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Noise Arch - download kaseta iz '80/'90-ih


Izvrsna stranica na kojoj su skupljene digitalizirane kasete iz '80-ih i '90-ih: "experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials".
Od poznatih - Eugene Chadbourne, Einstuerzende Neubauten i Zoviet France - do potpuno opskurnih projekata.

this website is a collection of underground / independantly released cassette tapes from the days when the audio cassette was the standard method of music sharing, generally the mid eighties through early nineties.
material represented includes tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials... most of what you are about to hear is rather difficult to file under any one category, and thus has not been.
the bulk of the tapes in this library were donated to the project by former ckln fm radio host myke dyer in august of 2009.
unless otherwise stated, the copyrights associated with these works remain the property of the original musicians. does not assume any ownership or authority over these recordings.
many works in this collection are sample-based, and were distributed prior to circa-1990 c copyright laws. their appearance here is technically in violation of
international copyright, inasmuch as their distribution, albeit in s ome instances where the artist has either authorized distribution of the mp3 boot or 'no copyright' was indicated
on the original article. however, the bulk of the items listed in this, the 'underground' website branch of the 'NIX100' archiving project are not fully authorized for digital distribution, and should be seen as 'my' or 'the owner's' personal files or doccuments, and thus should only be accessable by 'me' or
if you have a legal or moral right to access these files. otherwise they should be seen as an online archive of personal materials and what you do with them is your own business.
if any of your recordings are featured on these pages, or if you know of something that may be inappropriate for mass distribution for some reason please drop us a line and the item in question will be promptly removed...conversely, if you have any interest in submitting materials (your own recordings, or items in your collection) feel free to send us an email and we will work out a way to see it happen.
myke dyer. (tape info, sound advice)- -

7f -a/and

7f -(a+b)`squared

7f -absolute whores - product

7f -abstress - jazz's bastard child

7f -according...

7f -achtesteinaltermusik

7f -arnie achtman - 3 sex stories

7f -agent cooper - memo tapes to 'diane'

7f -agog - magnetic phenomena of all kinds

7f -der akteur - rockery

7f -alien planetscapes - 'could be...' today

7f -alien planetscapes - planet and universe

7f -amor fati - the 'white'

7f -ron anderson / aigars kildiss

7f -el angel exterminador - sic transit gloria suez tuesday

7f -el angel exterminador - two days of terror, inc.

7f -anthropomorphics - chunk of lead

7f -'anti-radio' by an 'anti-musician'

7f -architects office 1987

7f -architects office - ao353

7f -argument club

7f -around town

7f -art control - lakov

7f -the art effects - flex

7f -the art effects - insects

7f -the art effects - obscured by clowns

7f -the art effects / zeitgeist - schmelzen

7f -as the lumbering castle's foundation rumbles

7f -bruce atchison - 3 pieces for the tape furnace fan

7f -bruce atchison - hay river / watson lake

7f -bruce atchison - u2mir

7f -audio arm #1

7f -bad alchemy n25

7f -!bang elektronika - audio beat warfare

7f -derek bailey / evan parker - live in san jose 1980

7f -bargod godsplat (bartok guitarsplat) - new age meditation noise

7f -b.b.c. - building balanced children

7f -beta clank

7f -bias ply

7f -big city orchestra - arc of infinity

7f -big city orchestra - bob hope's fruit loop special

7f -big city orchestra - massacre again

7f -big red stain - anthrax rut

7f -damian bisciglia - instant sanity

7f -bittova and fajt - live at victoriaville '89

7f -blank crowd - a murder of crows

7f -blank crowd - reality conversion

7f -blank crowd - shades below

7f -bob & nev - electre cie

7f -borbetomagus - live in allentown

7f -bored young men - is crude ok?

7f -box groove - funraising for ckln

7f -broken paws

7f -bruit ttv

7f -buffaloe cliff

7f -burden of friendship - the head of your goat, the son of your dog vol. 2

7f -bwana dog - joint venture

7f -bwana dog - live in toronto

7f -bwana dog - painting: sacrifice of reason tour 1987

7f -bwana dog - sacrifice of reason

7f -bwana dog - symbolic accidents of ceremony

7f -cardiospasm - starving children

7f -caustic tapes 6 - caustic showers

7f -eugene chadbourne - 'eugine stuff'

7f -niles chandler - paws can't roll

7f -ron chaudhuri - easy come, easy go / mumble, mumble, mumble

7f -charles cohen - music for dance and theatre

7f -church of the tapesplice / timesplice

7f -concurrencies :: december 1988 - phonostatic no. 9

7f -darren copeland - no title ['(c)copeland 1990']

7f -darren copeland - an introduction in frost

7f -corrosive tapes

7f -cortex - souvenir / souvenirs

7f -cousin kate and the jockeys

7f -daniel steven crafts

7f -crash worship - this

7f -crawl/child promo

7f -heavy cream

7f -croiners - music to listen to other tapes by

7f -curlew - live at pyramid arts centre, oct 23 1987 rochester, ny

7f -curlew/paul haines with amy denio - new music america knitting factory nov 13 1989

7f -dad's new slacks '89

7f -dad's new slacks - uh-oh, dad's home

7f -deadlines / brian ruryk - a tongue in someone else's cheeks

7f -the dead prestleys - live suffer and die

7f -deaf lions - copia

7f -dedali opera presente tri-bu 1

7f -denier du culte - profondita dinamiche

7f -amy denio - 6-24-1989 solo saxaphone

7f -amy denio - no elevators

7f -cantate grise - musiques de jean derome

7f -the diastolic murmurs - 'live' electronic dissections 4

7f -the diastolic murmurs - nervenkrankheiten

7f -the diastolic murmurs - purgations flushed 1x10

7f -disenfranchised

7f -dk - another difficult moment

7f -dog as master - brash pussy

7f -dog as master - five feuilletons outlined in red

7f -dog as master - live in memphis 10-30-87 at the antenna club

7f -dog as master - live in pittsburgh

7f -dog as master - an organized accident

7f -dog as master - trompeur et sournois

7f -dog as master - weed

7f -dog as master / jabon - incidental vibrations

7f -dog as master / jabon - incidental vibrations 2

7f -paul dolden - sonarchy ii

7f -dreaming of beauty - a silence

7f -driven element

7f -dust that collects - black water delirium

7f -dust that collects - fear no loss of freedom

7f -dz lectric & arnovah - fecondation sonique

7f -einstuerzende neubauten mix tape

7f -roberta eklund - go tell it on the mountain

7f -emergency music - american radio broadcasts

7f -enigrac - canciones de aniversario: seguimos de frente en la lucha por la paz

7f -erick - ?

7f -eurock (lecture on krautrock)

7f -existential jukebox

7f -de fabriek & agog - factories in flux / factories astir

7f -fake feelings institute and audio letter present...

7f -far from the maddening crowd

7f -festival of the swamps - epic cuts from deep swamps

7f -festival of the swamps - scabby waters

7f -f/i - the circle is the square

7f -f/i - threshold

7f -flophouse - turning up the flaming heat

7f -frac ture

7f -frankfurt praha

7f -das frohliche wohnzimmer & swinebolt 45 - 'das swinebolt wohnzimmer 45 lb frohliche masquerade'

7f -terry fugate - the bingo triplets

7f -terry fugate / donna lee - moss gloves

galas -diamanda galas - unknown cassette

galas -gap tape 1

7f -gap tape 2

7f -gargoyle mechanique - the eye that scans the land

7f -gargoyle mechanique's house of dogs

7f -gargoyle mechanique - the zombies come home

7f -geins-t nait gets

galas -gregorian george - the aluminum bible

galas -gregorian george - in and outside the aluminum box

7f -gregorian george - in phaze shift reality

7f -randy grief - the golden joy club

7f -randy grief - live in los angeles 3-13-87

7f -bartok guitarsplat - tape #2

7f -the haemorrage cassettes industrial compilation

7f -the halfer trio

7f -t. hardt / apropos [?]

7f -sue ann harkey - field recording 6-24-1989

7f -sue ann harkey - i tell you everything, just not out loud

7f -harlan & the wolves

7f -harsh reality - locals only comp

7f -de haters

7f -the haters - niet hier

7f -headcleaner

7f -a. heinz & franz - alle aufnahmen
-b. a.f. moebius - eine auswahl

7f -herr blum - kommt daher

7f -herzliyya boardwalk string septet - guitar 6/a collection of love songs

7f -herzliyya boardwalk string sextet - tap dancing in six easy lessons

7f -home recordings / fot records - free promo-teaser tape

7f -tim hough - church of the subgenius media-ecology

7f -tim howe - meech lake minuet / miami brian

7f -timothy howe - meet the press

7f -hub music

7f -idle reels - a: idle words / b: idle sounds

7f -if, bwana - organ life

7f -if, bwana - they call me bwana

7f -the ikons - 2 song demo

7f -ios collaboration to

7f -illusion of safety - finite material context

7f -illusion of safety - live improvs

7f -ios - repairs

7f -illusion of safety - violence and geography

7f -insane music for insane people vol. II

7f -insane music for insane people vol. IV

7f -insane music for insane people vol. V

7f -insane music for insane people vol. VIII

7f -in solitary confinement - the strong survive

7f -johnson forest tendancy

7f -just writhing - do you really know?

7f -kaiser nietzsche - non plus ultra

7f -kali and dub inc. - refugees

7f -david keyes - the yellow christ

7f -klinik kastration

7f -konrad kinnard and james lo

7f -kpfa - subgenius [?] tape

7f -kronos quartet - purple haze

7f -kronos string quartet - tune out: music for two pianos in quarter-tones and three pianos in sixth-tones / sculthorpe to glass

7f -das radio - kzsc

7f -dan lander - accommodation: recordings from home

7f -dan lander - after the fact

7f -dan lander - composition / de-composition

7f -dan lander - limited choices in equal time

7f -dan lander - motpikho

7f -dan lander - talking to a loudspeaker

7f -laibach

7f -gerard leckey - art hospital

7f -gerard leckey - untitled

7f -david lee and david prentice - slash: a string quartet

7f -lepre electrique v - electre '90

7f -jan levis - incommunicado

7f -little earth - native land

7f -fred lonberg holm - octet and quartet / tape pieces

7f -lonely whistle sampler 1988

7f -francisco lopez - lysiosquilla gaussia

7f -lyke wake

7f -ma - masters of the ungentlemanly art

7f -compilation/vocal/sound by allan harding mackay (1977*84*85)

7f -maids on speed

7f -malaria!

7f -malcom tent - american style

7f -man's hate - raiders of the stolen hearts

7f -the map

7f -robert marsh - piano improvisations 12-28-87

7f -scott marshall - people telling lies

7f -scott marshall + friends - panic chicago 1989

7f -scott marshall / paul rosen - demo 1989

7f -master / slave relationship - throwing it to the wind

7f -matefiple contro corrente

7f -martine matthews & gerard leckey

7f -maybe mental - to cease burning

7f -mch band - still feels fine

7f -metal bramble

7f -metal bramble - the instrumental

7f -mikst & maugu - magnificent figure formulating manifestos

7f -donald miller - a little treatise on morals

7f -mind body split - if it's not on it's not on

7f -minoy - a celebration of the sunrise

7f -aul mighty mkst / awl righty mkst

7f -moisten before use - still no reply

7f -deb montgomery band

7f -le momo - withdrawing from the species

7f -morphogenesis

7f -multi-jazz dimensions

7f -muudo - 55v

7f -muudo - 62v

7f -d.l. myers - electronic guitar

7f -david myers - feedback music #2

7f -les mysteres des voix bulgares

7f -mystery dick - roughage

7f -mystery hearsay radio

7f -mystery hearsay radio

7f -mystery hearsay radio

7f -nature sounds

7f -new music america 1987 (cbc radio two new hours)

7f -new society tape #1 - electronic music compilation

7f -new society tape #2 - electronic music compilation

7f -niagara

7f -the noise collective - hello! hello! can anyone hear me?

7f -un nom a coucher dehors

7f -nomind - punkusraucousrex

7f -nomuzic - bum

7f -nomuzic - solid/liquid/light

7f -no pigeonholes vol. 129

7f -not 1/2 - experiments in the connections between sounds, music, and noise

7f -not 1/2 - i was a teenage communist (the secret confessions of oliver north)

7f -not 1/2 - music for the severely conscious

7f -not 1/2 - a thousand pointless lights

7f -not to - hands half

7f -josef k. noyce sings...

7f -nu creative methods - superstitions 

7f -odal - onzuiver bloed

7f -...of tanz victims - holiday in siberia

7f -...of tanz victims - metal vampire

7f -opera - the silence of the noise that collapses

7f -pacande

7f -packing death - spanner of lerv

7f -pan 2 - pandemonia ultra

7f -paradox

7f -parking lot - the hanged man

7f -passed normal

7f -patience worth

7f -patience worth - badwater basin

7f -patience worth - junk

7f -the perfect blackness - chronic harmonic taste test

7f -phinney / mcgee - skull

7f -picture noises from the global swamps

7f -plague r.n. ritual nepenthe

7f -plastic fetish - pigment of the imagination

7f -poss - 3/18/88

7f -robert poss - guitar improvisations studio pass nyc

7f -robert poss - sometimes

7f -david prescott - the depths of proficiency

7f -dave prescott - red shift 5

7f -the pretension mounts...

7f -bill price - squeezing light

7f -the problemist - pop religion is love

7f -psychomania

7f -psyclones - between space

7f -pull my daisy

7f -pure and painless pleasures

7f -quick! hide the door

7f -radiante

7f -radio marabu

7f -the rake

7f -rcmp propaganda

7f -joseph rechvital - sleep

7f -tobias regenfuss - little houses

7f -a. steve reich - variations for winds, strings and keyboards
-b. john adams - shaker loops

7f -reportaz - muzika

7f -research defense squad - piss hole

7f -stephen riech - hard reality

7f -rhythm activism - louis riel in china

7f -rhythm activism / nick toczek / mecca normal

7f -rivals of medusa

7f -charlie roby - water and stone

7f -rovamimo

7f -rrradio

7f -brian ruryk - toronto is a really weird place...

7f -eddy sayer - hands in the clouds

7f -scary world

7f -scw - god / family / country

7f -scw - the band with the international reputation

7f -seperate but equal

7f -sev micron - muzak fuer walkmanz

7f -silent rumble - at different places

7f -sinister attraction - private wars

7f -the sinnit-nut hollow earth symposium

7f -sir freddy viaduct - you look good

7f -sirens - 3 songs

7f -ron slabe - zagadka

7f -slowscan 3

7f -s/m operations

7f -social interiors

7f -son of madness

7f -la sonorite jaune - ersatia

7f -spagyric

7f -sphynx - transformations

7f -sponge - wand inside jar

7f -spoors

7f -the spy 001

7f -squirm rhymes w. germ - strata / papercuts 2

7f -staboo promo / headstrong recordings sampler

7f -stanlow crickets - navigation of loplop

7f -edie steiner - demo-cracy [crazy]

7f -peter stenshoel - manifest ecstasy

7f -peter stenshoel - strangely coloured map

7f -sterile women's icy magesty - extempore

7f -stitching small tears - vancouver electronic music compilation

7f -andy stochansky sampler

7f -guy stuckens - magie rouge

7f -stutter sofa - there are dogs hiding in god's beard

7f -subgenius media barrage #10 - repent, quit your job, and slack off

7f -subgenius radio ministry - hour of slack #105

7f -suburban nightmare

7f -a sudden surge of power

7f -swinghammer - chemestry

7f -das synthetische mischgewebe

7f -dominik a szava - the passage of truth

7f -tam quam tabula rasa

7f -tellus #17

7f -jim tenny - for ann rising

7f -tentatively a convenience

7f -test department - unknown cassette

7f -testkard 225

7f -theft of paradise

7f -there are no ridges in london

7f -thessalonians - the unwinding

7f -thick slimy whisper & qwa digs never parish - teenage pop songs

7f -thinking plague

7f -stefan tischler and blair petrie - gorgons and gargoyles

7f -nick toczek's ulterior motives - the tape

7f -intoczecated - god's favourite music

7f -tofuzaho - mr. lawn and barb chair

7f -massimo toniutti - autofonia

7f -torn memory

7f -touch:feature- mist

7f -touch: meridians 2

7f -touch travel

7f -trans fixed body

7f -trans planted body

7f -transient sonic stimulants vol. vi no. 6 / vol. xxv no. 6

7f -travis b - clones in pink

7f -trial run

7f -trivison / slabe - better music through electronics

7f -richard truhlar - growling in the roofbeams

7f -richard truhlar - kali's alphabet

7f -tu quoque, fili mi

7f -two jesses - no artists compilation

7f -ub/esfonia radio netwerk cassette #1

7f -the uncertainty principle

7f -undercurrent - industrial si'ence

7f -undercurrent - trig p-toma

7f -unkommuniti - ex-oblivione

7f -unsound

7f -ustad - last pyramid

7f -ustad - the single eye of day

7f -variant audio - the unseen collection

7f -varoshi fame

7f -varoshi fame

7f -varoshi fame - tear down the mill

7f -the velvet swines - a trip to ollywood

7f -verdenskang - and it's there

7f -veseli filistinove - sithauz

7f -a view from somewhere

7f -violence and the sacred - live

7f -visceral landscapes

7f -viscera - sweat

7f -jack vorvis / jamie bonk - silver and gold

7f -wagon burner express

7f -way passed normal - the 'other' cassette

7f -weep, o' mine eyes - a beautiful memory lingers

7f -we know time

7f -welcome worlds - music from philidelphia

7f -where to now ? compilation

7f -white hand - prologue/epilogue

7f -wigglepig - meat market icons

7f -wigglepig - operation mindfuck

7f -w.pig

7f -w-pig

7f -trace willin - here on earth

7f -chris wind - the art of juxtaposition

7f -the world does not fit on a 21" screen

7f -jack wright - assorted treats

7f -jack wright - live in tampa

7f -everybody loves texas - jack wright and andreas stehle, saxes

7f -jim wright - another wrench in the monkey works

7f -john wynne - shelf life

7f -xiphotek radio - five artists in search of a manifesto

7f -xtsw - bridge

7f -xyimalloo - new classic

7f -you, me, us and them - undermining oversight

7f -your silence will not protect you

7f -youth employment documentary 1985

7f -minoy / zannoy (zami) - the etiquitte of an industrial trauma

7f -zami - monochrome melodrama

7f -zeitgeist - astronomer

7f -zoviet france - eostre

7f -1348 - coperate werks

7f -la 1919 spontaneo - l'enorme tragedia

7f -the 4ce dimension - compilations............

7f -4 track sampler tape - state of the art

7f -the 7th fire band - well, what does it take?

7f -'bush returns from his 'groundbreaking' summit in columbia, inviting public dialog on legalizing drugs'

7f -john doe records - jdr 008

7f -'problem with language - ben wilkin, vancouver / esruk'

7f -'sebastien monlighem [??] - dans le cuisine'

7f -[traditional chinese opera (?)]

7f -ovt [?]

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