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Daisy Bell - Proverbs of Hell (2012)

Nizozemski glitch-pop.
Obrade pjesama Williama Blakea.


The Dutch trio DAISY BELL (Dyane Donck, Richard van Kruysdijk and Evelien van den Broek) took off like a rocket. Within a few months after it's birth in October 2011, they already recorded an LP for WORM Records (Rotterdam, NL), performed live at VPRO radio (Art's Birthday, broadcasted live in 25 countries) and performed several live concerts.
Their live show involves a collection of electronic and acoustic instruments, harmony vocals, live sampling and sound processing. Their songs range from experimental musique concrete to folky pop "with a twist" with a strong intensity and an often dark atmosphere.
All songs are based on poetry by William Blake, a (dark) romantic artist (1757-1827). His texts provide the vocal spine of the compositions. A video projection illustrates each song with the text of the respective poem.
Dyane, Evelien and Richard share a background in performing, producing and composing for the stage, installation and multidisciplinary art, film, theatre and dance.
photo by Rob Hogeslag

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