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Xxyyxx - Xxyyxx (2012)

Marcel Everett je 17-godišnjak. Samo mu iluminati mogu pomoći da golim rukama sklopi sintesajzere s kojima će napraviti ovakvu muziku. Slušanje ovog albuma je sudjelovanje u uroti.


XXYYXX’s self-titled sophomore album is so good it deserves a vinyl release. It’s honestly that impressive. Instead the album is available for download via the name-your-price format right here, which is crazy considering I haven’t been this taken by an album in awhile. That XXYYXX is the product of a bedroom producer is all the more satisfying. Behind the moniker is 16 year-old minimal bass producer Marcel Everett, whom we briefed you on earlier this month. I know the constant emphasis placed upon youth has become a bit redundant, but still, I cannot stress enough how impressive this album is given Marcel’s age.
Throughout XXYYXX’s 14 tracks, the lines between remix, edit, and original material are constantly blurred. The irresistible garage tune “Good Enough” revolves around an intoxicating sample of TLC’s “No Scrubs”, while “Breeze” is a very deconstructed rework of Alt-J’s sleeper hit “Breezeblock”. Marcel’s sampling is eclectic yet precise, and no genre is off limits. This LP is essentially a collection of material that XXYYXX has reinterpreted. In “Forest Fires”, a soulful, empowering vocal performance is paired perfectly with an Eastern-influenced riff and gripping dubstep synth. This unlikely layering is the work of a skilled producer with impeccable taste. I could compliment all of his tracks, but instead I will highly encourage you to add this incredibly impressive album to your library. Enjoy and download it below. Keep up with XXYYXX on Facebook for more.
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XXYYXX Says He's Head Of The Illuminati

By Aleks Eror

Annoyingly named 16-year-old producer, XXYYXX, is a bit of a child prodigy. While a lot of kids his age are skipping school to huff glue (that's what kids do these days, right?), he devotes himself to making ghostly, Weeknd-esque slow-jams, like a web 2.0 Barry White.
But while he might get to rub shoulders with Yeezy and A$AP Mob in clubs that won’t even serve him, being an online child star ain’t easy. For every brown-nosed fanboy looking to kiss ass, there’s always someone who’s convinced that you’re in league with the illuminati. Don’t worry, bro, we get it all the time.
Noisey: So, you're still 16?
XXYYXX: Yeah, I turn 17 in October.
When I was your age, all I ever thought about was wondering who the next finger-bang would be
I know. Could you give me a quick breakdown of your musical history?
I was in a few bands when I was 13, but I grew out of that and started making electronic music when I was 15.
So you’ve only been making this sort of music for…
For, like, two years, yeah.
That’s pretty amazing.
I’m trying to learn and get better, so it’s really annoying when I make a song someone doesn't like and they go, “Oh, it’s definitely a miss on his part." It’s like, fuck you, I didn’t make this song for you, I made it ‘cos I want to make music. I’m still just learning, y’know?
So, you’re 16, but the American drinking age is 21. Can you buy booze when you play a gig?
Never ever. Always in Europe, but never in America.
You’ll be DJing, you ask for a drink and they ask you for your ID?
Sometimes I don’t even bother, especially where I live. It’s like the most conservative state of the country.
What about Alabama?
No, probably worse, man. Literally all of the racist, conservative, idiot old people move down to retire in Florida, so you can’t really do anything. There’s no freedom; they would ID me even if I looked 30.
What if you said "FUCK YOU—the music goes off if I don’t get some booze!"
My friends would hate me!
You’re being peer-pressured into not drinking.
Things can be weird sometimes.
Speaking of weird, a lot of people who follow your stuff on social media have accused you of being in league with the Illuminati?
I’m SO glad this question came up, because I'm actually CEO of the Illuminati. 
Oh, that’s wicked. I’m glad we’re going to get a chance to talk about this.
Yeah, man. I own the Illuminati, I have stock in the Illuminati—all sorts of things.
What are your big Illuminati plans for 2012?
Just fuck some shit up, y’know? New World Order, all that shit. Have a global currency, assassinate some people.
What other celebrities are involved in the Illuminati? Is Lady Gaga involved?
No, she’s just fucking retarded. She’s not in the illuminati, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. 
But there must be someone that stands out that little bit more.
In all seriousness, Ben Bernanke—chairman of the Federal Reserve—he’s a dumb fuck. Nobody should have that much power over the economy.

Agreed. Do you support Occupy?
I support the ideas of it, but the actual protest? I went to one and it was all hype. An overthrow isn’t just going into the middle of the road and shouting "I want change!", ‘cos they’re not just going to be like, "Sure, there you go!"
Here’s a little stat for you: between 1900 and 2006, 26 percent of violent revolutions brought long-term democratic change, compared to 53 percent of nonviolent ones.
Those statistics have been doctored by the ex-CEO of the Illuminati.
Who’s the ex-CEO of the Illuminati?
How did you oust him as CEO?
I told him to fuck off.
And he did?
I’m just kidding. I love him and his voice.
Was it Ja-Rule or R. Kelly that...
ALLEGEDLY...that was R. Kelly. Allegedly.
Are you a fan of R. Kelly?
I love R. Kelly, yeah. Seriously, I'm a big fan.
Would you let him pee on you if he agreed to a collab?
I’d have to arrange a contract, but yes. There are a lot of details around how he pees on me.
Moving on, you’ve also said that Pitchfork suck. Why?
Yeah, they fucking suck. They change their scores so often. Like, a Bonny Bear record got a five, or something, then became really big, so, when they had a reissue, it was given a 10. When an artist becomes really hip, they give them high scores so it looks like they know what the fuck was up. It’s like cheating your way through blogging.
I would definitely have whoever it is changing the scores fucking snipered, over and over. Sniped to death then through the grave, repeatedly. Then I’d contact R. Kelly and have him piss all over the grave. I'm pretty sure he’d be up for that.
You’ve also called Grimes generic—that’s a pretty loaded statement.
The hair, her whole entire tumblr look, her Molly Soda-esque, darkwave, what have you. I’ve seen it before on the internet—it’s super internet. I think the image sells more than the music. I like Grimes now, though. I didn't before, but she’s actually kind of cool.
OKAY, we have to wrap it up, but since you’re the Illuminati and all that, who’s going to win the presidential election?
That’s a good question. Mitt Romney will win, because America is full of fucking retards.

Discovery: XXYYXX

John Taylor

You'd never know that Marcel Everett is the kid next door. At only 16, the Florida native is on the cutting edge of production, seamlessly blurring the murky lines between dubstep, chillwave, trap rap, and other genres. Journalists have a hard time pegging Everett down. "'Post-Internet' is probably my favorite," he says of attempts to define his  music's genre.
Everett just purchased a new controller from eBay in preparation for his upcoming showcase in New York tonight. He sounded a little nervous and more than enthusiastic when he took our phone call from his grandmother's neighborhood in south Florida, where he was taking a walk.

AGE: 16


LOCATION AT TIME OF INTERVIEW: I'm in my grandma's neighborhood, just walking around. There's two condoms on the ground, just chilling in the street. I'm taking a picture and putting it on Twitter as soon as I get off the phone. These condoms are definitely used and old. There's some sort of mold collecting. Brownish-orange. It's really gross.

PICKING A NAME: There's no actual meaning, to be completely honest with you. For some reason, everyone thinks I picked the name because I love XXXY. And I didn't know he existed until a few months ago.

WORST DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MUSIC: "Contemporary blogwave." I can't tell if that's an insult. "Chillwave" over and over and over again. "witchstep," "drugtune," and "Miami blow." What is "Miami blow"? I'm not from Miami, and I don't do coke. [laughs]

BEST DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MUSIC: I guess it would be "experimental bass." Because I'll experiment with different filters, effects, synths, and make a song out of it.

STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING: I make all my own synths from scratch. I also try to experiment with different sounds; darker sounds. With "TIED2U", for instance, I was experimenting with what could make a track moodier. Also, I don't remember the last song I made when I wasn't stoned.

ROLLING THE PERFECT BLUNT: The trick is getting the weed even.

BEING STONED AT PANERA BREAD: I got like six or seven coffees. I didn't really notice until I was blazed that my senses were heightened. There was a richness to the coffee. I could taste the hazelnut in it, if it's dark... it's not gross.

FIRST SHOW: There were 2,000 people attending—it was at this festival. I was freaking out. I was outside, squinting in front of my laptop. And sweating. So I took these amphetamines, and things got really euphoric. And then FL Studio crashed. I had to play one of my songs from iTunes! I was dancing around a little bit. It was ridiculous.

DANCE ROUTINES: I can't "cook." I try! Grant, this guy on my label, he can definitely cook. He cooks so well! He's like, a master chef. I call him "The Master Chef." I can't do two-step, either. All I can do is whatever my body lets me do, and I'm pretty sure those moves don't have names. I do dance alone when I'm in my room, which I'm sure makes things even worse. [laughs]

PLAYING IN NEW YORK: It's supposed to be a big show, because I'm playing with celebrities, and I love celebrities! I'm playing with artists I have in my iTunes. I'm probably gonna half-ass it.

VISITING BROOKLYN: When I went to New York for the first time, I went [to Brooklyn]. It was pretty much what I expected, but better. It was The Weeknd's fashion week. It was fun.

BROMANCE WITH MISTER LIES: Yeah, we're really dumb together. We joke around all the time on Facebook. He's a pretty close friend, I just might work with him at some point. He's like, "What's it going to be like?" I'm like, "I don't know." Probably something moody.

BEING MISTAKEN FOR JAMES BLAKE: If you look on Dubstep Forum, there's all these people saying I'm trying too hard to be James Blake. And I don't think they realize that James Blake is a pianist! He's also a singer-songwriter. His whole album is singing. I mean, there aren't even any lyrics in my songs!

HATERS: You have no idea how many comments I delete. [pauses] My uncle just told me the best thing. And if you could, please quote this. "That's what haters are; they're your biggest fans. They love you, they just don't know how to express it."

OVERCOMING JEALOUSY: I hated Grimes. Before I even listened to her music, I hated her. I tried listening to some of her songs a little more, and I just thought she was super generic in every single way. When she shot to fame, I saw it as a marketing campaign, like Lana Del Rey. But then, I finally realized, I'm just jealous. Once I up and removed myself from all that jealousy and listened, I started to dig it. There's a lot of beef and jealousy in music. And that's a real cancer to the music industry in general.

THE FUTURE: Have you heard of JMSN? I don't know, he's been called similar to The Weeknd. But somehow he got Usher's recognition. And I'm going to be working with this guy! An Usher-approved vocalist. Working my way up.

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