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Zhang Weimin - Dreamy Wonderland

Klasično kinesko slikarstvo u svojoj najsnovitijoj verziji. Cvijeće viđeno ptičjim snovima.

Zhang’s paintings feature a lyrical scene like the one pictured in the classic poem “The Story of the Peach Blossom Valley” of Tao Yuanming. The lotus that he paints, blooms like a shy, blushed young girl with rosy cheeks and fair skin. The birds that he paints are lively like fairies, flying over flowers and trees. In such a peaceful, heavenly and dreamy environment depicted by Zhang, for a moment, we seem to forget about the chaos and griefs in our lives. Our hearts will be captured by this dreamy wonderland.
Zhang Weimin is one of the best flowers-and-birds painters in China. Indeed, he is one of the best artists in China. His artworks had won many awards and have been selected to display in numerous important national exhibitions. Apart from drawing, Zhang is also very enthusiastic in fine arts education. He is a renowned fine arts professor in Zhejiang and specialises in teaching flowers-and-birds paintings.
"Dreamy Wonderland - Fine Arts Exhibition of Zhang Weimin" is officially open on 3 July,2010 at 3:00pm in Wan Fung Art Gallery. Mr. Zhang Weimin will be present in the opening ceremony to share his thoughts on his artworks and some ancient Chinese masterpieces. The exhibition and guided tour is open to public. As seats are limited, please contact Wan Fung Art Gallery in advance to register for the guided tour. First 100 registrations would receive an art catalogue of Zhang Weimin.


Zhang Weimin, born in 1955 in Hangzhou. He is the vice superintendent of Zhejiang Art Academy, the Director of the Gongbi Painting Study of Zhejiang Art Academy, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a committee member of the Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the vice chairman of the China Zhejiang Flowers-and-Birds Painting Association. He is rated a national first-class artist.
His artworks were selected to be displayed in numerous significant art exhibitions, including the 6th, 7th and 9th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China, the 1st National Chinese Painting Exhibition, the International Ink Painting Exhibition and the 100 Excellent Chinese Artists Exhibition. He has won several awards and prizes such as the Excellent Artists award of the National Art Exhibition, the First Prize of Hangzhou Arts Exhibition, the Golden Award of Zhejiang Flowers-and-Birds Painting, etc. He was named in the "100 Excellent Chinese Artists 1997" by the Chinese Artists Association. One of his artworks has won the Best Award in the National Outstanding Arts Academy Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China.
Zhang has wrote extensively on painting technique. His publications include "Gongbi Flower-and-Birds Paintings Techniques for Beginners", "Chinese Gongbi Flower-and-Birds Painting Skills", etc. His artworks were included in various national publications, for example the "Chinese Modern Flowers-and-Birds Collection" and "Chinese Famous Artists Technique Illustration". His articles on Flowers-and-Birds painting were also included in professional arts magazines such as Chinese Art Weekly. -

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