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Report from the Plutonics Committee - A Brief History of Geotrauma or: The Invention of Negarestani

Najbolja tajna govori više od tisuću slika.

Report from the Plutonics Committee - A Brief History of Geotrauma or: The Invention of Negarestani
H.A.A.R.P Induction Magnetometer - Jan 12th 2010
Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser - Transience of Matter in Flux
En Nihil - Open Your Eyes and See Death. (In The Coils: Or The Coming Conflict)
Florian Hecker - Octave Chronics
833-45 - A Perfectly Reflecting Flat Earth
Cities Last Broadcast - Antenna
Jean-Claude Éloy - Prémonitions (env. 21')
Sweatspace - Interference
Spoonbender 1.1.1 - Stereo Telepathy Academy
gr†llgr†ll - if u can dr3am - princ3ss3s
Dror Feiler - Azaka
Kim Cascone - Anti-Musical Celestial Forces
Phaenon - Neutrino Radiation
Parhelion - Atmospheric Refraction
Chinese V26, August 2, 2010, 1327 UTC, 9153 kHz USB

 ‘Unlike length that is determined by a yardstick (length as the yardstick of speculation), width is produced by a compass that concurrently opens its arms from zero of the center to different directions and constitutes the encompassing space of 0. As the all-encompassing embrace of speculation, width (-↔+) opens the absolute and alien field of 0 into a circular field (O), a portable field of speculation capable of transforming into a tunnel for passing alien contents, or alternatively a hole in the ceiling through which an alien reality can descend into the room with no warning or consideration (See E. Weizman, 2007). Being exposed to such mobilizations of the alien through walls or ceilings is no longer a victimizing experience that should be shunned, cursed or lamented but a speculative opening that must be embraced, built upon, and militantly answered with speculative tactics which twist intrusive apertures into vortices of distorted proportions and tunnels into multiversal tubes – convolving openings into the outside. The speculative cruelty of the alien space or alien reality should only be countered with a crueler feat of speculation: for every line of territorial intrusion (length) a portable field of opening (width), for every tunnel another opening in a fresh direction (circumnavigation), for every multirversal opening a convoluted universe whose vermicular appendages and entangled coils can never be disentangled, cut or exhausted. This is not only a formula for a non-myopic vision but also the only true vocation of thinking, creating and fighting back’.  Reza Negarestani

This blog is about the thoughts that come to your mind in an instant but you forget it the next. It is about the links that you might wish to see but never end up seeing them. This is about art and design that you might have never seen or that you have missed out on. This is about questions that go unanswered or are a really deep subject. This might be about anything and everything.Evolution, Science and Technology, Comics, Humans, Aliens, Earth, Mars, Society, Fantasy, Politics, Jokes, Discovery, Invention...One stop blog... Void Portal

Xela & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love Is The Beginning
Tholen - Skeletons of Steel
Visions - Summoning the Void
Yui Onodera & Celer - The Street of a Rainy, Gray Day
John Chowning - Phoné
Per Nørgård - Iris
Fire in the Head - I'm Not Here to Coexist, I'm Here to Win
Sky Burial - Chroma Polaris
Jean-Claude Risset - Avel
Blood Box - Mother of Dust

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