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I am Dive - Driftwood (2013)

Što se događa s euforičnim vrtlozima ljetne melankolije kad umru i kroče u onostrani svijet tajanstvenih fotografija?


I Am Dive are José A. Pérez & Esteban Ruiz, two Spanish musicians who are causing a splash with some refreshing, thoughtful and exhilarating music. Driftwood clasps together in her hands an impressive roster of remixes; tracks that first appeared on their release Ghostwoods last fall. I Am Dive’s chosen musicians span the European continent, with the likes of Maps and Diagrams, Dag Rosenqvist and The Suicide Of Western Culture all encountered along the way.
Gorgeous atmospheres swirl around and around, lost in the afterlife; a heady mixture of slow-burning euphoria and ephemeral summer relaxation. The music enters into your life, appearing to resonate deeply with every experience you’ve ever had. Synths paint the azure skies and guitar melodies lie beside blue, pristine harbours on an eternal shoreline.
Driftwood rises high on her pillars of ethereal ambience, vocally free but not without some summertime sadness. Up in the troposphere, the music reaches out from far away, and yet the harmonies are comfy as they coalesce, intimate in their body heat. Auroras of hazy light slide down over the shiny beats and swirling vocals; the same points of light that lead a stargazing species a million light years distant, across the chasm of life and the life yet to come. I Am Dive’s atmospheres of hope and struggle are in safe hands, reverberating across cathedrals of delay. Deep drones push and pull against one another as if in suffering, an endless transition during the ending of romance, the original tracks skewed to such a degree that new life is created out of her faded presence.
The gorgeous, tender feminine vocals on ‘Dixie’ are subdued with such a sadness, but the drifting, looping guitar lines hold onto hope. Driftwood understands that nothing lasts forever, striking a balance between deep, emotional disquiet and airy optimism. She never gets too down on herself, because life is full of careful beginnings. The atmosphere is so delicate that it may evaporate at the slightest touch, but it is open enough to inhale deeply, the remixes providing plenty of oxygen and reviving tracks that have been etched into history with a refreshing, understated atmosphere given perfect life.
Emotions are caught up and then dealt with inside six steel strings and a rosewood fretboard. The record never, ever, feels like a collection despite it being one; it is one body, cast away on emerald seas. Melody and harmony are king and queen, presiding over the music with kindness. Synth pads could be lily pads, as they rebound lush beats off the surface, raindrops sprinkled over the hydrated harmonies. Any beats are ones that are reclined but still progressive, smothered with as much reverb as they are sun lotion. Summer is only a fleeting season, and David Cordero’s remix of closer, “Summer Camp” is a hymn to her passing as the first leaves abandon home. One by one they fall, crossing over into the afterlife. - James Catchpole


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