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Christopher Roth & Armen Avanessian - HYPERSTITION: Truth is Science is Fiction

Hiperpraznovjerice - kako fikcije postaju stvarne - uz pomoć inteletualne kremdelakrem.
A film on time and narrative by Christopher Roth with Armen Avanessian

Hyperstitional thinking hijacks the present-forming daring interventions into conditions of cybernetic governance that foreclose contingency. Hyperstitions are not imaginary, they are virtual fictions situated in the chaotic unfolding of the Real. Philosophical hyperstitions bring about their own reality. They hold us captive, abducting our thought into alien territories. Techno-heretical action requires an intensification of futurity as the present races speedily toward uncertainty. Hyperstition materializes the future as it leaks from beyond the threshold of comprehension.
Careening the encrypted firewalls of the human security system, DIS Magazine interns have managed to hack into Cristopher and Armen’s vimeo and leak these trailers for their new film, HYPERSTITION.
Christopher Roth’s and Armen Avanessian’s HYPERSTITION is a filmic involution into the narratives and temporalities that both condition and resist the accelerating tempos of global capitalism, a film about time and narrative, speculative realism and accelerationism, transmodernism and xeno-feminism (featuring Ray Brassier, Iain Grant, Helen Hester and many others). Tread carefuly: the deterritorializing intensity of machinic desire and speculative thinking may not be safe for some viewers.
Introduction Jack Kahn
“And what if there was no beginning?” –– Dr. Hyun J. Park
HYPERSTITION: A film on time and narrative. Of thoughts and images. On plants and the outside. Abduction and Recursion. Yoctoseconds and Platonia. Plots and anaerobic organisms. About the movement of thinking and philosophy in art, anthropology, design, economy, politics, linguistics, and mathematics. And back into abstraction.

“You’re always at the beginning and always at the end.” — Ray Brassier
HYPERSTITION: The retooling of philosophy and political theory for the 21st Century.

Featuring: Armen Avanessian, Elie Ayache, Ray Brassier, Iain Hamilton Grant, Helen Hester, Deneb Kozikoski, Robin Mackay, Steven Shaviro, Benedict Singleton, Nick Srnicek, Christopher K. Thomas, Agatha Wara, Pete Wolfendale, and Suhail Malik (2026)
Appearences: J.G. Ballard, Nick Land, Philipp Lahm, Quentin Meillassoux, Reza Negarestani, Patricia Reed, Tom Streidl, James Trafford, Jeanne Tremsal, Alex Williams, and Slavoj Zizek

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Film Christopher Roth with Armen Avanessian
Drawings Andreas Töpfer

How does a fiction become a reality? “Just because something’s not ‘real’ now, doesn’t mean it won’t be real at some point in the future. And once it’s real, in a sense, it’s always been.” claimed MARIA DE ROZARIO in the essay “Apocalypse Been In Effect”. Hype can make things happen in the world. Rather than being purely imaginary, hyperstitions, by their existence as ideas, bring about their own reality.

++ Bonus:

Delphi is a lecturer at UWC, as well as half of the duo which makes up Groovy Troopers Productions - creators of temporary autonomous zones in the form of art & trance festivals. Delphi is currently completing a doctorate thesis, and will present on: "Hyperstition" -- a neologism that combines the words 'superstition' and 'hype' to describe how fictions become fact and how our narratives (stories) shape our world. It also describes, particularly, the narrative of capitalism, which is driven by hype and speculation and, which more importantly, turns fictions into facts. One very important fiction that Delphi will be discussing is the fiction of the apocalypse. Focusing on the current secular meaning of apocalypse as well as how popular culture views our current global crisis and the importance of imagining ourselves differently. Hyperstition also describes the nexus where myth or magic and science meet.A backdrop to the Talk will be a video work of Mer Roberts entitled "A Wilderness of Elsewheres". Delphi explores the world of Hyperstition, a word coined by philosopher Nick Land to describe the manner by which hype and speculation become facts in contemporary society. I will use examples from science and popular culture to illustrate exactly what hyperstitions are and how they function. The future is looking uncertain and how we imagine this future may be more important than we realise. This talk will be both an intellectual and a felt experience.

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