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Angels In America - Narrow Road To The Interior (2011)

Angels in America: "Follow Me Out"

Angels in America are something special. Calling to mind the modern sonic evil of groups like Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and Talk Normal, they add a layer of atmospheric heaviness that crawls like thick yellow fog. The latest release from the duo is Narrow Road To The Interior, a blown-out gothic affair packed with creeping melodrama and a lurking sense of danger. It’s beautiful in a sickly way; ‘Follow Me Out’ for example is a rare moment of somewhat peaceful harmony, but overall the theme here is ‘unease’. - See more at: http://www.electronicbeats.net/2011/10/19/angels-in-america-release-album-for-free/#sthash.QNDoW8ch.dpuf
Nepoznata sila pritišće pastu za zube, toliko snažno da iz nje izlazi i nekoliko kilometara mraka koji joj je prethodio.
Muzika za otvaranje mrtvačkih limenki.

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Angels in America, the bodypump-infected and skuzz-infested duo of Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten, have been honing their rickety vocabulary on fractured, edge-of-the-abyss cassette releases for a few years now. With Narrow Road to the Interior, their first LP, the band offers a palliative for the debilitating stench of summer with a heady mix of sweet smells, agreeable natural notes, and plenty of creeping, low-to-the-ground odor. Some elements--songs, lyrics, Moppy's voice at the absolute threshold--will be familiar, visible enough from the waking path; but this is dreamstate music, and to follow it is to cross unannounced into zones less easily pinned down. www.ehserecords.com/

I've been sort of obsessed with Narrow Road To The Interior, the creepy new Angels In America album out now on Ehse Records. In it, we find AIA's female half, Moppy Pont, mumbling out spoken word terror over tense horror flick atmospheres replete with dank, foggy drips and scratches from off in the distance. The entire record sounds pained, as if the spoken musings were pushed out through Moppy's throat against her will like she was a near-empty tube of toothpaste gripped hard by a possessing force.
However, my favorite track is the least dark of the bunch. "Follow Me Out" actually sounds hopeful next to all the grey coffin sounds spread over the rest of Interior. It's like dawn breaking on a mass grave where the falsely-presumed-dead are squirming their way out between the accurately-presumed-dead. --Ian Paul Roger Nelson, Friendship Bracelet

Kind of creepy, no? Angels in America are actually very good, it's just taken me a while to pluck up the courage to listen to their new record 'Narrow Road to the Interior' on my own. This is the kind of music that would fit perfectly into some kind of freaky, horror/slasher movie. Everything is so dangerously dark and gritty, their sound is incredibly intense and I don't think I'd be too comfortable listening to this record whilst on a nice quiet stroll. Angels in America basically make Zola Jesus look and sound like the happiest girl alive. But 'Follow me Out' is however a pretty special song; in comparison to the rest of record it's very calming, and even though that whole Gothic vibe is still very much present, there's something quite pretty about it.

This isn’t my bag* but it used to be — about ten years ago in fact. This music, once shelved, will share space with artists such as dead voices on air or (early) download. For the uninitiated, these bands navigate the interesting part of the dark music spectrum that is neither gothic or industrial. Within their sounds are the under pinnings of ambient or even noisy electronics but something (often vocals) betrays these other genres to create something that does not easily fit into a box. Definitely music for shadow raves, break ups and other difficulties in life (aaah the good old days when problems could be distilled down to a skinny puppy album!).
What I find funny is that this band (and other bands like them) get a ton of praise and/or props from established artists in the field (Thurston Moore digs Angels in America). Its funny because bands like Dead Voices on Air (and the like) were doing similar music a decade or more ago (much like how Scorn predates the highly praised dark dub step of today). Don’t take this as a slam against AIA — its just more proof that there is nothing new under the sun and that Marin Atkins wasn’t a good label head/publicist. The latter is sort of an inside joke but it is true — there is a whole world of music out there that has never gotten its just due. Hopefully, reviews like this will convince some to look into these other bands (I heartily recommend Piss Frond by DVOA). Besides, a lot of that music can now be had for pennies (perfect for this new economy).
OK — enough of that, or I will be accused of writing promo text for another artist. So,its not my bag but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Its devoid of light, industrial, noise(y), silly and full of wonky vocals — that are one part gothic and one part No Wave (which I really dig). In today’s parlance this would probably be declared as lo-fi scuzz or something equally ridiculous (like industrial ambient). Its definitely “lights out” music meant for red wine/black finger polish or a pbr at some hip Chicago bar (Empty Bottle anyone?). Amazingly, it works for both the teen who needs more than what the Cure can offer and for the music aficionado who just isn’t happy with the direction of the Emeralds.
In short, goth(ic) industrial for the rest of us.
Good stuff for the 10 year ago me and its bound to be hip for today…
6 Stars for being well crafted and for being different in a very crowded field. There are’t many new/modern acts with this sound who aren’t stuck in the Metropolis** circuit and that counts for something. Definitely take a look and see if it fits with your musical habits.
*What exactly does this phrase mean? What bag and what all is in it?
**No offense meant for Metropolis. There are some good bands on there — they just don’t get the attention of the average person who browses this site. Think I am wrong? See if you can name three current bands on Metropolis without looking. Daniel De Los Santos

More AIA material is available for free download from the Free Music Archive including a live WFMU set 

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