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Germán Sierra - Deep Media Fiction

German Sierra

Već dosta dugo jedino što posjećujem baš svaki dan je twitter-stranica Germána Sierre. Čovjek je Španjolac, zapravo neuroznanstvenik, piše prozu i ima genijalan ukus (tj. sličan mome, haha). Njegove preporuke u mutantskom prostoru književnosti, teorije i svih "novih" umjetnosti, fenomena i pokreta jednostavno su must. Između ostaloga napisao je i epohalno važan esej "Deep Media Fiction".

Cloudwall: Short Story 
excerpt from Standards: The Fashion

Fiction is a curvature of reality. While hyperstitional media refer to reality as a consequence of fiction, hypostitional media might refer to fiction as a consequence of reality. Deep media fiction becomes a property of reality (something like the properties of particles expressed as quantum fields), independent of human-associated meaning (or human perception) - Deep Media Fiction

Primjeri njegova ukusa:

The novelist who gave up the world: & on contrivance, erasing meaning, & formless chaos.

My writing is a process not of generating meaning, but of erasing meaning endlessly, in which a statement does not add meaning to the previous statement, but erases, deconstructs, or cancels out the meaning that has been generated. This happens at the sentence level as well as on the scale of an entire story - Jung Young Moon

Hito Steyerl giving this year's Benno Premsela on killing as an act of design

Imaginary Cities: An Interview with Darran Anderson

Photo published for Malabou
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Must Watch: Helen Hester on Machines, Women, Work, & Machine Women

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