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Chaos Lounge - Hotel Sunline Kamata u Japanu


Dakle, evo kako bi trebale biti dizajnirane hotelske sobe.

Hotel Sunline Kamata is located in Kamata, Japan. Three of the hotel rooms were redesigned by the memebers in Chaos*Lounge, which is a team of professinal, amateur, illustrators and designers established on the internet. Instead of a king-size bed and breathtaking view, the imaginative illustrations are all over the walls and ceiling

ChaosLongue was first formed by Uso Fujishiro in an art & live exhibition event in 2008. Two years later, Fujishiro and Youhei Kurose held another exhibiton at Takahashi Collection Hibiya, Tokyo on April 2010. It was during this exhibition that the group started proclaiming that their works are to be known as the "Art of the 2010s".
The current members ChaosLounge are Uso Fujishiro, Youhei Kurose, and Kazuki Umezawa. Starting from 2009 onwards, the group has been producing artworks that are mainly collage works.


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