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Jairus Victor Grove - Something Darkly This Way Comes: The Horror of Plasticity in an Age of Control


Izvrstan novi teoretičar - geopolitika, antropocen, ratovi, nevidljivo nasilje...


The Horror of Security
Contemporary geopolitics as curated by the United States is in a permanent beta phase. Neuro-torture, algorithmic warfare, drones strikes, cybernetic nation-building are not means or ends but tests. Can a polis be engineered? Can the human operating system be reformatted? Can violence be modulated until legally invisible while all the more lethal? Each incursion, each new actor or actant, new terrains from brains to transatlantic cables, all find themselves part of a grand experiment. Over the course of this seminar we will explore how classically Realist concepts of order and national interest have been subtly displaced by subterranean violence entrepreneurs that populate the transversal battlefield of security politics. Doomsayers like Paul Virilio, Lewis Mumford, and Martin Heidegger who foretold a kind of terminal and self-annihilating velocity of security's technological saturation are today being shown to have been optimists. Security doesn’t know totality or finality: it bleeds, mutates, and reforms. Furthermore the peril of biopolitics seems now almost romantic. The care and concern for life’s productivity is increasingly subsumed by plasticity—forming and reforming without regard to the telos of productivity, division, or normative order. There are of course orders in our geoplastic age but they are almost unrecognizable as such when so many are directly invested in the intensifying failure of publically-stated strategic ends. In an attempt to confront the particular differences that mark our historical moment we will explore thinkers and practices that organize violence and pain beyond the limits of identity and mortality. We are witnessing creative and horrifying experiments in the affirmative production of dying that also deprive those targeted, in some cases whole population, from the relief of death. The horror of security politics is not tragic. Tragedy redeems. The horror of contemporary security politics is precisely that there is no relief, no reason, no victory, no defeats, no exit. Throughout this seminar, therefore, we will explore the problem of life and identity in the age of sustainable warfare.

Dangerous Algorithms: The Weaponization of Drones, bots, and Informatics

Thinking Like a Bomb: An Ecology of Global Warfare

Horizontalizing Quantum Thinking: World War I and the Aleatoric Cosmologies of Whitehead, Duchamp, Keynes, Goldman, JFC Fuller, and Plank.
The talk begins at 28:16 http://projectqsydney.com/portfolio/q2-war-memorial-transformational-and-gendered-panel/
A Recenty Apocalyptic Tone in Everything: The Anthropocene or Peak Humanity?
A condensed article version of a book chapter by the same name. Part of a special issue on William E. Connolly's new book the Fragility of Things.
Something Darkly This Way Comes: The Horror of Plasticity in an Age of Control [Do Not Cite Without Permission]

The Blood of Geopolitics
Must We Persist to Continue

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