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Ronan Jim Sevellec - boxes of tiny artist’s workshops and old antique rooms

Minijaturni napušteni boemski interijeri, ateljei u baroknom neredu, obješena govedina... Tko je ovdje živio? Slikar-maharadža kojeg su oteli izvanzemaljci?


Resserre aux accessoires
This is the beautifully bohemian (and slightly mad) small world of French artist Ronan-Jim Sevellec. At 80 years of age, his most recent exposition was in 2012 and saw his boxes of tiny artist’s workshops and old antique rooms displayed in various eccentric and romantic locations around Paris.
Ronan spent much of his childhood hanging out in the ateliers of his father Jim, a painter and sculptor, and was clearly influenced by the beautiful chaos of an artisan’s life. When he moved from the provinces to become a Parisian in the 1960s, Sevellec began working as a set decorator in French cinema until he found his calling for creating these breathtaking miniatures in the late 1980s.
“Je cherche peut-être à revivre quelques parcelles de
ma vie, plutôt des miettes, à travers la mémoire des autres
en observant – et toujours avec le même étonnement -
l’étrange similitude qui existe entre nos souvenirs
de passés différents.”

My attempt at translating this beautiful quote:
“I might be look to relive certain parts from my life, or rather crumbs, through the memory of observing others – and always with the same astonishment, the strange similarities between our memories of different pasts.” - Ronan-Jim Sevellec
...No word on how long it actually took him to build his miniatures, but with very little information available on Ronan, I get the feeling he keeps  himself to himself, which no doubt leaves room to lose oneself in another fantasy world.
Of all the miniature art I’ve come across, this has to be the most exquisite. Enjoy…

Resserre aux accessoires
Atelier n°5
Atelier n°5

CUTLOG 2011 : Galerie Antonine Catzeflis Paris
CUTLOG 2011 : Galerie Antonine Catzeflis Paris

CUTLOG 2011 : Galerie Antonine Catzeflis Paris





have you heard of Ronan-Jim Sevellec, the artist (now residing in Paris) who is a painter, a model maker for films and an illustrator ? Apparently, he will gradually abandon painting to concentrate on creating miniature settings or so his translated website seems to suggest.
Having disappeared from the art scene for many years, Ronan-Jim resurfaced by exhibiting in Normandy in 1989. His breakthrough came with an exhibition in Paris in 1995 where he showed dilapidated but artful miniature interiors, rooms, workshops with fascinating dim lighting, evoking settings that were melancholy, abandoned or harsh. Every room was as if someone has just left it. Since then he has been regularly exhibiting his work mainly in France and other parts of Europe. It is now my dream to see his work in real life. - sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/

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