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Louis Fleischauer & Aesthetic Meat Front - The Truth lays within Open your Flesh!

Epizoda u žanru tjelesnih modifikacija
Ritualom protiv ljudske devolucije.
Kvazimističko-utopijska umjetnost izvođenja gadnih stvari s tijelom, koje se tretira kao instrument. Miks agonije i euforije. Bol kao tjelesni šum koji vodi prema "buđenju", prema "nečemu": istina je uvijek u unutrašnjosti, dakle (doslovno) otvorimo naša tijela.  
Zanimljivo zbog tetralnih audio-vizualno-emocijskih efekata.


The Aesthetic Meat Front is the performance wing of a group called the Asthetic Meat Foundation, which was started right here in Los Angeles by a twisted individual named Louis Fleischauer. The stated aim of the AMF is “ritual against human devolution” or some shit, but really what they mostly seem to be interested in is in coming up with arty, creative ways to do horrible things to themselves in public. If Jigsaw from the Saw movies has a favorite band, it’s these guys.
Now apparently based in Berlin, the AMF like to fill their performances with what Fleishauer calls “human instruments.” This includes some really high-tech gadgetry like homemade EEG machines that turn brain waves into sound—but mostly it just consists of using hooks and needles to wire the performers to various sound generating devices, then yanking the performer’s flesh around and seeing what kind of wacky noises they can generate. Besides cries of pain from the performers and groans of horror from the audience, that is.
Fleischauer’s website has a gallery of some of his more stomach-churning creations. Among our favorites: a microphone inserted under the skin (and then played by essentially mouth-farting onto whatever appendage the performer inserted the mic into—the arm seems to be the most practical) and a “human harp” made by piercing someone’s back with a bunch of wires and then pulling them taut. The AMF MySpace page also mentions something called a “vaginal scissor dance” and honestly, we’re afraid to even ask what that one’s about.
You wouldn’t think the “music”…and yeah, it definitely deserves to be in quotation marks…that comes out of all this would be of much interest to anyone, but you can in fact buy all sorts of Aesthetic Meat Front goodies from A-M-F Records, including something called the Embalmer Tapes that was made entirely from an unauthorized audio recording of an embalming session. Eat your heart out, Matmos!
Anyway, below is a video of Fleschauer and friends getting freaky at something called the Castle Party last year. Don’t worry, it’s not all that disgusting. Just try not to think about the fact that all those metal contraptions they’re wearing have probably been sewn into their skin.
- weirdestbandintheworld.com/

AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT invites you to a journey of_mental oblivion. Explore the realms of Deep Desire being transformed into a sonique landscape. Featuring: Sonique Hooks + Live Body Modification + Audience Participation + Public Deprogramming

A Symphony of Flesh performs public rituals turning humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience. Sculpted Leather Creations by Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets)

We live in bad dream written by George Orwell. The book of prophecy is called 1984. Newspeak slowly becomes the dominant language. The reality of war has been reduced to the sterility of a PG 13 video game. It is now, more than ever, crucial to not resign or dwell in apathy. The army of hopelessness has no pity for its soldiers. The time has come to wake up. Keep passion alive! 

Image from ritual in Muenchen: 5th December 2003
Domagkstr.33, Haus 49, Dachgalerie
The focus of this ritual is to traumatize the participants (performers and audience alike) into a state of rapture and use this energy as a catalyst for de-programming from a consumer friendly reality, spiked with fears and anxieties. By invoking the primal instinct we are releasing our inner powers, thus reaching a state of true Self-awareness. These moments are the keys to realize that there is more to life than what we have been programmed to believe. 
Can you feel your deep desire burning,
Are you afraid of your temple of flesh,
Are you afraid to lose your mind in the abyss of ecstasy,
Look around you, are you fulfilled living in this reality,
Is you PC flesh satisfied,
Does your media brain need an upgrade,
Thank you for being a valuable part of the economic food chain,
Every human is a potential threat to our security,
Consume terrorists everywhere,
Sleeper cells that will never awaken, for they've died long ago,
Feed your innermost flame,
Cut open your flesh, inflame your mind, re-open your wounds,
This moment only is true,
Spirit cleansed in pain, burned in pleasure and reborn in blood,
Temple of Flesh set my soul on fire!
   - Louis Fleischauer

FENRIS LIBERATION- A public Deprogramming Ritual

They who live by the morals of the masses,
they who assimilate,
they who drown in the sea of subservience,
they who worship gods and idols,
they who crawl on their knees,
they who can not stand alone,
they who can not think for them Selves,
they who have no will of their own,
they who do not fight for them Selves,
they who do not resist in any shape or form,
       A R E   D E A D !

The ritual includes: 
Musik  made with bones, blood, meat, metal combined with dark electronics, Bodymodifications, which are also used as soundsource, collective art and audience participation. 
We stand at the end of western civilization. Mankind's mind has been crippled by christian morals, which stand  for stagnation, mediocrity and self- annihilation. Instead  of using our communication systems as a tool  to help mankind grow and evolve, we let the mass media abuse it by spreading fear and paranoia towards creativity,  individuality and self  indulgence. The equality that the “civilized” man strives for, condemns the strong and reduces everything to the level of the weak. Outrageous safety laws and useless disclaimers (caution coffee is hot!) eliminate  the need for self responsibility and the use of common sense. Has thinking become a crime against humanity? Is it our destiny to become soulless meat machines? ...or is there more to LIFE?
The idea behind this Ritual is to help the participants (performers and audience alike)de-program themselves from a reality that we've ben told to believe.
By releasing inner powers like the primal instinct we not only become aware of parts in us that have been suppressed far to long, but we also can use these moments to realize that there is more to life than what we have been programmed to believe. We see the Fenris Wolf as the beast within us. In Ragnarok (norse mythology) Fenris breaks loose and swallows the sun. Thus the end of the world as we know it, but the sun shall rise again. A new sun for a new world. A world free of  mediocrity and stagnation. Free of small believes. Where the individual can rise and evolve, where Self - love is a virtue. A world beyond good and evil! 
The audience is encouraged to paint symbols of their despair on a collective art piece. This piece will be destroyed in an energy release during the ritual. Join in!
-Louis Fleischauer

by Aesthetic Meat Front

A Symphony of Flesh...

...performs rituals turning humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience.

Utilizing sculpted leather creations that are mounted to the performer with hooks, wires, and other devices beneath the skin, Louis Fleischauer manifests the transformation of human flesh into a sonorous organism.
In the spirit of early Surrealist ideals, the goal of
these rituals is to invoke a reality-shift within the
minds of audience members. A Symphony of Flesh mingles visuals and acoustics in meditative madness.
Through exhaustion, pain and noise the performer enters a trance-like state of mind. Some of the cathartic experienced through this, is being shared with the audience in form of sound. Every amount of pressure from hooks pulling the skin is translated into amplified vibrations.
For the ritual to be effective, any barrier between stage and audience must be destroyed. People are encouraged to participate via various tasks, such as joining the orchestra of flesh and noise by attacking amplified devises attached to the performer.

By Kerval
Louis Fleischauer founder of AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT was born in Leipzig/East Germany behind the iron curtain and after living in Usa, he returns to Germany now in 2008.The art of Louis Fleischauer is an invocation of primal energy as an answer to a sterilized, consumer friendly reality shaped by a mass media to bread one homogenized people. Living within an artificial reality they 'civilized' people have become disconnected from their true nature. Louis' art seeks to reopen a channel to the Pristine Self within the mind of the beholder.
Herr Fleischauer is a sculptor and performer using organic materials such as animal hides, bones, flowers, blood and his own skin. In his public rituals he turns humans into living sculptures and instruments, including his own body. Through a mix of agony and euphoria Louis falls into a state of trance. His sculptures are a reflection of this experience.The Aesthetic Meat Foundation was formed to shatter the TV-crippled belief system of our so-called "modern world" by introducing apocalyptic art/culture to the main stream. With apocalyptic they do not mean Dooms Day. They see the Apocalypse or Ragnarok more as the change of Aeons, a cleansing process, and the decline of the "modern world".

A fundamental principle in A-M-F is to unleash dynamic states of consciousness through pain, ecstasy as tool for self awareness?
Pain, exhaustion and euphoria have been utilized since ancient times to alter states of consciousness. We utilize those ritual practices and sometimes combine them with modern technology (simulated brain wave frequencies, translation of pain into sound, lights etc) in order to gain different states of self awareness.

What represents for you self awareness? And from an individual point, how this self awareness is related to worship pleasure and experience of ecstasy in your existence in this physical plane?
Self Awareness is ever present as long you are consciously aware of any part of your self, to befully self aware you need to explore the hidden corners of your (sub)-consciousness, the ritual of self worship through pleasure and ecstasy is one way to experience your inner Self to the fullest.
Or do you think your art, transcends all senses in this plane? A-M-F is a gate to your own transcendental reality through carnal experimentation to connect yourself with another dimension of a psychic/spiritual Character?
While I utilize all senses known to be consumed by the flesh of the beholder in my art, there are dimensions and demons that need to be excavated in private. None the less A-M-F can definitely be seen as a ritual tool to shape-shift realities for everyone involved.

Each deprogramming public ritual has a basic concept to explore: Disintegration of mind, human devolution, Self Awareness, Ritual as Purest form of Resistance. So, is your intention to put audience in a state of trance with the purpose to unleash mind in aseries of labyrinths in which people meet its own will through visual, audial, suggestive methods?
The ultimate goal of A-M-F's public rituals is to help the participant to reach a state of mind that is awakening to a point where the mind is able to reconnect with its primordial self. What to do with this knowledge is up to the individual.

How was transformed in your mind the creative idea to generate this symbiosis between flesh, blood, sounds, through AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT?
It all started out with a small piece of meat during my first stage experience in 1993, working with this raw element triggered something in my mind, the law of natural evolution did the rest.

And how has been the development at psychic level, since the beginning in 1996 to now year 2008 according your experiences in visual art as transformation bodyand sculptures?
These days I communicate with the audience more on a level of internal intensity rather then externally. My Sculptures are no longer just wearable art, they have transformed into tools for psychological games (for example chastity belts with hooks, hoods with sound chambers, that cover and blindfold your face, that have springs connected to your body).
And in which way the works of A.O.Spare, Wilhelm Reich, Lovecraft, and Crowley have inspired you in one or another way for your personal development which is obviously reflected in A-M-F?
Spare: His mind was absolutely beautiful. On a practical level I found his form of Kaos magic and experiments with white noise very useful. But also been highly inspired by his writing and drawings.
Crowley: The exercise of Will, his tragic ending as warning, but most of all his "Liber O.Z." themanifesto of the rights of mankind.
Reich: His Orgone theory, especially with the high concentration of orgone in blood which goes well with the Aztec "Tonally"(animating spirit), the energy that keeps the universe in motion. This energy is the essential nourishment of the gods. The core source of this alluring energy is the nectar of life.
Lovecraft: How he gets your mind spinning by only giving hints and lets your fantasy do the rest. The reader can't just consume a finished product, the reader has to participate, and no one will have the exact same experience. It's this form of shape-shifting reality within the mind of the reader that truly inspired me for my public rituals.

What’s “Evolution” for you? Perhaps as a self-awareness, and understanding of our own natures, having in “true will” a platform for this “evolution-Involution”, in a neither, neither state? A neutral state of mind?
Evolution in my definition is a change that has to be beneficial to the subject that goes through a transformation. On a personal level, I believe one needs to be willing to understand it's inner demons in order to become completely self aware, for this is the foundation of spiritual growth. A neutral state of mind can only be benefits for a very limited period of time before it breeds stasis. Struggle is the engine of evolution.Unfortunately mankind likes comfort and stability a bit too much for it's own good and thus humanity has entered a state of de-volution. The general population uses technology and mass communication mostly as tool to kill off their senses and intellect. They numb themselves with entertainment that offers non-information and over stimulation. Our bodies become monstrous lard puppets that have to be transported in wheelchairs, 3-9% off all children have Attention Deficit Disorder, our brains can't process the simple mathematical transaction without acalculator and god only knows how this interview would look without Spell Check!
Tell us a few, about the great development, and general concept behind “Temple Of Flesh” album, and its connection with invocation of blood sun rituals2003/2004?
"Temple of Flesh" is a momentous release in many ways. It is A-M-F's 10 Year anniversary release. The package is a mix of A-M-F history and a reflection of to this dates our most intense ritual series. I made 3 versions of this release:the regular edition:CD, elegantly packaged in a DVD case, Temple of Flesh comes with 6 double-sided cards reflecting the essence of an A-M-F ritual.
"10 Years of Public Deprogramming" edition (limited to 180) with the Temple of Flesh CD, the Blood Sun Rising DVD-r, 996 006 CDR of unreleased Materials and remixes of 1 track of each previous releases. The Flesh Box was limited to only 27 had all the above plus scripts from public rituals, and propaganda posters soaked in cow blood, skull and bone fragments and other remains from previous rituals.
Yet most intriguing part of the Flesh Box was a surprise of un-released material from the A-M-F archives, such as original video tapes from early A-M-F rituals, cdrs with, raw sound sources, cassette tapes, and floppydiscs of songs and sounds. All this was packaged in a wound covered skin jacket, hand sculpted by myself. Each Flesh Box will was unique and included different original material from the A-M-F archives.

The "Blood Sun Rituals" was a series of Public Rituals based on this invocation:
Can you feel your deep desire burning
Are you afraid of your temple of flesh,
Are you afraid to lose your mind in the abyss of ecstasy,
Look around you, are you fulfilled living in this reality,
Is you PC flesh satisfied,Does your media brain need an upgrade,
Thank you for being a valuable part of the economic
food chain,
Every human is a potential threat to our security,
Consumer terrorists everywhere,
Sleeper cells that will never awaken,
for they've diedlong ago,Feed your innermost flame,
Cut open your flesh, inflame your mind,
re-open yourwounds,
This moment only is true,
Spirit cleansed in pain,
burned in pleasure and rebornin blood,
Temple of Flesh set my soul on fire!

This Text has been translated into 12 languages; those spoken words are the base for this record. Later I manipulated and mixed those words with other sounds to sculpt the sound scape for 13 versions of the invocation above.The idea behind the Blood Sun Rituals was to overcome once own numbness, that is created by artificial fears injected daily into our veins by the machinery of corporate mass media. In order to overcome this, one must first re-discover the beauty of Life's intensity.Your body holds the key to this intensity.
At your live rituals, lots of blood is spread from your own body.so, obviously a high quantity of energy is released. Is known some Qliphotic entities need the energy of blood to enter this existential plane... How do you handle such energies and is blood for you a key to a primal state of consciousness?
Never had any problems with blood hungry creatures from outer space, but blood is most definitely a key to primal state of consciousness, the first act in our life in to be covered in blood and embryonic fluids, blood represents birth and death, an open wound is a reflection of the gate to the womb we all want to return to, yet the same wound is also a mirror to your own mortality, how much more primal can you get?

What do you feel, visualize, think when doing suspension, floating in the void covered in blood and experience ecstasy of “pain” ?
I never think when I hang. Visualization and feelings all depend on the environment; I'm very sensitive to what happens around me, sound, light and also the human energy of the audience play a large factor on what is going on in my mind, while I'm travelling above the ground.

Does your primal instincts having any connection with Atavistic Shamanic Teutonic tribes, or Aztec cults, knowing they worship blood as an universal consciousness, a gate between two dimensions (earth/beyond)?
When we invoke our primal instinct we tap into the same vein our forefathers did during their rituals, no matter which gods they invoked.

I know a split Cd between A-M-F/PSYCHONAUT 75 was released.so, could you tell us a few more about this album?
Michael Ford and I have share some of the same visions and are natural allies. I worked with Dana Dark and Ugly Shyla before, one thing let to another and we decided to work on a joint release reflecting our rituals.
I don't want to talk for Psychonaut 75's part of the release, as it is not my creation, but here is the info behind the A-M-F half of this release:The raw material for tracks 2 and 3 is taken from “Pure Kaos Against Total Control”- a public deprogramming ritual, performed in London in November of 2001.

The smell of fear and burning flesh filled the air. Needles penetrated my head and hooks pierced the skin of my back. The taste of noise and pain laid on my chanting tongue. I’m apiece of meat, hanging from hooks above the ground. I’m past the point of agony, I’m dead, nolonger, blood streaming down my face, I have become the Phoenix. The focus of this recording was to capture this moment of transformation by painting a sonique landscape that reflects my experience and interpretation of the Bird Of Oblivion.Other sounds used in this recording are samples of human bone and the removal of flesh, blood, as well a variety of samples taken from unconventional instruments that have been refined at the studio.

Do you have any video material to be released yet? What about your new album or live performances? Temple of Flesh's limited edition comes with a DVD-r of the Blood Sun Rising rituals, then there is the infected blood Video, released with the special edition of “Plague of Humanity”. Currently I'm taking a little pause from recording. Does the use of chains, metal, blood is a suggestive way to visualize expresses your own reality at stage; and is amazing to see audience entering in the mental state when performing your live rituals? Any visual effects to increase the ecstasy and mentalorgasm in future performances?A-M-F is all about creating once own reality, and this starts on stage. There is almost nothing as rewarding for me then to see a real transformation with the mind of an individual in the audience.As for new visuals, at the moment I'm utilizing a lot of my leather work with on stage, to create human instruments.

You says: “fear is a tool to awaken people, to confront people with their own fears”. so, I ask you: How do you confront your own fears? Are fears inhibitions and mental infections imposed by modern society?
Best Way to confront your fear is to face it, I try to do this when ever possible, sometimes that can not be so easily accomplished.You just need to spend 2 minutes at the airport to see how fears are pounded into the minds of the travellers. Look at how often the word SAFETY is invoked. Every time you use a word like SAFETY, SECURITY, BE CAREFUL, etc you automatically suggest that there is somethingto be afraid of. Our society fetishizes those words and media wants us to believe that there is a faceless Terrorist on the way to our own bedrooms.

Is each ritual of A-M-F a personal entrance to a psychic, spiritual, corporal pattern in which you die and reborn, a creation and dissolution of your own reality based in pain, ecstasy and pleasure?
All A-M-F rituals are different, sometimes I die, sometimes I'm reborn, sometimes dissolution comes in form of depression the days after the ritual. The days after a Suspension awareness is still extremely strong, but one is taken out of the fleshly beautiful set of the ritual, and put back into the meaninglessness of our daily conduct just so we can survive in this plastic world.

Last week you were in Amsterdam generating the “Symphony Of Flesh” live ritual...Could you comment us about such performance and the general concept behind it?
“A Symphony of Flesh” performs rituals turning humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience. The energy is designed to slowly build and intensity as the ritual goes on. As the energy gains on intensity the audience is encouraged to participate by playing those human instruments and thus add and manipulate the level of ferociousness.

Before finishing with this conversation, is of high interest to know what comes for A-M-F activities relating new albums, live performances, etc?
2008 is going to be a year of personal transformation and soul searching, not sure how much time I will have to spend on new records, but there are some seeds planted, one just needs to see how long the need to blossom. There are going to be a very few public rituals this year, if all goes well one of them will be in Tokyo this summer.

well, this was a very interesting conversation Mr. Fleischauer, keeps on opening your flesh and thanks a lot for your support!! Feel free to close this interview as you want!Initiate your primal instincts to comprehend your inner demons and read them like books of knowledge.-

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