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Urban9 - The Faculties of a Broken Heart

Urban9 je dizajner nostalgično-melankoličnih omotnica CD-a, razglednica, knjižica, postera...


As a kid, Urban9 discovered his creative energy
through drawing. His interest in design lured him
away from his path as a Master Bicycle Technician
and racer. Although he now works as a corporate
web designer and illustrator, he is commited to
the evolution of his personal work as an artist.
Whether it is through the use of photography,
printmaking, illustration and web design, it is
his poetic naïveté that distinguishes his work
from the rest.

The mingling of digital and traditional
technologies, often combined to a pure, linear
atmospheric music, gives a nostalgic timelessness
to his work. In the past few years, Urban9 has
established a solid reputation for his work and
has been cited in all Web design portals..
- http://www.ekumen.com/

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