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Anita Fontaine - Fast & Dirty, Paradisis... interactive look-book

Anita Fontaine creates radical content and sensory experiences on and offline, in and out of this world. Zigzagging fashion, art and technology her vision is future-forward, unrestrained by any medium. She was a founding member of Champagne Valentine, an internationally renowned Amsterdam based studio pioneering the intersection of art, technology and weird. Here she created many award winning projects ranging from interactive music videos, apps, retail installations and fashion films. Prior to this she created videogame hacks, installations and GPS cinema apps which were shown in galleries as well as gardens all over the world. She is currently working as a film and creative director with a splash of nerdy technology driven fun whenever possible. She is represented by Andrea Gelardin in London.

Anita Fontaine work “affectively bridges the divide between the long-held distinctions between reality and artifice, imagined and real-world dreams, virtual and actual territories. Her explorations into new technologies are radical, free spirited and on the brink of innovation.. exploring mimesis through virtuosic displays of verisimilitude.”
Mouthful? Now get your eyes full. - netdiver.net/anita-fontaine

Australian artist Anita Fontaine creates new landscapes from the old. Using installations, mobile ghost encounters, games, the internet and cinema, her work expands the parameters of new media and the moving image. One of her most internationally acclaimed works is the hypercute videogame modification Cutexdoom (2005), which explores our global culture of consumerism in particular the obsession with cuteness and Japanese Kawaii culture. Anita's Ghostgarden (2007) is a compelling location based cinema project using new technologies and GPS to bring a modern fairytale to life inside garden environments. Exhibited at the Sydney Festival in early 2008, visitors to the Sydney Botanical gardens could borrow devices from a refashioned Victorian cart, enabling them to explore and unravel a gorgeous animated lovestory set within the botanical landscape. With each garden chosen presenting a unique experience, Anita has developed a second Ghostgarden experience in Finland by invitation, which was included in the Digitally Yours exhibition. She is currently researching spaces in the UK to present the next Ghostgarden for the Iphone in 2009. Recently Anita was commissioned to construct a fantastical architectural vision inside the 3 dimensional world Second Life. In August 2008 Technocolr, The Harlequin Lodge was launched, once again ensuring Anita's presence at the forefront of the new media art scene. Until early 2009, participants can engage online with Technocolr,which pays homage to a disorientating roadside attraction with its whimsical installations and optical treats. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam. - www.mediamatic.net/47563/en/anita-fontaine

Dreamt I could digitize the souls of suffering animals and reverse digitize them back to life when the world was nice again.
I was trapped inside google maps in my dream. I found a castle on an island and tried to climb through a window back to the real world.
Dreamt about heavy black curtains from 18th century Paris. I was trying to open them when I realized the curtains were my eyelids.
Dreamt I was a biker with a couple of little biker rats wearing leather jackets looking like cholos riding with me to Mexico.
Dreamt of a magician who controlled flocks of budgerigars with hand waving algorithms so they formed shapes like waves and pieces of cake.
I dreamt that "My little pony" was my client and I had to look at rainbows all day. It was the best job I ever had.
Dreamt newspapers were triangle shaped & that you could buy personalized weather systems in boxes to hover anywhere like over your house.
Dreamt I lived in a teacup with an annoying pet seagull on a leash. We were trying to have fun but someone kept pouring milk on us.
I dreamt I was eating "david bowie samosa's" in a punk-rock bar on another planet. I took the bus from there to Australia to fuck shit up.
- Anita Fontaine

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