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Spooky Black - Leaving + Black Silk (2014)

Lil Spook (Spooky Black)

Impresivno 16-godišnje internetsko čudovište s glasom anđela. 




Who is Spooky Black? Oh, just a motherfucking Internet monster with the voice of an angel.
From the looks of his Soundcloud, he hails from St. Paul, Minn. and is America’s answer to Yung Lean. But nevermind that. Back in February, he hit us in the head with the video for my wedding song, “Without You.” It’s a simp’s definition of simp muzik—and it’s an exercise in style and influence. Imagine singing this to your crush while rocking a turtle neck, a 14K First Communion chain, and either a white stocking cap or black durag even though you can’t get waves. All that equals waterworks, she won’t be able to resist. Trust. -

Like a hungover version of Swedish rapper Yung Lean who's desperately coping with a painful breakup, Minnesota crooner Spooky Black is very Internet (because that's become an adjective, now) -- but just a lot more gloomy. And while Lean rocks bucket hats like every other trendy hip-hopper, Black opts for durags like in his debut video, "Without You." 
After releasing his much-hyped eight-song EP Leaving earlier this week, the super young (and super mysterious) singer has followed it up with a music video for closing bonus track, "DJ Khaled is my Father." The lo-fi, VHS-style visuals capture the melancholy singer in the middle of a forest -- very Minnesota -- singing with a style that reminds us of a cross between King Krule and early Bon Iver. Check out the video above.- Justin Moran


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