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AHEE [A Human Expressing Experience] - Xhals (2012)

AHEE (Christopher Martin Adam) upotrebljava samo "organski" proizvedene, tj. nađene zvukove (nikakva elektronika ne dolazi u obzir): zvuk zubarske bušilice, zvuk treptanja oka, zvuk kuhanja jaja, zvuk zrikavaca i oceanskih valova, zvuk japanske djevojke koja svira na akustičnoj gitari, zvuk slomljenih igračaka, zvuk limenki, zvuk Adamovih prijatelja itd. No ukupan rezultat doima se poput prirodne, organske elektronike.

Na prijašnjim albumima Adam je njuejdžerski freak: bića iz podsvjesnih razina šalju nam kroz njegovu muziku moć koja će nas uzdignuti na višu razinu istoga.


...been meaning to post this album since it dropped last month - i've all but worn it out on my tape deck in the meantime. it's a breakthrough release from AHEE, who crafts his records using only found/homemade samples without the use of electronics and synths.
side A is a cheeky mash of random sounds featuring glitched out breaks and earworm-y melodies reminiscent of Gaslamp Killer's neck-snapping live stuff. and while it's fun to play spot-the-sample with the lip-smacks of "daiyatoma" or the multi-ethnic strings and lawn sprinklers of "ulklld," what really takes this release over the top is the fucking brutal side B. the tension mounts as the samples get more abrasive/aggressive until finally going supernova during "slyvlrs" and on through the climax of the predictably caustic "dentist." it's maybe the most compelling and evil bit of audio wizardry i've heard in 2012 - quite the feat in what was, generally speaking, a solid year for new music. -

Synchronicity Sampler (2011streaming

Alien entities from our sub-conscious planes have summoned a 3rd-dimensional emissary to create vibrations that will awaken us to their presence.
At age 23 Christopher Martin Adams has recorded over 3000 Songs, 500 of which have been released on his website
Synchronicity Sampler is a collection of 24 tracks from 12 albums by A Human Expressing Experience.

Avatar alchemist Ahee (Chris Adams) travels the world with a field recorder in search of sonic singularities that he remixes into hyperdimensional soundscapes. "evbulota" is a song from Ahee's 46th album, "The Synchronicity Sampler." It was composed from three source recordings: Josh Mellinger drumming on a near-empty mini-keg of Oberon Beer; Chris Adams playing the piano; and throat singers from the Leonin Ensemble.
Over the course of the 7-minute song, each original sound sample is layered with two accelerated versions of itself - one twice as fast and the other four times as fast - to create a constellation of sounds iterating at multiple octaves. In fractal image compression, detail is restored to digital images by layering the images with smaller, shrunken copies of themselves; based on my experiences of listening to "evbulota" during meditation, I'm tempted - with a wink - to describe this music as "fractal audio compression," revealing the detail of higher-dimensional realities by scaling fractal codes. On repeat occasions, I've downloaded an ecstatic transmission of evolutionary potential expressed through its synchronistic alignment of sounds.
As the opening sequence plays to my mind's eye, I travel woozily past skittering entities that are busy at work on something just offscreen - the final preparations of still-latent potential. Something significant changes at 1:49 - walls are breaking down, scaffolding falls away, dimensions start to come together, and hyperconnectivity comes online. At 2:49. angels begin to sing - or is it a mother's lullaby? The feeling of a long-forgotten revelation starts to filter back to conscious awareness. Suddenly, at 3:07, I hear in the midst of the noise: "We're here! We're here!" and in the background: "We are he-re! We are he-re!" With a flash, I remember everything: why we've been striving, for aeons, to realize this moment of potential in time; how we're all connected, infinitely and forever. A profound recognition of future potential: we have made it to everlasting life, to our next stage of consciousness, to realization of our true being and highest potential.
As the song ends and I flutter back to 4D consensus reality, I bring back the lived experience of that total activation, which renews my hope in humanity's path and the part I play within it. A transcendent trip for the ages. - Neşe Devenot

AHEE (2012) streaming

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