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Barrow Hospital fluid radio


Fotografije napuštene bolnice za mentalne bolesnike. Bolje od filma strave.

Back in 2011 I decided to take a trip to Barrow Hospital with the Canon 550d in hand. I always vowed to return and take only the iPhone as my tool for capturing images, and so yesterday I did just that…



Barrow Hospital Pt. 2

Posted On: June 27, 2011
Over the weekend I decided to pay a second visit to Barrow’s abandoned Mental Asylum to check out the remaining buildings that were missed on the first visit. Once again I took the journey on my own and had a rather uneasy feeling throughout the evening. There is an indescribable and eerie feel to the place with some of the rooms having an extremely dark atmosphere hanging over them. It was a bizarre few hours to say the least which left me feeling rather unsettled as I made my way home. The axes above were discovered on the path as I made my way into the buildings. Maybe that should have been a good sign to go no further but curiosity had the better of me…


Barrow Hospital

Posted On: June 12, 2011
The wind whistles through the dimly lit corridors as hinges squeak and floor boards creak: Without doubt the scariest photographic session I have been on to date…

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