feature/ Jay Weigel: "The Mass of John Paul II The Great"
jp CD Feature/ Jean-Luc Guionnet & Toshimaru Nakamura: "Map"
fr CD Feature/ Jean-Michel Jarre: "Teo & Tea"
us CD Feature/ Jed Speare: "Sound Works 1982-1987"
us CD Feature/ Jeffrey Roden: "Seeds of Happiness"
de CD Feature/ Jens Döring & Ulrich Troyer: "20050429-151223-154026"
de CD Feature/ Jerome Froese: "Neptunes"
de CD Feature/ Jerome Froese: "Shiver me Timbers"
us CD Feature/ Jerry Gerber: "Waves"
us CD Feature/ Jim McAuley: "The Ultimate Frog"
us CD Feature/ Jim Mcauley: "Gongfarmer 18"
us CD Feature/ Jim Ryan's Forward Energy: "FE3 Portland" & "FE3 Oakland"
ie CD Feature/ Jimmy Behan: "The Echo Garden"
england CD Feature/ Jodi Cave: "For Myria"
england CD Feature/ Joe Gilmore: "On Quasi-Convergence and Quiet Spaces"
au CD Feature/ Joel Stern: "Objects, Masks, Props"
de CD Feature/ Johannes Schmoelling: "Instant City"
us CD Feature/ John Morton: "Solo Traveler"
au CD Feature/ John Waterman: "Calcutta Gas Chamber"
us CD Feature/ Jon Mueller & Jason Kahn: "Topography"
us CD Feature/ Jon Regen: "Let It Go"
england CD Feature/ Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Liles: "Torch Songs"
england CD Feature/ Jonty Harrison: "Environs"
de CD Feature/ Joris J & N.Strahl.N: "Muslime Decadence/Bewegungen"
nl CD Feature/ Jos Smolders: "Gaussian Transient (Megaphone)"; Roel Meelkop: "An Ear for Numbers"
es CD Feature/ Jose Luis Redondo: "La reponse est aux pieds"
us CD Feature/ Joseph Benzola: "Crippled Symmetry"
us CD Feature/ Joseph Benzola: "Dig the New Breed"
us CD Feature/ Joseph Benzola: "Winter in America"
us CD Feature/ Josh Russell: "For LP"
us CD Feature/ Josh Russell: "Sink" & "Music for Geiger Counters"; V.A.: "Golden Various"
us CD Feature/ Joyce DiDonato: "Furore"; Diana Damrau: "Donna"
global CD Feature/ Juan Matos Capote: "The Subway Aural Recordings"
at CD Feature/ Judith Kopecky & Julia Tinhof: "exiles"
fr CD Feature/ Kaneel: "I've sketched it a while ago"
fi CD Feature/ Karita Mattila: "Helsinki Recital"
se CD Feature/ Karjalan Sissit: "Tanssit on loppu nyt"
no CD Feature/ Karl Seglem: "Urbs"
fr CD Feature/ Kassel Jaeger: "ee[nd]"
england CD Feature/ Kate Royal: "Kate Royal"
ua CD Feature/ Kateryna Titova: "Rachmaninov"
wales CD Feature/ Katherine Jenkins: "Living a Dream"
wales CD Feature/ Katherine Jenkins: "Premiere"
wales CD Feature/ Katherine Jenkins: "Second Nature"
wales CD Feature/ Katherine Jenkins: "Serenade"
us CD Feature/ Keith Kramer: "Casual Dualism"
us CD Feature/ Ken Elkinson: "Cue"
us CD Feature/ Kenneth Gaburo: "Lingua II: Maledetto / Antiphony VIII"
us CD Feature/ Kenneth Kirschner: "September 19, 1998"
us CD Feature/ Kenneth Kirschner: "Three Compositions"
us CD Feature/ Kenneth Kirschner: "november 18, 2004 et al."
england CD Feature/ Kevin Ayers: "The Unfairground"
ch CD Feature/ Kiko C. Esseiva: "Sous Les Etoiles"
england CD Feature/ King Roc: "Chapters"
us CD Feature/ Kioku: "Both Far and Near"
be CD Feature/ Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat: "The Nebulous Dreams"
de CD Feature/ Klangwelt: "XOIO"
hu CD Feature/ Kodaly Quartet & Auer Quartet: "Mendelssohn/Bruch: Octets"
jp CD Feature/ Koscak Yamada: "Nagauta Symphony/InnoMeiji/Maria Magdalena"
pl CD Feature/ Krzysztof Penderecki: "Symphony No. 8"
us CD Feature/ Kyle Eastwood: "Metropolitain"
se CD Feature/ Lars Akerlund: "Ur/Volt"
us CD Feature/ Larvae: "Dead Weight"
us CD Feature/ Latitude/Longitude
lv CD Feature/ Lauma Skride: "Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel - The Year"
au CD Feature/ Laura: "Yes Maybe No"
nl CD Feature/ Lawn: "Silver"
au CD Feature/ Lawrence English: "It's up to Us to Live"; "A Colour for Autumn"
nz CD Feature/ Lawrence English: "Kiri No Oto"
us CD Feature/ Leaf: "Made into itself"
fr CD Feature/ Lena: "The Uncertain Trail"
nl CD Feature/ Lex van Delden: "Complete String Quartets"
ca CD Feature/ Liar's Rosebush: "Circle the Squares"
us CD Feature/ Light of Shipwreck: "Through The Bilge Lies A Calm And Bloodless Sea"
england CD Feature/ Lily Green EP
de CD Feature/ Limpe Fuchs: "pianobody"
de CD Feature/ Lithops: "Ye Viols!"
us CD Feature/ Little Wings: "Magic Wand"
es CD Feature/ Lngtche "Music for an untitled Film by T.Zarkkof"
it CD Feature/ Logoplasm: "Testa piena d'orche"
us CD Feature/ Loren Dent: "Empires and Milk"
it CD Feature/ Luca Formentini: "Tacet"
sk CD Feature/ Lucia Popp sings Cantatas and Arias with Trumpet
it CD Feature/ Luciano Berio: "Sequenzas I-XIV"
it CD Feature/ Luigi Turra: "texture.vitra"
ar CD Feature/ Luis Orias Diz: "Acrílicos en la Sonrisa" & "Kammermusik"
ie CD Feature/ Luka Bloom: "Eleven Songs"
it CD Feature/ Lull: "Like a Slow River"; Oophoi: "An Aerial View"
nz CD Feature/ Lullatone: "The Bedtime Beat"
ru CD Feature/ Lunar Abyss Deus Organum: "Brusnika"
england CD Feature/ Lutnahimat: "Kleine Mietzekatze"
fr CD Feature/ M. Baron, B. Denzler, J-L Guionnet, S. Rives: "Propagations"
us CD Feature/ MGR vs. Xela: "Barge Split Series Vol. I"
us CD Feature/ MGR: "Wavering On The Cresting Heft"
nl CD Feature/ Maarten van der Vleuten: "Een onvermoede Bocht"; "Kurt's Zimmer"; "High Intolerance towards Low Energies"
us CD Feature/ Mad EP: "Bass.Hed"
global CD Feature/ Mad EP: "The Madlands Trilogy"
global CD Feature/ Maile Colbert: "moborosi"
jp CD Feature/ Maju: "Maju-5"
fr CD Feature/ Maninkari: "Art Des Poussieres”
fr CD Feature/ Maninkari: "Le Diable avec ses Chevaux"
fr CD Feature/ Maninkari: "Psychoide / Participation Mystic"
mx CD Feature/ Manrico Montero: "Betweenness"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "Concert for Murnau"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "Die Mulde"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "E2-E4 25th Anniversary Edition"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "Joaquin Joe Claussell meets Manuel Göttsching"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "Live at Mt. Fuji"
de CD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching: "e2-e4 live"
ca CD Feature/ Mara's Torment: "mt96061"
global CD Feature/ Marc Behrens & Paulo Raposo: "Hades"
au CD Feature/ Marc Hannaford: "The Garden of Forking Paths"
us CD Feature/ Marc Manning & Yann Novak: "Pairings"
us CD Feature/ Marco Oppedisano: "Electroacoustic Compositions for Elecric Guitar"
us CD Feature/ Marco Oppedisano: "The Ominous Corner" & "Tesla at Coney Island"; Tom Carter: "Shots at Infinity 1 & 2"
us CD Feature/ Marcos Fernandes & Bill Horist: "Jerks and Creeps"
us CD Feature/ Marcos Fernandes & Mike Pride: "A Mountain is a Mammal"
us CD Feature/ Margaret Lancaster: "Future Flute"
br CD Feature/ Mario del Nunzio & Henrique Iwao: "Dance Music"
de CD Feature/ Martyn Bates & Troum: "To a Child Dancing in the Wind"
gr CD Feature/ Mary & the Boy: "Mary & the Boy"
us CD Feature/ Mary Ellen Childs: "Dream House"
fr CD Feature/ Mathias Delplanque: "L'inondation"
fr CD Feature/ Mathias Delplanque: "La Plinthe"
fr CD Feature/ Mathias Delplanque: "Le Pavillon Temoin"
fr CD Feature/ Mathias Delplanque: "Ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas (Montreal)"
ca CD Feature/ Mathieu Ruhlmann: "Broken Vessels"
ca CD Feature/ Mathieu Ruhlmann: "The Earth Grows in Each of Us"
us CD Feature/ Matt Rogalsky: "Memory like Water"
scotland CD Feature/ Matthew McAllister: "Merula"
fr CD Feature/ Maxence Cyrin: "Modern Rhapsodies"
us CD Feature/ McCoy Tyner: "Afro Blue"
ch CD Feature/ Mersault: “Raymond & Marie”
at CD Feature/ Metalycee: "12'' EP"
us CD Feature/ Michael Dessen: "Lineal"
us CD Feature/ Michael Santos: "The Happy Error"; The Green Kingdom: "Laminae"
us CD Feature/ Michael Vernusky: "Blood that sees the Light"
us CD Feature/ Michale Graves: "Illusions Live/Viretta Park"
global CD Feature/ Michel Sajrawy: "Yathrib"
jp CD Feature/ Midori: "Bach/Bartok"
jp CD Feature/ Midori: "The Essential Midori"
ca CD Feature/ Mike Hansen: "At every Point"
ie CD Feature/ Mike Nielsen & Benjamin Dwyer: "Evolution"
england CD Feature/ Mike Oldfield: "Music of the Spheres"
us CD Feature/ Mikronesia: "Iris or Comfortable Too"
us CD Feature/ Ministry & Co-Conspirators: "Cover Up"
de CD Feature/ Mirko Uhlig & Dronaement: "Farewell Fields"
de CD Feature/ Mirko Uhlig: "Storm: outside calm tamed"
de CD Feature/ Mirko Uhlig: "The Nightmiller"
de CD Feature/ Mirko Uhlig: "The Rabbit's Logbook"
de CD Feature/ Mirror: "Viking Burial for a French Car"
it CD Feature/ Misound: "Stanze Di Te"
us CD Feature/ Mitch Marcus Quintet: "The Special"
us CD Feature/ Miya Masaoka: "For Birds, Planes & Cello"
no CD Feature/ Modan Garu: "Foxhunting for the Future"
se CD Feature/ Moljebka Pvsle: "Driftsond"
ch CD Feature/ Monno: "Ghosts"
england CD Feature/ Monos: "Generators"
us CD Feature/ Monstrare, Wilt: "Graveflowers"
it CD Feature/ Monteverdi: "Madrigals Book 5"
de CD Feature/ Moogulator: "The Digital Anatomist Project"
pt CD Feature/ Moonspell: "Night Eternal"
us CD Feature/ Morton Feldman: "String Quartet"
it CD Feature/ Mou, Lips!: "Untree"
us CD Feature/ Mountains: "Choral"
de CD Feature/ Mozart: "Unknown Arias for Soprano"
ru CD Feature/ Mumiy Troll: "Comrade Ambassador"
england CD Feature/ Murmer: "In their homes and in their heads"
england CD Feature/ Muslimgauze: "Jah-Mearab" & "Jaagheed Zarb"
us CD Feature/ My Fun: "Sonorine"
de CD Feature/ N.Strahl.N: "Mindscreen"
de CD Feature/ N.Strahl.N: "Zeitpapier"
de CD Feature/ N.Strahl.N: "Äthernarkose"
ch CD Feature/ NID: "Plate Tectonics"
ca CD Feature/ Nadja & Fear Falls Burning: "We have departed the circle blissfully"
ca CD Feature/ Nadja/ Aidan Baker/ Leah Buckareff: "Trinity"
ca CD Feature/ Nadja: "Corrasion"
ca CD Feature/ Nadja: "Guilted by the Sun EP"
ca CD Feature/ Nadja: "Radiance of Shadows"
fr CD Feature/ Nahvalur: "Aboideau"
us CD Feature/ Nathan Hubbard: "Blind Orchid"
global CD Feature/ Nathan Youngblood: "Asunder"
de CD Feature/ Natural Frequencies: "Ornamental Journey"
de CD Feature/ Natural Frequencies: "Tranquility in Motion"
fr CD Feature/ Nebulo: "Avutma"
global CD Feature/ Nick Didkovsky: "Tube Bow Mouth String"
ro CD Feature/ Nick Grey: "Les Eaux Territoriales"
ro CD Feature/ Nick Grey: "Thieves among Thorns"
scotland CD Feature/ Nicola Benedetti: "Vaughn Williams & Sir John Taverner"
it CD Feature/ Nicola Ratti: "From the Desert Came Saltwater"
global CD Feature/ Nihil Communication: "We are violent"
no CD Feature/ Nils Henrik Asheim: "Broken Line Remixes"
global CD Feature/ Nine Inch Nails: "Year Zero"
it CD Feature/ Nino Rota: "Sinfonia sopra una Canzone d'Amore, Concerto-Soirée for Piano and Orchestra"
fr CD Feature/ Ninth Desert: "Zone"
be CD Feature/ Noise-Maker's Fifes: "Zona Incerta"
gr CD Feature/ Nokalypse: "Ocean of Inexistence"
global CD Feature/ Non Ethos: "Syk Asfalt"
ch CD Feature/ Norbert Möslang: "header_change"
no CD Feature/ Nordvargr: "In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown/To Live Again As a Servant of Darkness"
no CD Feature/ Northaunt: "Horizons"
us CD Feature/ Novasak: "Alpha"; Jeff Gburek: "Red Rose for the Sinking Ship"
fi CD Feature/ Nuspirit Helsinki: "Our Favorite Things"
at CD Feature/ Németh: "Film"
us CD Feature/ Oblivion Ensemble: "Seraphim Hallucino"
de CD Feature/ Ocean Sounds: "Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesterålen"
england CD Feature/ OceanLab: "Sirens of the Sea"
us CD Feature/ Oksana Kolesnikova: "Free Floating"
us CD Feature/ Oksana Kolesnikova: "Oksana"
us CD Feature/ Olivia Block: "Change Ringing"
us CD Feature/ Olivia Block: "Heave to"
england CD Feature/ One more Grain: "Pigeon English"
us CD Feature/ OrchestraMaxfieldParrish: "The Silent Breath of Emptiness"
england CD Feature/ Organum: "Amen"
england CD Feature/ Organum: "Die Hennen Zähne"
england CD Feature/ Organum: "Omega"
nl CD Feature/ POW Ensemble: "Homage To Hazard Live, Amsterdam 2008"
es CD Feature/ Pablo Reche, Ubeboet: Duae"
ar CD Feature/ Pablo Reche: "Conexión ep"
gr CD Feature/ Parallel Worlds: "Obsessive Surrealism"
md CD Feature/ Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Fazil Say: "Beethoven/ Ravel/ Bartok/ Say"
it CD Feature/ Paul Bradley & Cria Cuervos: "Moraines II"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "Cede"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "Liquid Sunset"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "Memorias Extranjeras"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "Somatic"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "Sophia Drifts"
england CD Feature/ Paul Bradley: "chroma"
us CD Feature/ Paul Moravec: "The Time Gallery"
pl CD Feature/ Pawel Grabowski: "Arh"
pt CD Feature/ Pedro Carneiro: "Improbable Transgressions"
england CD Feature/ Pete Alderton: "Cover my Blues"
england CD Feature/ Pete Alderton: "Living on Love"
de CD Feature/ Peter Maag: "Mozart - Idomeneo"
de CD Feature/ Peter Maag: "Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro"
global CD Feature/ Peter Maag: "Verdi - Luisa Miller"
de CD Feature/ Peter Maag: Johannes Brahms
england CD Feature/ Peter Maxwell Davies: "Naxos Quartets Nos. 7 and 8"
global CD Feature/ Peteris Vasks: "Pater Noster"
us CD Feature/ Phaenon: "Submerged"
fr CD Feature/ Philippe Gaubert: "Complete Works for Flute 3"
ca CD Feature/ Pholde: "Aperture of the Internal Surface"
at CD Feature/ Photophob: "Circadian Rhythms"
de CD Feature/ Pillowdiver: "Sleeping Pills"
au CD Feature/ Pimmon: "Secret Sleeping Birds"
de CD Feature/ Plastic Noise Experience
us CD Feature/ Pleasure Forever: "Bodies Need Rest"
us CD Feature/ Pneumatic Detach: "[Re-Vis-Cer-A]"
us CD Feature/ Pneumatic Detach: "[Vis.Cer.A]”
fr CD Feature/ Poolplayers: "Way Below the Surface"
england CD Feature/ Portishead: "Third"
gr CD Feature/ Pridon: "Apnea Eina"
us CD Feature/ Prism Quartet: "William Albright: Music for Saxophones"
se CD Feature/ Procer Veneficus: "Saltwater and Glassmoon"; Underjordiska & Spectral Lore: "s/t"
de CD Feature/ Professor Nineteen: "Diversity of Flowers"
us CD Feature/ Prometheus Burning: "Beyond Repair"
us CD Feature/ Prometheus Burning: "nBoyde raRepi“
global CD Feature/ Protoplasmic Reversion: "Sunken Temples"
global CD Feature/ Psychic Space Invasion: "Pendulum"
it CD Feature/ Quartetto Stradivari & Karine Lethiec: "Mozart - The String Quintets"
england CD Feature/ R.Y.N.: "Whistle and I'll Come to You"
us CD Feature/ Rachel Barton Pine: "Beethoven & Clement Violin Concertos"
us CD Feature/ Radu Malfatti, Ilya Monosov: "Indescrete Silences/Music for Listening"
de CD Feature/ Ralf Kleemann: "Tides"
fr CD Feature/ Raoul Sinier: "Huge Samurai Radish"
england CD Feature/ Rapoon: "Time Frost"
england CD Feature/ Rebecca Saunders: "Stirrings Still"
gr CD Feature/ Red Needled Sea: "Old River Blues"
england CD Feature/ Redshift: "Last"
us CD Feature/ Rent Romus' Lords of Outland: "Culture of Pain"
us CD Feature/ Rent Romus: "Grid"; "You Can Sleep..."; "Prismatic Season"; "Thundershine"; "Slap"
us CD Feature/ Residual Echoes: "Firsts EP"
nz CD Feature/ Richard Francis: "Together Alone, Together Apart"
us CD Feature/ Richard Lainhart: "Ten Thousand Shades of Blue"
de CD Feature/ Richard Wagner: "Das Rheingold"
england CD Feature/ Richie Hawtin: "Concept 1/Variations"
us CD Feature/ Robert Anbian & The Unidentified Flying Quartet: "s/t"
us CD Feature/ Robert Ashley & Ensemble MAE: "Tapdancing in the Sand"
us CD Feature/ Robert Ashley: "Concrete"
de CD Feature/ Robert Schroeder: "SphereWare"
au CD Feature/ Robert Vincs: "Devic Kingdom"
au CD Feature/ Rod Cooper: "Friction"
global CD Feature/ Rodolfo Matulich: "Sinfonia della Croce"
england CD Feature/ Rogue Element: "Premonition"
mx CD Feature/ Rolando Villazon: "Opera Recital"
ir CD Feature/ Roshi feat. Pars Radio: "And Stars"
it CD Feature/ Rossini: "La Cenerentola"
de CD Feature/ Rostiges Riesenrad/N.Strahl.N: "Rostrausch/Des Zwielichts letztes Glühen"
jp CD Feature/ Ryoji Ikeda: "op"
us CD Feature/ S.Q.E.: "Rise of the Vulcans"
us CD Feature/ S.Q.E.: "Wahid"
ch CD Feature/ Salome Scheidegger: "Anthology"
us CD Feature/ Saltillo: "Ganglion"
us CD Feature/ Samarkande & Oblivion Ensemble: "Split CD"
us CD Feature/ Santo Subito: "Xavier"
ua CD Feature/ Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko: "There was no end"
se CD Feature/ Saralunden.Björkås.Mjös: "Dubious"
us CD Feature/ Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree: "The Sleeping Morning"
jp CD Feature/ Sawako: "Bitter Sweet"
de CD Feature/ Schubert Classics
ch CD Feature/ Schurer > Steinbrüchel: "Falte"
england CD Feature/ Scorn: "Stealth"
us CD Feature/ Sean Nowell: "The Seeker"
au CD Feature/ Seaworthy: "1897"
fr CD Feature/ Sebastien Roux & Greg Davis: "Merveilles"
de CD Feature/ Seconds in Formaldehyde: "Construct"
de CD Feature/ Seconds in Formaldehyde: "II"
de CD Feature/ Seconds in Formaldehyde: "Suddenly Silence burst my Ear"
global CD Feature/ Seetyca: "The Lake"
nz CD Feature/ Seht & Stelzer: "Exactly what you lost"
ee CD Feature/ Sempervirens: "Dirge of the Dying Year"; Underjordiska: "Dystert Vilse"
us CD Feature/ Seth Nehil & jgrzinich: "Gyre"
dk CD Feature/ Sgnl_fltr: "exhalo"
ir CD Feature/ Shahrokh: "Dripping Point"
ir CD Feature/ Sharam: "Get Wild"
england CD Feature/ Shinkei & Philip Lemieux: "Binaural Beats+Reprocessing"
ru CD Feature/ Shostakovich: Symphony No 11
jp CD Feature/ Shunsuke Mizuno: "Slow Time"
us CD Feature/ Shy Child: "Noise Won’t Stop"
fi CD Feature/ Sibelius: "Works for Violin and Orchestra"
us CD Feature/ Signal Quintet: "Yamaguchi"
at CD Feature/ Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz: "Skylla"
us CD Feature/ Simone Dinnerstein: "J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations"
us CD Feature/ Simone Dinnerstein: "The Berlin Concert"
be CD Feature/ Simulacra: "Eidolon"
de CD Feature/ Sinebag: "Pres de la lisiere"
global CD Feature/ Sinke Dus: "Akrasia"
de CD Feature/ Snake Figures Arkestra: "Cooks & Devils"
ar CD Feature/ Sol Gabetta: "Il Progetto Vivaldi"
ar CD Feature/ Sol Gabetta: "Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, Ginastera"
us CD Feature/ Sola Andata, Seaworthy, Taylor Deupree: "Live in Melbourne"
it CD Feature/ Sostrah Tinnitus: "Libellvs Alchemicvs Aegypticvs"
jp CD Feature/ Spiracle: "Ananta"
de CD Feature/ Staatskapelle Dresden: "Verdi - Rigoletto"
de CD Feature/ Stardelay: "A New High-Fidelity Tripout"
ch CD Feature/ Steinbrüchel: "Sustain"
us CD Feature/ Steve Peters: "Filtered Light (Chamber Music 4)"
us CD Feature/ Steve Peters: "Three Rooms"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach & Loren Nerell: "Terraform"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Arc of Passion"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Dreamtime Return"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Fever Dreams I-III"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Fever Dreams III"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Immersion three"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Immersion: Two"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Kairos"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Landmass"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Proof Positive"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roach: "Storm Surge"
us CD Feature/ Steve Roden: "Transmissions"
de CD Feature/ Steve Schroyder: "Klänge Bilder Welten"
de CD Feature/ Steve Schroyder: "Klänge des Lebens"
de CD Feature/ Steve Schroyder: "Sun"
us CD Feature/ Stick Man: "Mysterious Female"
no CD Feature/ Streif: "Nordic Winter"
de CD Feature/ String Unit: s/t
global CD Feature/ Sunburned Circle: "The Blaze Game"
england CD Feature/ Suns of Arqa: "Remixes Muslimgauze"
us CD Feature/ Suzanne Teng: "Enchanted Wind"
no CD Feature/ Svartsinn: "Traces of Nothingness"
us CD Feature/ TJ Norris: "triMIX"
us CD Feature/ TV On the Radio: "Dear Science"
us CD Feature/ Taiga Remains: "Descend from Ivory Cliffs"
it CD Feature/ Tanake: "3ree"
de CD Feature/ Tangerine Dream: "Zeit"; Vidna Obmana vs Bass Communion: "Continuum Recyclings Vol. 1"
us CD Feature/ Tangria Jazz Group: "Tangria Jazz Group"
global CD Feature/ Taphephobia: "Anomie"
england CD Feature/ Tate & Liles: "Without Season"
global CD Feature/ Taunus: "Harriet"
us CD Feature/ Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner: "Post_Piano 2"
us CD Feature/ Taylor Deupree, Kenneth Kirschner, Tomas Korber, Steinbrüchel, Aaron Ximm: "May 6, 2001"
us CD Feature/ Taylor Deupree: "Northern"
ru CD Feature/ Tchaikovsky: "The Nutcracker"
us CD Feature/ Telefon Tel Aviv: "Immolate Yourself"
global CD Feature/ Telepherique: "Slowmotion"
au CD Feature/ Terminal Sound System: "Constructing Towers"
england CD Feature/ The Black Dog: "Further Vexations"
se CD Feature/ The Domestic Front: "The Perfect Swarm"
us CD Feature/ The Duke Spirit: "Neptune"
england CD Feature/ The Fibonacci Sequence/Gillian Tingay: "Harp"
england CD Feature/ The Fibonacci Sequence: "Ned Rorem: Chamber Music"
ca CD Feature/ The Infant Cycle/Uphold: "Our Past Present (Now Then)"
ie CD Feature/ The Japanese Popstars: "We Just Are"
us CD Feature/ The Melvins: "Nude with Boots"
us CD Feature/ The Missing Ensemble: "Hidden Doors"
us CD Feature/ The Missing Ensemble: "Zeropolis"
nl CD Feature/ The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation: "Doomjazz Future Corpses!"
england CD Feature/ The Orb: "The Dream"
us CD Feature/ The Peggy Lee Band: "New Code"
au CD Feature/ The Rational Academy: "A Heart against your own"
us CD Feature/ The Sea and Cake: "Car Alarm"
se CD Feature/ The Skull Defekts: "Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing!"
england CD Feature/ The Smith Quartet: "Philip Glass - Complete String Quartets"
us CD Feature/ The Submarines: "Honeysuckle Weeks"
us CD Feature/ The Sword Volcano Complex: "Phosphorescent"
england CD Feature/ The Ting Tings: "We Started Nothing"
global CD Feature/ The Walls Are Whispering Volume III
it CD Feature/ Thee Maldoror Kollective: "Themes for Proxima"
br CD Feature/ Thelmo Cristovam: "Paisagens Sonoras em Õstrõ Hyija"
us CD Feature/ Thelonious Monk "Brilliant Corners – Keepnews Collection "
us CD Feature/ Thick Wisps: "s/t"
global CD Feature/ Tholen: "Sternklang"
it CD Feature/ Tibicines: "Battalia!"
nl CD Feature/ Tiesto: "In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia"
us CD Feature/ Timeless Pulse: "Quintet"
us CD Feature/ Tito Puente and His Orchestra: “Live at the 1977 Monterey Jazz Festival"
gr CD Feature/ Tokyo Mask: "Hinterlands"
us CD Feature/ Tom Heasley & Toss Panos: "Passages"
us CD Feature/ Tom Heasley: "Desert Tryptich"
us CD Feature/ Tom Heasley: "On the Sensations of Tone"
us CD Feature/ Tom Heasley: "Where the Earth meets the Sky"
us CD Feature/ Tom James Scott: "School & Rivers"
us CD Feature/ Tom Nunn: "Identity"
ch CD Feature/ Tomas Korber: "effacement"
us CD Feature/ Tomas Phillips: "Drink_Deep"
us CD Feature/ Tomas Phillips: "Six Notes"
pl CD Feature/ Tomasz Bednarczyk: "So Nice"; "Summer Feeling"; "Painting Sky Together"
pl CD Feature/ Tomasz Krakowiak: "La Ciutat Ets Tu"
tr CD Feature/ Toros Can: "Purcell - Suites & Grounds"
us CD Feature/ Tortoise: "Beacons of Ancestorship"
jp CD Feature/ Toshiya Tsunoda & Civyiu Kkliu
england CD Feature/ Transitional: "Nothing Real, Nothing Absent"
de CD Feature/ Trio Bravo+: "Menschen am Sonntag"
no CD Feature/ Trio Mediaeval: "Stella Maris"
de CD Feature/ Troum: "AIWS"
de CD Feature/ True Colour of Blood: "The Cave of Knowledge"
it CD Feature/ Tying Tiffany: "Brain for Breakfast"
it CD Feature/ Tying Tiffany: "Undercover"
es CD Feature/ Tzesne: "Cliffs under the mist"
us CD Feature/ Tzimon Barto: "A Basket of Wild Strawberries"
us CD Feature/ Tzimon Barto: "Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit, Mirroirs"
es CD Feature/ Ubeboet: "spectra"
us CD Feature/ Ubyk: "Matryoshka"
se CD Feature/ Ulf Wallin: "Claude Loyola Allgen - Violin Sonata"
it CD Feature/ Ulna: "Frcture"
us CD Feature/ Umphreys McGee: "Mantis"
de CD Feature/ Utopia Banished: "Dirtward"
de CD Feature/ V.A.: "A Private Shade of Green"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Active Agent of Sounds"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Broken Nightlights"
cn CD Feature/ V.A.: "China - The Sonic Avantgarde"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Cryosphere"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Echoes of Polyhymnia"
england CD Feature/ V.A.: "Edition Sonoro"
pt CD Feature/ V.A.: "Electronic Music Vol.III - Música Viva Competition Prize Winners 2004/2005/2006"
at CD Feature/ V.A.: "Extract - Portraits of Soundartists"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Favourite Places"
at CD Feature/ V.A.: "Gruß an Wien"
england CD Feature/ V.A.: "John Digweed - Bedrock Past Present Future"
ca CD Feature/ V.A.: "Kubla Khan"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Location Study"
us CD Feature/ V.A.: "Monterey Jazz Festival: 50th Anniversary All-Stars"
ca CD Feature/ V.A.: "Montreal Sound Matter"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "NUCD#1"
de CD Feature/ V.A.: "Neuklang Kirchenlied"
us CD Feature/ V.A.: "OGX"
england CD Feature/ V.A.: "Patchwork Connect - Dead Wood tracks Remixed"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "Resonance - Steel Pan in the 21st Century"
us CD Feature/ V.A.: "Signal to Noise Vol. 4"
us CD Feature/ V.A.: "Signal to Noise Vol. 5"
ch CD Feature/ V.A.: "Signal to Noise Vol. 6"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "The Sound 1"
global CD Feature/ V.A.: "The Sound Vol. 2 & 3"
de CD Feature/ V.A.: "WHITE LINE Vol. II"
us CD Feature/ V.A.: "Well Deep: Ten Years of Big Dada Records"
ch CD Feature/ V.A.: leerraum serie03.mp3
us CD Feature/ V.O.S.: "Veil of Secrecy"
us CD Feature/ Valerie Joyce: "The Look of Love"
ru CD Feature/ Valery Gergiev & LSO: "Mahler - Symphony No. 1"
gr CD Feature/ Vangelis: "Blade Runner Trilogy 25th Anniversary Box"
ru CD Feature/ Vasok: "Vasok"
england CD Feature/ Vector Lovers: "Ping Pong"
it CD Feature/ Vestigial: "Aeon"
it CD Feature/ Vestigial: "Translucent Communion"
be CD Feature/ Vidna Obmana: "Noise/Drone Anthology 84-89"
be CD Feature/ Vidna Obmana: "The River of Appearance"
ca CD Feature/ Vincent Bergeron: "L'art du Dessarroi"
ca CD Feature/ Vincent Bergeron: "Philosophie Fantasmagorique"
it CD Feature/ Vivaldi: "Sacred Music 2"
cl CD Feature/ Viviana Guzman & Anibal Corniglio: "Argentine Music"
us CD Feature/ Viviana Guzman & Mark Takata: "Meditations for Flute"
cl CD Feature/ Viviana Guzman: "Telemann Flute Fantasies"
ru CD Feature/ Viviana Sofronitzki: "Mozart - Piano Concertos"
us CD Feature/ Warren Burt: "The Animation of Lists/ And the Archytan Transpositions"
england CD Feature/ Warren Mailley Smith: "Silhouettes"
global CD Feature/ Weng Zhenfa: "Stream Flowing"
england CD Feature/ Will Montgomery [Heribert Friedl]: "Non-Collaboration"
us CD Feature/ William Basinski: "El Camino Real"
us CD Feature/ William Basinski: "Shortwavemusic"
us CD Feature/ William Basinski: "Variations for Piano & Tape"
england CD Feature/ William Henshall: "Dark Opus"
us CD Feature/ William Stalnaker: "About Lear and Others"
us CD Feature/ Willits + Sakamoto: "Ocean Fire"
us CD Feature/ Wilt: "Dark Meadows"
us CD Feature/ Woven Hand: "Ten Stones"
de CD Feature/ Wumpscut: "Fuckit"
us CD Feature/ Yann Novak: "In Residence"
jp CD Feature/ Yasushi Yoshida: "Little Grace"
ru CD Feature/ Yevgeny Sudbin: "Scriabin"
us CD Feature/ Ying Quartet: "Dim Sum"
jp CD Feature/ Yoshi Wada: "Earth Horns With Electronic Drone"
jp CD Feature/ Yoshio Machida: "Hypernatural #3"
jp CD Feature/ Yui Onodera: "Entropy"
jp CD Feature/ Yuichiro Fujimoto: "The Mountain Record"
jp CD Feature/ Yuki Kaneko: "Rut"
us CD Feature/ Z'EV & David Linton: "Untitled"
us CD Feature/ Z'EV: "Production and Decay of Spacial Relations/Reproduction and Decay of Spatial Relations"
ua CD Feature/ Zavoloka: "Viter"
de CD Feature/ Zeitkratzer with Carsten Nicolai, Terre Thaemlitz, Keiji Haino: "Electronics"
us CD Feature/ Zuill Bailey & Simone Dinnerstein: "Beethoven - Cello & Piano Sonatas Volume One"
us CD Feature/ asher: "directions"
us CD Feature/ asher: "landscapes elsewhere"
us CD Feature/ asher: "the depths, the colors, the objects & the silence"
us CD Feature/ bpmf: "Parousia Fallacy"
us CD Feature/ brekekekexkoaxkoax: "We used to be such good friends"
ro CD Feature/ catlandgrey
fr CD Feature/ eRIKm: "Sixperiodes"
be CD Feature/ graindelavoix: "Caput"
ca CD Feature/ grkzgl: "esque"
fr CD Feature/ hum: "Inner Navigation"
ru CD Feature/ igOr OGOGO: "Solo View"
us CD Feature/ jgrzinich: "Rudiment of Two"
us CD Feature/ jgrzinich: "insular regions"
pl CD Feature/ le depeupleur: "disambiguation"
scotland CD Feature/ maelasta: "st"
us CD Feature/ mem1: "improvisations + edits"
fr CD Feature/ mha: "s/t"
no CD Feature/ moth electret: "lil"
de CD Feature/ nobile: "pelktron"
at CD Feature/ photophob: "Still Warm"
global CD Feature/ pndc: "Fading Away"
gr CD Feature/ qebo: "wroln"
us CD Feature/ rlw: "i.k.k. - purpur"
nl CD Feature/ the [law-rah] collective: "Drones for Drella"
nl CD Feature/ the [law-rah] collective: "Isolation"
de CD Feature/ tho-so-aa: "Dying Reveal"
us CD Feature/ toy.bizarre & Dale Lloyd: "s/t"
es CD Feature/ tzesne: "huffduff"
it CD Feature: "Seicento Italiano"
wales CD Feature: /Adam Khan: "A Day in November"
de CD Feature: ARTRIDGE – „Finished Soundtracks For Unshot Films“
ch CD Feature: B*Tong
de CD Feature: Bach: "Brandenburg Concertos"
de CD Feature: Capella Antiqua Bambergensis: "Musik für Kaiser und Könige"
us CD Feature: Chaos Butterfly: "Three Living Things"
dz CD Feature: Dahmani with Existence
us CD Feature: Fred Frith/Joelle Leandre/Jonathan Segel: "Tempted to Smile"
gr CD Feature: Gurdjieff: "Harmonic Development - the complete harmonium recordings"
us CD Feature: Jeffrey Roden: "Seeds of Happiness Part 1"
us CD Feature: Rachel Barton Pine: "Scottish Fantasies for Violin and Orchestra"
de CD Feature: The Fair Sex: "The Dark Ages"
us CD Feature: Van Flower: "Little Fire-Filled Heart"
global CD Feature: ko/ma: "Nur ein Traum"
us CD feature/ Ana Maria Martinez: "Soprano Songs and Arias"
global CD feature: Händel Water Music
de CD feature: Klaus Schulze: "Picture Music"
ru CD feature: Prokofiev "Peter and the Wolf"
england CD feature: remot: "Branches get rid of their root"
us Call Me on the Allophone, Names Divine: Rob Steele and the Black Relationship
us Camea: Clinkology
us Caspian: "Tertia"
us Cathedral Improvisations
de Cd Feature/ Christoph Eschenbach: "Albert Roussel - Symphony No.2"
us Cd Feature/ Neptune: "Gong Lake"
fi Cd Feature/ Paavo Järvi & CSO: "Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5"
england Cd Feature/ Richard Harwood: "Debut - Beethoven, Chopin et al."
de Cd Feature/ Robert Schroeder: "Brain Chips"
de Celan: "Halo"
us Charnett Moffett: "Art of Improvisation"
us Charred Walls of the Damned: Cold Winds on Timeless Days
jp Chihei Hatakeyama: "Ghostly Garden"; "A Long Journey"
jp Chihei Hatakeyama: "Saunter"; "The River"
jp Chihei Hatakeyama: Variations
england Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson: Cross-Pollination
de Christiane Klonz: “Mozart – Beethoven – Liszt – Klonz”
co Christopher McFall, David Velez: Credence; Claudio Curciotti: Indica - Sounds from India; Alexander Baker: concentric_eccentric
us Chubby Wolf: Los que no son gentos
us Cochemea Gastelum: The Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow
jp Colbets: Transistor Rainy
us Color Radio: Architects
us Colorlist: The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean
us Constants: If Tomorrow the War
us Continuum: Continuum Recyclings Volume Two
us Corey Fuller: "Seas Between"
us Cory Allen: "Hearing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Hears
de Cosmic Octave Orchestra: Gaiatron & Robert Schroeder: Esthétique
us Count Basie Orchestra: "Swinging Singing Playing"
us Crystal Method: "Divided by Night"
ca Curtis Macdonald: Community Immunity
england Cut Iowa Network: "Junkyard Transmissions"
pe César Bolaños: Peruvian Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (1964-1970)
nl DJ Hidden: "The Words Below"
us DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek: "Solar Life Raft"
fr DVD Feature/ Helene Grimaud: "Living with Wolves"
pl DVD Feature/ Manuel Göttsching & Kinga: "Wroclaw Live"
se DVD Feature/ Pain of Salvation: "Ending Themes"
ca DVD Feature/ Skinny Puppy: "The Greater Wrong of the Right – Live”
se Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott: Conformists
fr Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Metamanoir
il Daniel Barenboim: Warsaw Recital & other DVDs by Accentus
england Daniel Hope & Friends: Friedrich der Große - Musik aus Sanssouci
us Dark Loft: Dark Loft
nz Darklight Corporation: Darklight Corporation
us Dave Glasser: Evolution
us David Lowery: The Palace Guards
us David Tagg: Pentecost; The Garden: In Sea-Land; VCV & Shinobu Nemoto: Jovian Clouds
us Dead Cat Bounce: Chance Episodes
ca Deadmau5: "For lack of a better Name"
us Deathface: Fall of Man
se Delirium Portraits: by Tobias Lilja
us Dengue Fever: "Venus on Earth"
us Diaz-Infante / Fernandes / Montoya / Romus: "Reverberations from Spring Past"
be Dirk Serries: "Microphonics I-VII"; 3 Seconds of Air: "The Flight of Song"
be Dirk Serries: Microphonics I-V [Re-Issue]
be Dirk Serries: Microphonics xii & xiv
us Dither: Dither
us Donny McCaslin: Perpetual Motion
us Dropp Ensemble: "Safety"
ch Drumpoet Community: "Drumpoems - Verse 2“
br Duda Lucena: Live
us E. Ryan Goodman: Halves
us Eddie the Rat: "Food for the Moon Too Soon"
co Edmar Castaneda: "Entre Cuerdas"
global Eleh: "Location Momentum"
us Elian: Whispers, then Silence
lb Elizabeth Ayoub: Oceanos Y Lunas
ca Enter the Haggis: Whitelake
england Ex-Easter Island Head: Mallet Guitars One
england Ex-Wise Heads: Celestial Disclosure
it Fabio Orsi: Wo ist Behle? & The Theft of a Rose
be Fear Falls Burning: "The Carnival of Ourselves"; "I'm one of those Monsters numb with Grace"
ar Federico Barabino: Can you Listen to the Silence Between the Notes?
at Fennesz Daniell Buck: Knoxville
it Figueras, Toop, Burwell: "Cholagogues"; My Cat is an Alien: "Mort aux Vaches"
jp Fjordne: "The Setting Sun"
my Flica: "Telepathy Dreams"
it Flowers of Now: "Intuitive Music in Cologne"
be Flying Horseman: Wild Eyes
lu Francesco Tristano: bachCage
de Frank Rothkamm: "ALT"
us Frankie Knuckles: "Motivation Too"
nl Frans de Waard: "Klankschap 1999-2005"
de Friedrich Goldmann: Late Works
ca Front Line Assembly: Improvised Electronic Device
us Gabriel Riesco Project: "Sculptures in Time"
england Gareth Hardwick: Of The Sea And Shore
us Garrick Ohlsson: "Chopin - Complete Works"
au Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Gurrumul
hu Georges Cziffra: Cziffra in Prague
us Ghost Knife: Kill Shelter Yes
fr Ghédalia Tazartès: Repas Froid & James Hoff: How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away
it Giuseppe Ieleasi: "(another) Stunt"
us Glen Ackerman: The Glenious Inner Planet
ca Glenn Gould: "Berg, Schoenberg, Krenek"
england Gold Panda: Lucky Shiner
england Goldfrapp: "Head First"
us Gothsicles: Industrialites & Magic
us Gowanus Reggae and Ska Society: Grass on Fire
us Grieves: Together/Apart
us Growing: Pumps
is Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson: Horpma
ar Günter Muller: The Buenos Aires Tapes
england Halogen: "Baked"
au Hammeriver: Hammeriver
us Harry Skoler: "Two Ones"
jp Haruka Nakamura: Twilight
de Hauschka: Foreign Landscapes
za Hawke: "+++"
no Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Shoot!
global Her biggest wish
england Hession/Wilkinson/Fell: Two Falls & A Submission; Alan Wilkinson: Practice; Simon H. Fell: Frank & Max
is Hildur Guðnadóttir: Mount A
jp Hiroki Sasajima: Nille
us Holy Sons: Survivalist Tales
us Hum: "The Spectral Ship"; Richard Lainhart & Hakobune: "Split"
il Infected Mushroom: "Legend Of The Black Shawarma"
us Infinite Light ltd: Infinite Light ltd
de Inien: Favoriten
england Iroha: Iroha
jp Ironomi: Sketch
global Is it too much?
us Italian Japanese: The Lush Romantic Weirdness
us Jack Rose: "Luck In The Valley"
ca James Ehnes: Homage
ca James Ehnes: Tchaikovsky
us James Moody: „Moody 4A“
us Jamie Craig: "Illumination"
no Jana Winderen: Energy Field
us Jeffrey Roden: Bridge to the Other Place
us Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: Conversations With Myself
us Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: Shining Skull Breath
fr Jerome Sabbagh: I Will Follow You
us Jerry Gerber: Number Eleven: The Path
no Jim Denley & Kim Myhr: "Systems Realignment"
us Jim Keller: Soul Candy
us John Adams: "American Classic"
england John Digweed: "Bedrock 11"
at John Tejada: Parabolas
us Johnathan Blake: The Eleventh Hour
us Johnny Butler: "Solo"
us Jon Mueller: "Physical Changes"
us Jonathan Butler: So Strong
fi Jori Hulkkonen: "Man from Earth"
us Josh Levinson Sextet: Chauncey Street
ar Juan José Calarco: "Dársena Interna"
ar Juan José Calarco: aguatierra
es Juan Matos Capote: "Jabal"; Arnau Sala: "La joia d'agredir"
fr Jérôme Noetinger & Will Guthrie: Face Off
at Karl Böhm: Richard Strauss - Eine Alpensinfonie/ Der Rosenkavalier’
no Karl Seglem: Ossicles
au Kate Carr: Summer Floods
global Kazumasa Hashimoto: Strangeness
us Keb Mo: The Reflection
us Kenneth Kirschner: "Filaments & Voids"; Radu Malfatti: "Wechseljahre einer Hyäne"
us Kenneth Kirschner: Twenty Ten
nz Kerretta: Saansilo
il Ketem: Colour; Shinkei & mise_en_scene: Leftover_1
us Kim Cascone: "Anti-Musical Celestial Forces"
de Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: "Farscape"; "Come Quietly"
de Kluster: Admira & Vulcano dig up Krautrock treasures
cd Konono No.1: Assume Crash Position
jp Kouhei Matsunaga & Sean Booth & Mika Vainio: 3. telepathics meh in-sect er connection
jp Koutaro Fukui: "Gently Touching The Conception"
us Kyle Bobby Dunn: "A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn"
ca Kyle Bobby Dunn: Ways of Meaning
us LCD Sound System: "45'33 Remixes"
ie LP Feature/ Andrew Liles & Fovea Hex: "Gone Every Evening"
england LP Feature/ Bass Communion & Fear Falls Burning: "s/t"
be LP Feature/ Blindhæð: "Whether that will make people want to become archaeologists, we'll have to see"
england LP Feature/ CA Celestial & Bill Wells: "Somewhere Under a Rainbow"
ru LP Feature/ Cisfinitum: "Devotio"
us LP Feature/ Cut Iowa Network: "Projector Gunship Held {Ø}"; Locrian: "Greyfield Shrines", "Rhetoric of Surfaces"; Taiga: "hsheal"
be LP Feature/ Dirk Serries: "Microphonics"
nl LP Feature/ Esther Venrooy: "The Spiral Staircase"
england LP Feature/ Fuck Buttons: "Colours Move"
jp LP Feature/ Jesu & Envy: "Split EP"
england LP Feature/ Lucky Luke: "Reynardine"
england LP Feature/ Minus Pilots: "Superior Proof of Cinema"
it LP Feature/ Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial: "Of Earth And Of Fire”
de LP Feature/ Popol Vuh: "Mika Vainio, Haswell & Hecker Remixes"
england LP Feature/ Sand Snowman: "I'm not Here"; "The Twilight Game"
england LP Feature/ The Black Dog: "Detroit vs. Sheffield"
nl LP Feature/ The Use of Ashes: "White Nights: The Hand of Tzafkiël" & "The Mousehill Daydream"
england LP Feature/Daniel Patrick Quinn: "West to the Irish Sea"
us Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose: Bridge Carols
jm Lee 'Scratch' Perry: "Scratch Conquered"
ch Leimgruber/Lehn: "Lausanne"
de Leipzig String Quartet: "Jörg Widmann - String Quartets"
no Lemur: Aigéan
pt Leonardo Rosado: Opaque Glitter
gr Leonidas Kavakos: "Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra op. 64/Piano Trio No. 1 & 2"
us Locrian: The Clearing
at Lokai: "Transition"
es Los Romeros: Christmas with Los Romeros
se Lowe: Evolver
us Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground
it Ludovico Einaudi: Royal Albert Hall Concert; Fabrizio Paterlini: Fragments Found; Miina Virtanen: Autumn Stories
england Lutnahimat: Erosions
jp Lyrics Born: As U Were
gr Lüüp: Meadow Rituals Remixed
de M Vernusky: Music for Film & Electro-Theatre; M Oppedisano: Mechanical Uprising; E Helvacıoğlu & P Boysen: Sub City 2064; T Reber: Backup Aura
fr M. Holterbach & Julia Eckhardt: Do-Undo (in G maze)
us M. Ostermeier: Chance Reconstruction
nl Machinefabriek: "De Jonge Jaren"; "Glisten"; "Blank Grey Canvas Sky"; "Slovensko"
nl Machinefabriek: Halfslaap
nl Machinefabriek: Sol Sketches
nl Machinist: Of What Once Was
cz Magdalena Kožená: Lettere Amorose
england Malefice: Awaken the Tides
us Mambo Legends Orchestra: Ten Cuidao! Watch Out!
england Maps and Diagrams: The Voices of Time & Red Moon Rising
au Marc Hannaford: "Polar"
de Marcel Dettmann: Dettmann
de Marcel Fengler: Berghain 05
us Marcus Fischer: Monocoastal
us Maria Neckam: Deeper
england Mark Harris: An Idea of north / Learning to walk
england Mark Peter Wright: Where Once We Walked
jm Mark Wonder: True Stories of Mark Wonder
de Marow: Plus Minus Null
england Martin Clarke: Caucasus Tapes; Mirko Uhlig: Tupelo; Craig Vear: Antarctica
ar Martin Moretto: Martin Moretto Quintet
fr Mathias Delplanque: Parcelles 1-10
ca Mathieu Ruhlmann: "Gravity Controls Our Myths"
ca Mathieu Ruhlmann: "tsukubai"
no Mats Eilertsen: Skydive
england Matthew Herbert: "Recomposed - Mahler: Symphony X"
ch Maurice Steger: "Venezia 1625"
de Max Richter: Infra
fr MesseBasse: Ame
global Metal Visions International 1
global Metal Visions International 2
global Metal Visions International 3
global Metal Visions International 4
global Metal Visions International 5
global Metal Visions International 6
global Metal Visions International 7
fi Mika Vainio: Life ( eats you up)
us Mike Bloom: King of Circles
us Mike Gibbons: Marigolds - The Bangkok Sessions
us Mike Longo Trio + 2: To My Surprise
us Mike Prigodich: A Stitch In Time
jp Minamo: "Durée"
at Mind.In.A.Box: "RETRO"
us Miracle Parade: Hark and Other Lost Transmissions
lv Mischa Maisky & Pavel Gililov: "Morgen"
us Moonlight Bride: Twin Lakes
us Mountains: Air Museum
mx Murcof: La Sangre Iluminada
jp Muruyama/Guionnet: Window Dressing; Muruyama/Rives: Axiom for the Duration
us Nadia Reisenberg: A Chopin Treasury - Studio & Concert Recordings (1947-1957)
ca Nadja & Galena: Konstruktion
us Neil Leonard: Marcel’s Window
be Neil Young: Arc; Fear Falls Burning: Woes, Rainbow, Final & FFB; The Black Fire: Anthems
us Nels Cline Singers: Initiate
wales Nest: "Retold"
no Nest: Body Pilot
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us Net Feature/ Asher: "Study for Autumn"
de Net Feature/ Cheslo: "Disko Melua EP"
us Net Feature/ Christopher Willits: "Surf Boundaries Addendum"
us Net Feature/ Craque: "Density Operator"
at Net Feature/ Das Gritli Moser: "Cha-Cha-Cha with the Devil"
fi Net Feature/ Deymare: "Soul of Man EP"
de Net Feature/ Gabriel le Mar: "Dubwize"
ar Net Feature/ Hans Carstens: "Aeroplane EP"
de Net Feature/ Jan Jelinek: "Hub-Tierbeobachtungen - Live"
england Net Feature/ Konntinent: "All Lines Lead In"
de Net Feature/ Kosmonaut: "Frames EP"
jp Net Feature/ Kuniaki Takenaga: "Granphantasm Blue"
hr Net Feature/ Liquid Level: "Movement EP"
hr Net Feature/ Liquid Level: "Redemption LP"
se Net Feature/ Lucky Misu: "Intertwine"
de Net Feature/ Marcus Obst: „sky742790 (8k remix)“
se Net Feature/ N.Strahl.N & Pythagora: "Shift Coordinate Points"
it Net Feature/ Patrick di Stefano: "Beautiful Grotesque"
at Net Feature/ Protestant Work Ethic: "Turned, and Turning EP"
us Net Feature/ Richard Chartier/Sawako/Shinjiro Yamaguchi: "November 9, 2007"
jp Net Feature/ Sawako & V.A.: "Summer Tour Remix Volume 1"
jp Net Feature/ Sawako: "Summer Tour"
at Net Feature/ Slon: "Jelenka EP"
de Net Feature/ Sudio: "Sheets of Sound"
ru Net Feature/ Suokas: "Candy_Man"
global Net Feature/ V.A.: Autumn Leaves
cn Net Feature/ Wang Changcun: "The Klone Concerts"
it Netherworld: Over the Summit
us NeuHuman: "NeuHuman"
us Nicholas Szczepanik & Juan José Calarco: Lack Affix
us Nicholas Szczepanik: "The Chiasmus"
us Nickolas Mohanna: Transmission Hue
de Nils Frahm: "Wintermusik"
england No-Man: "Mixtaped"; "Speak"; "Schoolyard Ghosts"
us Noah Creshevsky: "To know and not to know"
at Noiseshaper: "Satellite City"
pl Nunu Kiefer: Nunu
england Oakenfold: "Perfecto Vegas"
jp Oba Masahiro: "Prot"
us Obadiah Parker: The Siren and the Saint
is Olafur Arnalds: "Found Songs"
england Olan Mill: Pine
fr Olivier Messiaen: The Crystal Liturgy / La Liturgie de Cristal
de Omega Massif: Karpatia
fi Omnium Gatherum: New World Shadows
fr Orchestre National de Jazz: Shut Up and Dance
england Organum & Z'EV: "Temporal"
nl Orn: "Teeth/Knowing"; Izah: "Finite Horizon/Crevice"
dk P Jørgensen: Soundtrack_Remix
de Pablo Held: Music
us Pacifica Quartet: The Soviet Experience Volume 1
no Pal Asle Pettersen: "Komposisjoner 2005 -2008"
se Pallers: The Sea of Memories
scotland Paul Baran: "Panoptic"
us Pauline Oliveros, Francisco López, Doug Van Nort, Jonas Braasch: Quartet for the End of Space
jp Pawn: Above The Winter Oaks
ch Pe Lang: nacht & interweave; Yu Miyashita: Navy See Res in Brighton
jm Perfect: „French Connection“
england Pet Shop Boys: The Most Incredible Thing: Original Score
us Phaenon: His Master's Voice
us Philip Glass: Symphonies 2&3, Violin Concerto
au Philip Sulidae: "Unknow"; "The Black Solver"
fr Philippe Petit: Off to Titan
fr Pierre Boulez: Boulez conducts Schoenberg I & II
au Pimmon: "Curse You, Evil Clown"
pl Piotr Kurek: „Lectures“
england Planetary Assault Systems: The Messenger
ca Plastikman: Arkives 1993-2010
pl Pleq: Absorbed by Resonance
pl Pleq: Good Night
za Point 5: "Baainar Boys EP"
england Porcupine Tree: Anesthetize 4LP Box
us Portland Cello Project: "The Thao & Justin Power Sessions"
se Portrait: Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
nl Premonition Factory: 59 Airplanes Waiting for New York
nl Premonition Factory: The Sense of Time
us Prong: Carved Into Stone
at Radian: "Chimeric"
jp Radiosonde: Radiosonde
us Rafael Anton Irisarri: The North Bend
de Ralf Hildenbeutel: Wunderland
england Rameses III: For Jose Maria
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at Rehberg/ Schmickler: USA
de Review/ Agathodaimon: "Phoenix"
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jp Shigeto: Semi-Circle EP
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no Sigbjørn Apeland: Glossolalia
england Simian Mobile Disco: Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed
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au Solo Andata: s/t; Ritual
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scotland The Cinematics: "Love and Terror"
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fr The Shy Volcanic Society At The Bear And Bird Parade: "s/t"
us The Strength of Silence
nl The [law-rah] Collective: " it is..."
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ca Tim Hecker: Ravedeath 1972
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us Transatlantic: Whirld Tour 2010
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de Troum: "Eald-Ge-Streon"
at Tupolev: Tower of Sparks
england Twinkle3: "Let's make a solar system"
no Tytingvåg Ensemble: Let Go Instrumentals
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england Underworld: Barking
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england V.A.: "2 - Favourite Spaces"; "Sound Matter Birmingham"
cn V.A.: "An anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008"
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de V.A.: Dial - 2010
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in V.A.: Sound Reasons
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cd V.A.: Tradi-Mods vs Rockers
de V.A: Fünf
global VItal Weekly 541
jp Vampillia: Rule the World + Deathtiny Land
us Veda Rays: Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays
england Vessels: Helioscope
be VidnaObmana: 1987-2007: Chasing the Odyssee
us Vince Mendoza: Nights on Earth
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