subota, 15. prosinca 2012.

Cut and Cook Studio - Infime

Od kristalno-metalnih geometrijskih struktura do organskog stroja. Život.


Presenting the engrossing 3D animations of Cut and Cook Studio‘s latest involvement entitled Infime. Read more official background info after the jump!
“Since 2009, Cut and Cook has been preparing little delicate images.
«Infime» is the incredible adventure of the studio’s highly skilled graphists gathered around one watchword they all support: enjoying creating extraordinary images.
«Infime» is also a major challenge in terms of digital technique. It required properly customized developing systems. Some 3D sequences featured more than 30 000 000 polygons. Time render has been optimized and reduced to the max (40 000 hours accumulated).
Through «Infime», Dan Charbit (director and supervisor) encourages you to immerse supernatural landscapes and offers a graphic and poetic travel… Get a trip away.”


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