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Mars Water - Mars, Je T’aime (2013)

20225109 1 Hanus Spotlight // Mars Water

Konceptualni album o ljubavnoj vezi čovjeka na Marsu i Francuskinje. Pjesme su njihova uzajamna ljubavna pisma.
No, nažalost, prava autorica je Ponny Kosmas iz Portlanda.

Documentary short about the recording of "Mars Je T'aime."

If you haven’t heard of Mars Water, that’s okay. You’re here now. We’re here. Drop the pop punk album, forget the last 10 years of radio you claimed to ignore and know that we won’t let that big bad pile of shitty music hurt you anymore. Mars Water comes to us from Oregon in hopes to expose you to their unique, clean, surfy guitar progressions accented by a pinch of romantic despair. You can also add some thoughtful cover art to the presentation? Oh, and maybe some more than palatable lyrics as well? I’ve always been impressed with the solo works of  Mars Water, ever since I first heard it in the Spring of 2012. With this peace of mind, I’ve also always been a bit troubled/embarrassed that the only presence of Mars Water on Hanus was minimal. Yes, we’ve housed the Portland based Ponny Kosmas for the Tempus Fugit album, but it wasn’t necessarily one of the more in-depth articles. (I was lazy and I’m so sorry) So last week I set out to remedy my mistake by tracking Ponny down in hopes to discuss the new album titled Mars, Je T’aime (Mars, I love You). To my delight, he was more than enthusiastic to speak with me and agreed to let us house an interview. Besides the title of the release being French, this album will strike cool points with you in other realms of your infinitely increasing pool of judgment. One thing you’ll dig is that it’s actually a concept album about a cosmonaut. (& 1Very, very long distance relationship) Another rad ass attribute confined on this piece is the fact that again, the cover art is supreme. Honestly, it’s not to be taken for granted. You know when you see album art that’s horrid? Immerse yourself in that state of mind and then do a 180 as soon as your eyes are done puking. That’s the admiration you should feel for good cover art. Anyway, it was excellent speaking with Mars Water, and I hope you all enjoy the Spotlight.
Ponny, tell me a bit about your background. Aside from being an artist.

I just graduated from the University of Oregon with a Psychology degree.  Now I’m working at an elementary school in Portland with special ed kindergarten to 2nd graders. It’s really different having a full-time job and no school instead of a full-time school student just making music.

If we could take a minute and do this small exercise, I was wondering if you could fill in the blanks for me?

1. If I could collaborate with any dead musician, it would be George Harrison.

2. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the Saxophone.

3. I want people to actually listen when they listen to my music.

4. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones are definitely some of the artists who inspired me growing up.

5. If music wasn’t such a huge part of my life, I’d probably want to be a film director instead.

If I’m correct, Mars Water started because of a project you wanted to do for your friends in which you’d record a song for them every month? When did it occur to you that you wanted to pursue something that would cater to the masses instead of just your close-knit circle?
Well I’m not sure if I really have decided to cater anything to the masses.  I really don’t want to sell out, so when I make music it’s with all of the fans and my friends in mind. I don’t really have any plans to go to a studio and record some well produced next “Pitchfork” hit.

I loved your last album, Tempis Fugit. Tell me about Mars, Je T’aime. I think our readers would like to hear a bit about it considering it’s apparently a concept album?

Yeah, it’s a concept album about a long distance love relationship between a man on Mars and a woman in France. I knew I wanted to make an album of love songs and release it near Valentine’s Day, but then I slowly came up with the concept and everything.  First Mars Water songs with an accordion, too!

Also, I see that Eva worked with you as well on the release. Do you think you two will work together again sometime soon?

I’m not sure yet, but I hope so. I usually have her or my friend Jessica do some extra vocals on my albums. I was really happy to have my sister, Eva, do a lot of singing on this one so we can share the album with our future friends and families.

I really admire that you took the step to work in another language, by the way. I think that people will commend you for it. It’s not often that an American shows such linguistic range.
Thank you, but really the linguistic talent goes to Kiley, our drummer, and my sister who sang.  Kiley knows a lot of languages and studied in a French immersion school for maybe a year or something crazy.  My sister knows a lot of languages as well.  I wish I knew more languages.  Only really know Spanish and a little Greek and French.  

Speaking of range, if someone never heard your music before, how would you attempt to describe it?
I usually describe it as some sort of surf/motown mix but a little more modern with Strokes/Shins vibe.

 You’re a rad dude, Ponny. It was very cool chatting with you for a split second. Is there anything else you’d like to mention to our readers about Mars Water? Maybe you have something new on the horizon?

Thank you man, I really appreciate it.  I’ve already starting thinking about what I want to do next.  It’s definitely going to be a concept album.  That way we’ll have Tempus Fugit, Mars, Je T’aime and this new release to make a trilogy of concept albums. It just sounds epic.  I was watching the NBA on TNT and was really annoyed with all the advertising and how everything is sponsored by something. Like the “Sprite Slam Dunk contest” or the “State Farm 3 point contest“? So I started joking with my parents, saying that the cookie I was eating was brought to you by Costco, etc.  Eventually I thought of the album name, “This album is brought to you by Mars Water” and it could be a media/corporate/government/greed concept album. Haven’t thought the concept through totally but it definitely has some potential. - Doran at

Tempus Fugit (2012) streaming

 The third record and second full length from Mars Water is titled ‘Tempus Fugit’ meaning ‘Time Flies’ in Latin. Time is something I think about a lot. It’s something hard to describe as well, as there are many qualities accompanying a standard definition of time, such as nostalgia, impatience, deadlines, angst, etc.
‘Tempus Fugit’ is a concept album about time and its related qualities, and features a recurring time motif throughout the album’s course. The album includes an instrumental suite progressing from life to death each song. These songs are titled, “The Living,” “The Sasha,” and, “The Zamani.” Swahili culture is known to believe that stages of history or life progress through these stages, where you are either living, in the Sasha, or in the Zamani. The living stage is self explanatory. In the Sasha stage, you have died, but people still remember you and you live on through memory. This is an interesting stage to think about as you would imagine someone would want to leave a mark on the world to stay in the Sasha longer. In a sense, you are a living dead. One enters the Zamani when the last person who remembered them dies, and they have completely passed. Each song of the suite will try and capture the concept of each stage instrumentally.
The track order in ‘Tempus Fugit’ begins with the sound of children to symbolize the start of life, and continues to get more serious in instrumentation and lyrical content to symbolize the progression and maturation of life until death.
The album cover signifies ‘Time Flies’ by depicting an older man reflecting on his past and simpler times, while looking over the ever expanding suburbia. He may be thinking how much the time has changed and flown by in his life.
All components of the album, being the songs, track list, art, lyrics, etc., come together to create Tempus Fugit. I hope you enjoy the concept and all the components of the album!


Olympus Mons (2012) streaming


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