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Doldrums - Retro-inspirativna meta-psihodelija

Kako treba zvučati miks? Ludo, zabavno, mistično, izvanzemaljski, psihodelično. Tako treba i izgledati.

Album Empire Sound daunlodajte ovdje

 On his debut EP, Empire SoundDoldrums presents us a kind of world-weary psychedelia. If their last single, "I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite," didn't hint enough at the former Spiral Beach frontman's global vision, this release reveals the extent of his empire. Highlight "Parrot Talk" bounces over a brassy, equatorial dub, whereas "Endless Winter" notches back the intensity for some reversed guitar and melancholy breakbeats. In the noise-laden "Tantrum," the ghost of Edgar Varèse haunts a ghetto blaster, and album closer "Lost In My Head" pairs filtered vocals with classic Casio synth. But despite the album's fast-forwarded samples, feedback squelches, and pitch-shifted chicken sounds, Eric Asher's elastic voice bears Empire's twists and turns with pop grace. - Dale W. Eisinger, Altered Zones

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