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'Finnegans Wake' collaboratively set to music, unabridged


Sve može biti nerazumljivo na više od jednog načina.

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The idea was a simple enough question. How many ways are there to read James Joyce's great and bizarre novel Finnegans Wake
Seventeen different musicians from all around the world, each assigned to render a chapter aurally. The only requirements: the chapter's words must be audible, unabridged, and more or less in their original order.
This is a labor of love, not profit. We have created this to be shared, so please tell your colleagues, students and friends.
To the wonderful world of Finnegans Wake readers, newcomers and devoted followers alike: Here Comes Everybody
A note from project director Derek Pyle: "It has been an absolute joy producing Waywords and Meansigns. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and a special thanks to all the contributors. You have poured your hearts into this work, not to mention nearly breaking your backs, and it really shows."
Waywords and Meansigns would not be possible without the support of many people. Thanks to the fwread listserv, especially Peter Quadrino, Peter Chrisp, Roman Tsivkin, as well as Adam Harvey and Mariana Lanari; your collective knowledge of Joyce is astounding. Marie Broadway, Jake Tozer, Sam Nordli, and Emma Pampanin co-hosted the Finnegans Wake parties that inspired this project. Zach Leavitt and Chelsea Westra co-hosted the parties of the future. Elaine Thomas, Dylan Muhlberg, the Amherst Irish Association, Jacqui Wise, Krzysztof Bartnicki, Mike Moran, Mike Medeiros, Jason Gross, Rebecca Hanssens-Reed, Billy Mills, and the James Joyce Gazette played pivotal roles spreading the word about this project, through press coverage and otherwise. Thanks to Mackenzie Libbey, and Michael Robbins, for their support throughout. Thanks to L. Brown Kennedy and Annie G. Rogers for first introducing me to Joyce. Special thanks to Mark Traynor and the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, and to Robert Berry.
Infinite thanks to the project contributors, and all who channel the spirit of James Joyce.

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