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Najbolji književni časopisi na engleskome jeziku

Ekipa na Htmlgiantu izabrala je najbolje književne časopise:

 “The Hottest Litmag” as determined by everyone who has ever read HTMLGIANT

1. LIES/ISLE: 32 votes

2.The Paris Review: 25 votes

3.The Collagist: 23 votes

4.Artifice: 22 votes [tie]

5.New York Tyrant: 22 votes [tie]

6.Caketrain: 16 votes [tie]

7.Kill Author: 16 votes [tie]

8.Birkensnake: 15 votes

9.Untoward: 14 votes

10.Forklift, Ohio: 13 votes

11.Asymptote: 12 votes [tie]

12.PANK: 12 votes [tie]

13.Fence: 11 votes [tie]

14.Octopus: 11 votes [tie]

15.Conduit: 10 votes [tie]

16.Unsaid: 10 votes [tie]

17.Annalemma: 9 votes

18.DIAGRAM: 8 votes

19.Poor Claudia: 8 votes

20.The Milan Review: 7 votes

21.The New Yorker: 7 votes

22.Alice Blue Review: 6 votes

23.Corium: 6 votes

24.Pop Serial: 6 votes

25.Sports Illustrated: 6 votes

26.ABJECTIVE: 5 votes

27.Midwestern Gothic: 5 votes

28.Uncanny Valley: 5 votes

29.Filter: 4 votes

30.No Colony: 4 votes

31.One Story: 4 votes

32.Red Lightbulbs: 4 votes

33.shallow: 4 votes

34.Black Clock: 3 votes

35.Electric Literature: 3 votes

36.Gargoyle: 3 votes

37.Triple Canopy: 3 votes

38.3:AM Magazine: 2 votes

39.Abraham Lincoln: 2 votes

40.The Brooklyner: 2 votes

41.Camera Obscura: 2 votes (Issue 3 got singled out)

42.Canteen: 2 votes

43.Copper Nickel: 2 votes

44.Dear Navigator: 2 votes

45.Kenyon Review: 2 votes

46.Kitty Snacks: 2 votes

47.LPZ (la petite zine): 2 votes

48.Metazen: 2 votes

49.Mud Luscious Online: 2 votes

50.NOON: 2 votes

51.Notnostrums: 2 votes

52.P-Queue: 2 votes

53.Rattle: 2 votes

54.Sixth Finch: 2 votes

55.TRNSFR: 2 votes

56.Tuesday: 2 votes

57.US Weekly: 2 votes

58.Wobbling Roof: 2 votes

Finally, the following litmags all received one vote: A Public Space, adj noun (“Brass Sopaipilla”, “Digital Hamper”), Ballard Street, Barcelona Review (“from time to time”), Bartleby Snopes, Bat City Review, Black Warrior Review, Brain Harvest, Cabinet, Cerise Press, Cream City Review, The Crystal Gavel, Dark Sky Magazine, Dragnet, Everyday Genius, Glimmer Train, GUD, Gulf Coast, The Gut, Harper’s, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Her Royal Majesty (“Paris-based, bi-annual print, but new stuff online too”), hermano cerdo, Hobart, Joyland, Juked, lamination colony, Locus Solus, London Review of Books, minus times, Missouri Review, The Moose & Pussy, Needle, Nether Magazine, New York Review of Books, [out of nothing], Pear Noir!, Pearl, The Pinch, Pyrta Journal, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Safety Pin Review, Sidebrow, Sleeping Fish, The Society On Da Run, Sous Les Paves, Staccato, Super Arrow, Tarpaulin Sky, Tin House, Twelve Stories, Used Furniture Review, and Versal.

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