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Studio Smack - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (2016)

“Any sufficiently advanced civilisation is indistinguishable from its garbage.” – Bruce Sterling
Svaka dovoljno razvijena žudnja nerazlučiva je od svog smeća.

We created a new and animated interpretation of 'The Garden Of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch (tinyurl.com/zf6u9nu). We were chosen to go crazy on the middle panel. So we did... in 4K!!!
Go check out the result in the MOTI museum. It's HUGE and AWESOME! You have until the end of 2016. So hurry! motimuseum.nl

For the New Delights exhibition celebrating cultural legacy of Hieronymus Bosch at the Moti Museum, Dutch creative house Studio Smack was asked to reimagine the center panel of the artist’s iconic painting “The Garden Of Earthly Delights“. The resulting PARADISE was a wonderfully wild, vividly animated, short 4K film that brings to life modern versions of Bosch’s characters within the distinct landscape he created so long ago.
The creatures that populate this indoor playground embody the excesses and desires of 21st century Western civilization. Consumerism, selfishness, escapism, the lure of eroticism, vanity and decadence. All characters are metaphors for our society where loners swarm their digital dream world. They are symbolic reflections of egos and an imagination of people as they see themselves – unlike Bosch’s version, where all individuals more or less look the same. From a horny Hello Kitty into a coke hunting penis snake. An incarnate spybot into headless fried chickens. - laughingsquid.com/a-vividly-animated-digital-interpretation-of-the-garden-of-earthly-delights-by-hieronymus-bosch/

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