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Catherine Nolin - dekorativni snovi

Nolin portretira sobe. I vidimo: bidermajerski buržuji zapravo su htjeli dekorativnim sredstvima dosegnuti raj. Kućni interijeri zrcale njihove psihičke interijere, koji su nadrealniji od njihova zla. Moć je ek-statičan (smrznuto-kičast) san o snažnim emocijama koje ima netko drugi.

Original Painting Art-Stories Told by Catherine Nolin

Catherine Nolin Art Studio -- Catherine Nolin

Decorative and delighful
Catherine Nolin’s world is one filled with pattern and porcelain, upholstery and fine furniture. Her interiors are accented with fine art and books and little dogs; all things delightful and precious….but she is no decorator! Catherine Nolin is a painter. Most of her paintings are of interiors, like those you see in Architectural Digest or Elle Décor. But Nolin seems to paint something more. Her work speaks of our interior lives; of the private worlds we build that are as much a reflection of our emotions as they are of the spaces we occupy.
Each painting is a gorgeous color palette that is at once lively and balanced. Our eyes have become accustomed to the perfect repeats we see printed across wallpaper and woven into textiles, but under Nolin’s hand they come alive and appear more as dancing gardens. And she

Reflections in the Key of Gray, 2010;16” x 20”;acrylic on canvas
plays with perspective too, much as Matisse did in his iconic painting The Red Room, we are not always sure if a painting is a painting or a window. Like Matisse, Nolin shares a passion for painting patterned textiles, rugs and wallcoverings. This invites us to explore what is inside and what is outside. Our mind’s eye is delighted.

Manhattan Interior, 2010; 18” x 24”; acrylic on canvas
Nolin lives in Andover, Massachusetts and, not surprisingly for an artist who paints private lives, her own studio is located in her home. At the age of ten she was enrolled in a class at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Perhaps this museum’s outstanding collection of decorative arts had just as much an impact on her as did the instruction.
Unlike many people who paint interiors, Nolin accurately depicts a Chippendale chair or a piece of chinoiserie porcelain. This woman understands what she is seeing, and yet is able to bring new emotion and meaning to it.

Eleanor Lives in a Dream, 2011; 11”x 14”; acrylic on canvas
In addition to pursuing her own subjects Nolin paints “room portraits” which are commissioned paintings of actual clients’ rooms. -

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