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Yong Yong - Love (2013)

Portugalski eksperimentalno-populistički vrtog.

It's been a crazy journey for 'Love.' Beginning life as a tape on Night School in 2012, Love has now made it to vinyl, and it won't last long...
Yong Yong are a duo from Lisbon, Portugal comprising Rodolfo Brito & Francisco Silva. Originally released on cassette, 'Love' is their debut release and is now available in an altered, re-worked version for the LP release. A warped excursion into outsider electronics, 'Love' drifts in and out of inner ear consciousness using a multi-technique language which Yong Yong can definitively say is their own. Beginning their recorded career with abstract drone music, Yong Yong have since widened their scope; communicating a slanted perspective of a whole slew of contemporary musics. Samples and degraded electronics, the aesthetics of crumbling form, and pop music turned in on itself are mixed into a vortex which still manages to be underpinned by a melancholic sense of melody. Both experimental and populist, 'Love' is the result of high and low culture smelted down into a miasmic, evocative mercury. A fluid experience where nothing is at seems and that's how it should be. -
Upfront Exclusive - VInyl Edition of 300 copies only of one of our favourite albums released so far this year. Fans of early/woozy Hype Williams take note!* A little-known duo operating out of Lisbon, Yong Yong are a welcome addition to the hazy tape-music scene, and this debut full-length makes a great case for their clunky lo-fi drawl. Comparisons to London weirdos Hype Williams will no doubt come thick and fast, but Yong Yong’s sound is somehow more worldly, and dare we say it even more spannered than Blunt and Copeland’s abstract take on bass music. The fact that Yong Yong are able to bounce from the low slung beats and jarring autotuned vocals of ‘Spray’ one minute to the minimalist, cavernous darkwave electronics of ‘Track 3’ is a testament to the duo’s skill and also their resolve. ‘Love’ isn’t a short record, but in its hour-long duration it never fails to capture the imagination, pulling us through dusty, corroded clouds of house, drone, noise, sludgy rap and f*ck knows what else without a care in the world, never getting wrong-footed by its own breadth of ideas. Like a dangerous collision between near-forgotten Fonal prodigies Paavoharju and the distorted synth-led stylings of 1991, so we reckon if you're into either of the above, or indeed the likes of Hype Williams, Wanda Group, Opal Tapes etc - you'll love this. - boomkat

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