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Jake Fried - Moving paintings

Sick Leave by Jake Fried

Lakota indijanci radili su stop-motion animirane filmove još u 14. stoljeću - ručno, tintom dobivenom od indigo-lososa. Jake Fried ih je otkrio, prekopirao mrljama od kave i prenio u naše stoljeće.
Indijanci su takvim filmovima gasili zapaljene wigwame.

White Out Animation
The latest in artist Jake Fried's "moving painting" series features a cluttered room, men in hazard suits, and a Hindu deity. The medium for this unlikely trio? Good old white-out. According to Fried's Vimeo page, the Boston-based painter is using black ink and white-out to bring out the transcendent.
"Parts of my work definitely reference aboriginal designs and mythology," Fried wrote to a commenter. "I recently traveled to India and that visit influenced a lot of the imagery and symbolism for this particular piece."
In "Waiting Room," an interior room rapidly forms and transforms as Fried layers hand-drawings in sped up succession. The final images resemble Javanese puppets and old bronze statues (an uncanny effect of the layered white-out, or perhaps Fried's tweaking, is an aged greenish tint). Check out the video below, and head to Fried's site for more of his white-out creations.-

The Deep End | 2013 Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out and coffee

Sick Leave | 2012 Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out

Waiting Room | 2012 Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out

Last Meal | 2011 Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out

Headache | 2011 Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out and crayon

Nightfall | 2011 Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out

Jake Fried (b.1984) lives and works in Boston.

Recent Exhibitions
Staring Eyes #3 | Third Party Gallery. Cincinnati, Ohio 2012
Laterna Magica Festival | Marseille National Theater. Marseille, France 2012
Experiments in Animation | Boston Children's Museum. Boston, Massachusetts 2012
Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival | Spectacle Theater. Brooklyn, New York 2012
Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation | Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago, Illinois 2012
Night of the Freakishly Short Animation Festival | Akron Art Museum. Akron, Ohio 2012

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    Jake Fried: Sick Leave
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    Jake Fried: Sick Leave
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