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Audrey Smith

Work in progress
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Neodadsaistički kolaži o organsko-snovitom raspadanju buržoazije.

Dandy Bird In Suit

Feb. 2014
Collage on mat board
Extraction Of Eye

Horse In Landscape

Mouth And Butterflies

Negative Dadaist Abstraction

Woman With Bird Head

Birds In Skull

These wonderful collages by Audrey Smith are evolving pictures, a mutation, each picture a stream of consciousness that has its roots in sculpture and Dada.
Originally trained as a sculptor Smith began using sketchbooks when her projects hit a wall, the notes, collages and scribbles a means to keep the creative juices flowing, the ideas, coming, future projects written down, drawn and kept for another time. However this act of assemblage became more ingrained in her creative life and soon she was making collage as an artform in itself, her inspiration taken from the works of the Dadaist artist Max Ernst.
Smith combines vintage and antique medical and science illustrations, photographs, advertising that has rich colour, patterns, and typographic elements to create sumptuous, rich collages that have a wild narrative that seeps through the layers of her pictures, each image a veritable encyclopedia of modern life, a archeological dig transmuted into a beautiful aesthetic that illuminates her practice and gives us pleasure, the work enriching, eye catching, symbolic and full of metaphor.
These days Smith is a collage artist, sculpture a form of the past, her future a unknown journey into the ephemera and fragments of daily life, a mystery, a puzzle waiting to unfold, reveal itself on the page. Here’s what she has to say about her work:
My work is an introspective and process-oriented experiment in combining disparate media to create an entirely new and unique visual context. I enjoy working with patterned papers, vintage and antique imagery, color, and texture. I don’t approach my work with a narrative in mind, rather I let the varied scraps on my work table speak to me. As I work on a collage the composition unfolds before me, which I find to be the most thrilling aspect of the process. My work tends to be rather small (under a foot in any direction) since I like to work quickly, and will usually have multiple collages going at a time.

Abstract exercise # 11
Nov. 2013
Collage on paper

Natural History
Jan. 2014
Collage on antique book cover

Finished with the collage portion. I’m going to customize a shadow box frame for this one. It feels like it needs it.
2011, Collage on cradled panel.
Just added this to my shop. It was a little hard to do, as it is one of my favorites, but we must sometimes learn to let our children go.
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Abstract exercise # 12
Nov. 2013
Collage on cardboard
Lady Clara’s Ablution
July 2011
Collage on vintage book cover
Just added to my shop.

August 2013
Collage on paper
Made for Target Practice using vintage targets provided by Laura Tringali Holmes

Triple Mary
August 2013
Transparency, ephemera, acrylic on paper
Made for Target Practice with vintage targets provided by Laura Tringali Holmes
Working with this lady right now.
Celeste, 2013, collage on canvas

Abstract exercise # 13
Nov. 2013
Collage on board

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