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OPEN Foundation: 31 video-lectures on psychedelic research

Narkoanaliza, normalizacija psihodelije.

The OPEN Foundation (Stichting OPEN in Dutch) is an interdisciplinary organization that aims to stimulate research into all aspects of the psychedelic experience. By organizing lectures, conferences and other informative meetings at universities, the goal of OPEN is to draw the attention of researchers towards this promising scientific subject. We want to spread honest information on both the potential and the risks of psychedelics, and hope to decrease the taboo that still surrounds the study of psychedelics. OPEN functions as a central node in an ever increasing network of national and international experts in the field of psychedelic research. A central focus in the coming years will be the facilitation and funding of psychedelic research in the Netherlands.

Stephen Whitmarsh - A Fully Emerged Neuroscience Expedition into the Shamanic Ayahuasca Experience from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Wouter Hanegraaff - Entheogens and Contemporary Religion from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Robin Carhart-Harris - Neuroimaging Studies with Psilocybin and MDMA from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Konstantin Kuteykin-Teplyakov - Molecules of Mysticism: Pharmacology meets Anthropology from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Joe Bicknell - Cognitive Phenomenology of the Psychedelic Experience from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Torsten Passie - Astonishing Similarities of Physiological and Psychoactive Drug Induced States from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Klaas Pieter van der Tempel - Psychedelic Consciousness and the Future of Academia from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

Ayahuasca and Antropology, Amazonian Shamanism & Western Science from OPEN Foundation on Vimeo.

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