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aAron Munson - The last film I created used a back-lit plate of frosted glass, 35mm clear leader, black ink and cleaning detergent as the ingredients

Filmovi o taktilnoj naravi filma.

Duration: 6min
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"My Last Twelve Rolls of Kodachrome Super8"
Duration: 2min 40sec  ©2011
Duration: 11min  ©2010 
"Leaving Me"
Duration: 6min 45 sec © 2009  
Duration: 3min © 2007  
Duration: 6min 25sec   ©2005  
"of nature"
Duration: 5min 10 sec   © 2004
Duration: 3min 30sec   © 2004
Duration: 2min 35sec  © 2003 
Duration: 5min 10sec   © 2003 
Duration: 3min 10sec  ©2003

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"ShoutOutOutOutOut - Now That I've Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better" -  aAron munson  ©2012

"Michael Rault - I Want to Love You" -  Mike McLaughlin/aAron munson/Blake Williams   ©2012

"Drift" -  KODOMO   ©2011

"Concept 11" - KODOMO ©2008
 "I Know" - David Lynch ©2010

"Their Light Reflected" - Mark Templeton © 2009
"Tentative Growth" - Mark Templeton ©2007
"Part Monster" - Piano Magic © 2007

"Brilliant Ships" - Glen Johnson © 2009

Chemical reaction.

aAron munson is a Canadian independent filmmaker and cinematographer. Since 2003, he has created over 20 films, and has exhibited work at festivals, galleries and multidisciplinary events across Canada and internationally. munson is also a collaborator with many different visual and audio artists on a variety of projects ranging from music videos to gallery installations. His use of both analogue and digital mediums creates a unique aesthetic that draws on the history and physical malleability of film, while exploring the possibilities of emerging technologies in digital filmmaking.
Currently, munson is working with the National Film Board of Canada on an interactive online documentary project that explores the history of an abandoned arctic weather station and the role of active observation within our society His other current projects include a feature length documentary about the Dempster Highway in the Canadian Arctic, and the documentary series “Human – Miracle of a Species” directed by Niobe Thompson, for which he is a cinematographer. 
Contact: hypocricket (at) gmail (dot) com

what are you working on and what is your process of creation?
Having worked with film as a surface to glue, tape, paint, burn, scratch, or chemically alter for the better part of a decade, I have recently been experimenting with using film as a layer within a broader approach to creating films. The medium itself has become more of a visual reference, than a vessel for the image.
The result is a unique combination of analogue and digital filmmaking techniques that provide a more hands-on experience for me than with previous work. The tactile nature of film is what drew me to working with it in the first place, so it ‘s quite satisfying to get my fingers in there and play.
The last film I created used a back-lit plate of frosted glass, 35mm clear leader, black ink and cleaning detergent as the ingredients for a real-time capture of the leader creating a forced separation of the two substances. (image #1 and Vimeo link above)
image #1:
By using a telephoto macro lens on my digital SLR (image #2), I am able to focus at less than 6” away and capture an area of less than 2” across. This perspective provides striking detail of the content below and allows for more subtle detail of the filmstrip and it’s movement through the liquids.
image #2:
There are no post effects on the footage. Only simple edits, to create a three-minute snapshot of the documented process. The random nature of the resulting image creates an interesting view of natural structure, order and movement.
I am currently experimenting with layering on multiple active planes, as an alternative to combining channels in post. The idea is to create something ‘in camera’, that exists as unaltered as possible from its originally captured state. I find the challenge of this approach to be a source of creativity and ingenuity. It also allows for the opportunity to exhibit the process at a live event, with little more than a live feed and a video projector. (image#3)
image #3:
To me, this approach is one small part of what seems to be a pattern of slow and simple media emerging from the innards of an arguably over stimulated society. - aAron munson

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