nedjelja, 31. ožujka 2013.

Torsten Solin - Lacanova zrcalna faza i Oči širom zatvorene

Artificijelni, kričavi voajerizam životinja, žena i nebeskih pogrešaka.

Torsten Solin (*1972) performs two personalities: Himself and the mysterious 'Oge Nilos'. The emerging artist, who studied under Hans Peter Adamski at the HfBK in Dresden, exhibits 70 of his newest photographic works in his upcoming solo-exhibition 'Mirrorworld' at Galerie Torstrasse 161 in Berlin-Mitte. Employing a surrealistic method in order to mirror one reality into a second, symmetric truth, his objects, subjects and landscapes blur and become kaleidoscopic, dream-alike images, which are full of metaphors and connotations. Solin, likewise a very gifted figurative and photorealistic painter, plans to transform the opening into a happening: All visitors are asked to wear mirroring masks (see the b/w photo below), as to provoke an encounter with their 'other' self. A quite aesthetic mixture of Lacan's Mirrorstage and Eyes Wide Shut. And as the dot on the i: Up from 10pm Dj Hell will produce the danceable sounds to the exhibitions after show party. This is going to be amazing! You'll find all other relevant informations below.



The always brilliant Work of Torsten Solin part of hisTORSTEN SOLIN Blossoms&Pearls Broken Mirror series ….Reecard Farché / Anklepants + Companion / smashfacéSee more of his work here in the above tag links xx
Photo: Elisa
Photo: Lada

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