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Hilary Faye - Surreal Animated GIF Collages

Nova razina GIF-animacije.


Surreal Animated GIF Collages By Hilary Faye

Melbourne based designer, photographer, illustrator, animator, and collagist Hilary Faye creates animated gif collages with images culled from the internet. Faye stumbled across gif-making accidentally, while creating her static collages: “When collaging, I often alter the composition slightly, scan, and repeat the process until I’m satisfied. Flicking through the scans on the computer to determine my favourite version, I saw them move and come to life.” Faye’s gifs often include juxtapositions of contrasting time periods, creating odd and surreal narratives. You can find more of Faye’s gifs on her Tumblr page, and some of her animations can be found on Vimeo.

via Beautiful Decay

Video Hilary Faye:

kolaži Hilary Faye:

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