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Gustave Le Rouge / Maurice Frydland - Le Mystérieux Docteur Cornélius (1984)

Klasična saga o arhetipskom "ludom doktoru" iz 1912-13. ekranizirana je u francuskoj tv-seriji iz 1984.


Myst erious and enigmatic adventures where two antagonistic conceptions of the world compete. One is embodied by the friendly French scholar Prosper Bondonnat, the other by the evil Dr. Cornelius Kramm, a plastic surgeon, inventor of the carnoplasty. In the first episode, Dr . Cornelius develops a Machiavellian plan by swapping the faces of Baruch Jorgell and Joe Dorgan. In the second, Dr. Cornelius and his brother Fritz pose as the leader of the "Red Hand" criminal organization. 

Some background on the good doctor: www.coolfrenchcomics.com/cornelius.htm

by Gustave Le Rouge
adapted by
Brian Stableford

The modern literary archetype of the mad doctor is wonderfully incarnated in French proto-science fiction by Dr. Cornelius Kramm, the star of
The Mysterious Dr. Cornelius , a sprawling saga serialized in eighteen volumes in 1912-13, written by the prolific Gustave Le Rouge, author of The Vampires of Mars and The Dominion of the World . Dr. Cornelius Kramm and his brother, Fritz, rule an international criminal empire called the "Red Hand." Cornelius is a brilliant surgeon, nicknamed the "Sculptor of Human Flesh" because of his diabolical ability to alter people's likenesses through the science of "carnoplasty." He is a cool and calculating man, always scheming, always in control, who enjoys his wealthy surroundings in New York and Paris. His brother Fritz is more of a henchman, a man of action, who rules the Red Hand with an iron fist.

One of Cornelius' top agents and the evil Jorgell Baruch, the son of millionaire Fred Jorgell; Baruch is a sadistic sociopath, who likes to electrocute his victims. Cornelius used his surgical prowess to change the face of Baruch Jorgell, making him unrecognizable. Cornelius' growing, global, evil web eventually causes the creation of an alliance of heroes, who band together to fight him and, ultimately, defeat the Lords of the Red Hand. These heroes are Dr. Prosper Bondonnat, an equally brilliant French scientist, biologist and botanist; American billionnaire William Dorgan and his son, Harry, Dorgan, who is also in love with the beautiful Isadora Jorgell, Baruch's good-hearted sister, and finally the British Lord Burydan and colorful, freebooting adventurer. Cornelius Kramm's evil schemes are ultimately defeated after a globe-spanning battle by this alliance of good scientists, lovers, and brave men. However, the ultimate fate of the master villain remains ambiguous ... Does he die by his own hand, or does he live to fight another day? Dr. Cornelius remains a man of mystery to the very end ... Gustave Le Rouge (1867-1938) was one of the authors who most embodied the evolution of modern science fiction, moving it away from the juvenile adventures of Jules Verne by incorporating real people with real emotions into his stories, thus bridging the gap between Vernian Wellsian and science fiction.
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"I believe we have him," said Cornelius. "Oh, he's well and truly ours now," Fritz agreed, "but he's very headstrong, I fear that he might not be a docile instrument." "Everyone becomes docile when they fall into our hands," the doctor affirmed, with a sinister grimace.


1st The Enigma of the Bloody Creek [L'Enigma du Creek sanglant]
second The Manor of Diamonds [Le Manoir aux Diamants]
3rd The Sculptor of Human Flesh [Le Sculpteur de Chair Humaine]
4th The Lords of the Red Hand [Les Lords de la Main Rouge]
5th The Secret Of The Island of Hanged Men [Le Secret de l'Ile des Pendus]
6th The Knights Of Chloroform [Les Chevaliers du Chloroform]
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

"What is it?" demanded Fred Jorgell, feverishly. "What have you discovered?" "Harry Dorgan has been poisoned," declared Antoine Paganot, gravely. "The Red Hand's threat!" Isidora murmured, shivering


7th A Drama at the Lunatic Asylum [Un Drame au Lunatic Asylum]
8th The Phantom Auto Exchange [L'Automobile Fantôme]
9.The Haunted Cottage [Le Cottage Khanty]
10th The Portrait pf Lucretia Borgia [Le Portrait de Lucrece Borgia]
11th A Gypsy's Heart [Coeur de Gitanes]
12th The Gorilla Club Cruisder [La Croisi du Gorill-Club]
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

The vaulted hall was lit by a hundred electric lamps, dissimulated by clusters of foliage. Half-dissected cadavers were hidden from view by heavy drapes of orange velvet. Cornelius had only left in evidence they display case, in Which there were wax statues colored with so much artistry that they gave the illusion of life.


Contents :
13th The Flower of Sleep [La Fleur du Sommeil]
14th The Bust With Emerald Eyes [Le Buste aux Yeux d'Emeraude]
15th The Lady with the Scabious Flowers [La Dame aux Scabieuses]
16th The feverish Tower [La Tour Fiévreuse]
17th The Madman of the Blue House [Le Dement de la Maison Bleue]
18th Masks Off! [Bas Les Masques!]
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

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