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Julian Semilian - Devotees of the Precipitate

Semilian je prevoditelj, književnik i filmaš. Ovo su nadrealne epopeje o stanovitom Emuelu Dnitsku (u film use pojavljuje i Bruno Schulz) odnosno fatalnoj Cléopatre de Mérode.


DEVOTEES OF THE PRECIPITATE: A film by Julian Semilian

Concerning selected ephemera of one Emuel Dnitsk, an aspirant to Man Ray's circle, also formerly known as EMmanUEL raDNITSKy. Foretelling Ray's derision, Dnitsk restricted the creation of his "moving paintings" (peintures fluides) to furtive yet copious notes.  Devotees endeavors to resurrect Dnisk's vision from the precipice of reticence. Music by Laura Semilian (Cameo apparition by Bruno Schultz). 36 min.


A surrealist inquiry into the notorious femme fatale's oneiric journeys.

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Julian Semilian began his Hollywood career in 1975.  There he edited 16 feature films and movies-of-the-week.  His personal enthusiasm for avant-garde and experimental filmmaking is expressed in two recently completed films: DEVOTEES OF THE PRECIPITATE (Abstracta International Film Festival, Rome, Italy 2010) and TEAR VOID INSOMNIA MIST (opening feature, International Xperimental Film & Animation Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2007).  As a 2008 recipient of the Kenan Institute for the Arts' BREATHE Grant, Mr. Semilian met with three filmmaker-artists who have provided him with continuing inspiration: Brothers Quay and Jan Svankmajer.
Mr. Semilian's poems, translations, and essays have appeared in such literary journals as Arshile, Exquisite Corpse, Suitcase, Word Letter, Callaloo, Syllogism, Talisman and Cinema Editor.  His published poetry and novels include “Transgender Organ Grinder,” “A Spy in Amnesia,” and “Osiris with a Trombone Across the Seam of Insubstance.”  His translations of Romanian poetry and literature include “Romanian Poems of Paul Celan,” “Mircea Cartarescu's ‘Nostalgia,’” and “Gherasim Luca's ‘The Inventor of Love and Other Writings.’”
Julian Semilian brings his unique, trans-disciplinary perspectives to the classroom, where future editors can experience a forum encouraging exploration, creativity, and attention to detail and tonality. - www.uncsa.edu/

Cléopatre de Mérode (1873-1966) -- Film of a Larger Than Life Figure ... and Dance:

Images of passed celebrities, with ocarina and orchestra accompaniment, recorded in Milan, 1904

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