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Kupica - dokumentarac o kultnom kafiću u Maksimirskoj ulici

Domaći dokumentarac o živahnom gartlicu za čas kratiti:

KUPICA, a documentary film by Mario Vrbančić, noTHINGproduction 2011.

The documentary focuses on Kupica - a small pub in the city of Zagreb, run by a woman called Barbara. It follows an unofficial pub band run by Saša and their performances on Fridays. The band is very heterogeneous: Draž, a violinist who used to play country music and swigs back alcohol; Tom, a university professor (anthropology) who wants to write an ethnography of place, Tibor, a student who is nostalgic for days gone by and old city songs; and Edin, a human rights activists who has lost his job. As they perform their hybrid repertoire - from old folk songs to rock and blues - they contemplate the Kupica and what it means to them and to the other visitors. Their enjoyment is unquestionable and their performances, observed by passersby and the people who wait on the nearby tram station, seem absurd and out of place.
Kupica is a kind of the Eastern European Social Club in which the marginalized, the forgotten, the alcoholics, and the lonely scream with joy in the midst of depression. Nobody can explain the mystery of their enjoyment. There is a sense of enchantment and magic that vibrates through both the Kupica and the documentary as well.
Researchers: Tomislav Pletenac, Senka Božić, Mario Vrbančić, Aneta Mudronja.
Editor: Senka Božić

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