četvrtak, 20. ožujka 2014.

Thomas Draschan - To The Happy Few

Austrijska found-footage i kolažna klasika.






Thomas Draschan is an Austrian artist and filmmaker with a long career in the film industry. He was e.g. managing director of the Hessian Film Office in 2000, head of the first International film festival in Frankfurt in 2002, and he was co-founder of the Independent Film Show Naples. Draschan prefers to work with "found footage". His last films "Metropolen des Leichtsinns", "Yes? Oui? Ja?" and "To The Happy Few" are among the most successful international experimental films from Austria. For years they have been represented at festivals in New York, London and Rotterdam and can now be regarded as classics of found-footage film. Since 2004, Draschan is back in Vienna and is working on films, music videos and in joint projects with other filmmakers. - www.webster.ac.at/


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