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The Buenos Aires Review

Paul Scheerbarth

Zapanjujuće dobar novi književni časopis.
Kad netko prevodi Paula Scheerbarta, znači da ima satenski ukus.


The Buenos Aires Review presents the best and latest work by emerging and established writers from the Americas, in both Spanish and English. We value translation and conversation. We publish poetry, fiction, essays, criticism, visual art, and interviews.
We’re bilingual. And we’re passionate about the art and craft that allows us to be, so we provide a dedicated space for translators to discuss their recent projects.
We’re digital. Because we won’t be limited by traditional distribution channels that, for fiscal or physical reasons, impede cultural exchange just as often as they foster it.
But we still love digging around in the stacks. And we’re happy to tell you all about the independent bookstores we adore.

Coming soon: our online booktique offering dossiers on our favorite writers and ideas, and a carefully curated library of longer works in translation, as well as special guest appearances by other languages, including Portuguese, in the magazine.
Founding Editors
Heather Cleary
Jennifer Croft
Pola Oloixarac
Maxine Swann
Associate Editors
Martín Felipe Castagnet
Milton Läufer
Lucas Mertehikian
Contributing Editors
Russell Scott Valentino
Milton Läufer
Inés Sotomayor

David J. Bright

Black Ball

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