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Recommended Documentaries:

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
CosmosWith Cosmos, Carl Sagan and his wife and co-writer, Ann Druyan, brilliantly illustrated the underlying science of his same-titled book, placing the human species within a space-and-time context that brought the infinite into stunningly clear view. The series, which originally aired in 1980 on PBS, has been seen by more than 700 million people worldwide and remains a high-water mark in miniseries history.
Sagan lucidly explains such topics as Einstein’s theory of relativity, Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the greenhouse effect, bringing the mysteries of the universe down to a layman’s level of understanding. The footage in these remastered, seven-DVD or seven-VHS sets is as fresh and riveting as it was two decades ago and is certain to fire the imaginations of a whole new generation of viewers. This is THE GREATEST television series ever.
This documentary inspired me to a love of science, learning, and freedom of inquiry that have shaped both my interests and intellectual curiosity. Of the hundreds of high-quality science doc series released in the interim, none approach the majesty and depth of this one. An elegant and artistic enterprise for a well-organized, self-correcting way of reasoning and thinking about the universe/time we occupy. After a quarter of a century, this series is as captivating as it is an education.
Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 13 hours) 

Philosophy: Guide to Happiness
Philosophy - Guide to HappinessWe tend to accept that people in authority must be right. It’s this assumption that Socrates wanted us to challenge by urging us to think logically about the nonsense they often come out with, rather than being struck dumb by their aura of importance and air of suave certainty.
This six part series on philosophy is presented by popular British philosopher Alain de Botton, featuring six thinkers who have influenced history, and their ideas about the pursuit of the happy life.
Socrates on Self-Confidence (Part 1) – Why do so many people go along with the crowd and fail to stand up for what they truly believe? Partly because they are too easily swayed by other people’s opinions and partly because they don’t know when to have confidence in their own.
Epicurus on Happiness (Part 2) – British philosopher Alain De Botton discusses the personal implications of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus (341-270BCE) who was no epicurean glutton or wanton consumerist, but an advocate of “friends, freedom and thought” as the path to happiness.
Seneca on Anger (Part 3) – Roman philosopher Lucious Annaeus Seneca (4BCE-65CE), the most famous and popular philosopher of his day, took the subject of anger seriously enough to dedicate a whole book to the subject. Seneca refused to see anger as an irrational outburst over which we have no control. Instead he saw it as a philosophical problem and amenable to treatment by philosophical argument.
Montaigne on Self-Esteem (Part 4) – Looks at the problem of self-esteem from the perspective of Michel de Montaigne (16th Century), the French philosopher who singled out three main reasons for feeling bad about oneself – sexual inadequecy, failure to live up to social norms, and intellectual inferiority – and then offered practical solutions for overcoming them.
Schopenhauer on Love (Part 5) – Alain De Botton surveys the 19th Century German thinker Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) who believed that love was the most important thing in life because of its powerful impulse towards ‘the will-to-life’.
Nietzsche on Hardship (Part 6) – British philosopher Alain De Botton explores Friedrich Nietzsche’s (1844-1900) dictum that any worthwhile achievements in life come from the experience of overcoming hardship. For him, any existence that is too comfortable is worthless, as are the twin refugees of drink or religion.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 2 hours, 25 minutes)

Through the Wormhole

Through the WormholeAll episodes from Through the Wormhole series gathered in one place. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence – the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. What are we made of? What was there before the beginning? Are we really alone? Is there a creator? These questions have been pondered by the most exquisite minds of the human race.
Now, science has evolved to the point where hard facts and evidence may be able to provide us with answers instead of philosophical theories. Through the Wormhole will bring together the brightest minds and best ideas from the very edges of science – Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and more – to reveal the extraordinary truth of our Universe.

Click on the links bellow to watch the documentary episodes:
Season 1

Is There A Creator?Is There A Creator? It’s perhaps the biggest, most controversial mystery in the cosmos. Did our Universe just come into being by random chance, or was it created by a God who nurtures and sustains all life? The latest science is showing that the four forces governing our universe are phenomenally…
The Riddle of Black HolesThe Riddle of Black Holes. They are the most powerful objects in the universe. Nothing, not even light, can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole. Astronomers now believe there are billions of them out in the cosmos, swallowing up planets, even entire stars in violent feeding frenzies…
Is Time Travel Possible?Is Time Travel Possible? Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says that time travel is perfectly possible — if you’re going forward. Finding a way to travel backwards requires breaking the speed of light, which so far seems impossible. But now, strange-but-true phenomena such as quantum…
What Happened Before the Beginning?What Happened Before the Beginning? Every cosmologist and astronomer agrees: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists are now able to take a snapshot of the Universe a mere heartbeat after its birth. Armed with hypersensitive satellites, astronomers look…
How Did We Get Here?How Did We Get Here? Everywhere we look, life exists in both the most hospitable of environments and in the most extreme. Yet we have only ever found life on our planet. How did the stuff of stars come together to create life as we know it? What do we really mean by ‘life’? And will unlocking…
Are We Alone?Are We Alone? Aliens almost certainly do exist. So why haven’t we yet met E.T.? It turns out we’re only just developing instruments powerful enough to scan for them, and science sophisticated enough to know where to look. As a result, race is on to find the first intelligent aliens. But what would they…
What Are We Made Of?What Are We Made Of? Our understanding of the universe and the nature of reality itself has drastically changed over the last 100 years, and it’s on the verge of another seismic shift. In a 17-mile-long tunnel buried 570 feet beneath the Franco-Swiss border, the world’s largest and most powerful…
Beyond The DarknessBeyond The Darkness. What is the universe made of? If you answered stars, planets, gas and dust, you’d be dead wrong. Thirty years ago, scientists first realized that some unknown dark substance was affecting the way galaxies moved. Today, they think there must be five times as much dark matter…

Season 2

Is there Life after Death?Is there Life after Death? In the premiere episode of the second season of Through the Wormhole, Morgan Freeman dives deep into this provocative question that has mystified humans since the beginning of time. Modern physics and neuroscience are venturing into this once hallowed ground…
Is There an Edge to the Universe?Is There an Edge to the Universe? It is commonly theorized that the universe began with the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. But since we can only see as far as light has traveled in that time, we can’t actually make out the edge of the universe. Could it be that the universe is infinite…
Does Time Exist?Does Time Exist? When you’re having fun, time flies. Waiting in a traffic jam, not so much. Your birthday was last month, and your mortgage payment is due in a few days. The fact that we perceive time is certainly no illusion. But is it really there, or is it something we invented…
Are There More Than Three Dimensions?Are There More Than Three Dimensions? For most of our history, we’ve rested easy in the notion that there were three dimensions that have existed throughout time: length, width and height. Ah, the good old days. In the early 20th century, Hermann Minkowski and Albert Einstein connected…
Is there a Sixth Sense?Is there a Sixth Sense? Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the tools most of us depend on to perceive the world. But some people say they also can perceive things that are outside the range of the conventional senses, through some other channel for which there is no anatomical or…
Are There Parallel Universes?Are There Parallel Universes? Since the ancient Greeks first speculated that everything they observed in reality was the result of the interaction of tiny particles they called atoms, great thinkers have tried to find a single mathematical formula that governs and explains the workings of…
How Does the Universe Work?How Does the Universe Work? With the help of massive machines called particle accelerators, scientists studied the subatomic realm and made discoveries about the forces that operate at that level. But the search for a comprehensive explanation still continues. In particular, physicists…
Can We Travel Faster Than Light?Can We Travel Faster Than Light? Prior to the day in 1947 when test pilot Charles E. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier for the first time, people argued it wasn’t possible for a plane to fly that fast. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be deterred by the part of Einstein’s special theory of relativity…
Can We Live Forever?Can We Live Forever? Medical advances have doubled human life expectancy in past centuries. But can humans ever beat death altogether? Can we control and fix the errors that build up in our DNA over the years? Can we find a way to replace the chemistry of life with something more durable…
What Do Aliens Look Like?What Do Aliens Look Like? Science fiction writers have always had their little green men. But these humanoid aliens were based soundly on Earth-based life, not any extra terrestrial evidence. Today, we’ve discovered hundreds of planets around other stars. As we learn what some of these alternative…

The Lost World of Lake Vostok

The Lost World of Lake VostokIt sometimes seems as if our planet has no secrets left – but deep beneath the great Antarctic ice sheet scientists have made an astonishing discovery. They’ve found one of the largest lakes in the world. It’s very existence defies belief. Scientists are desperate to get into the lake because its extreme environment may be home to unique flora and fauna, never seen before, and NASA are excited by what it could teach us about extraterrestrial life. But 4 kilometers of ice stand between the lake and the surface, and breaking this seal without contaminating the most pristine body of water on the planet is possibly one of the greatest challenges science faces in the 21st century.
In 1957 the Russians established a remote base in Antarctica – the Vostok station. It soon became a byword for hardship – dependent on an epic annual 1000km tractor journey from the coast for its supplies. The coldest temperature ever found on Earth (-89°C) was recorded here on the 21st July 1983. It’s an unlikely setting for a lake of liquid water. But in the 1970’s a British team used airborne radar to see beneath the ice, mapping the mountainous land buried by the Antarctic ice sheet. Flying near the Vostok base their radar trace suddenly went flat. They guessed that the flat trace could only be from water. It was the first evidence that the ice could be hiding a great secret.
But 20 years passed before their suspicions were confirmed, when satellites finally revealed that there was an enormous lake under the Vostok base. It is one of the largest lakes in the world – at 10,000 square km it’s about the extent of Lake Ontario, but about twice as deep (500m in places). The theory was that it could only exist because the ice acts like a giant insulating blanket, trapping enough of the earth’s heat to melt the very bottom of the ice sheet.

Watch the full documentary now

The American Dream 

The American DreamThe American Dream is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you’ve been scammed by the most basic elements of the government system.
From the author: All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?
The American Dream takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today.
You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation, and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track.

Watch the full documentary now. Buy the film right here.

The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion

The Story of ScienceFor thousands of years we have wrestled with the great questions of existence. Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? The quest to answer these is the story of science.
Each week, medical journalist Michael Mosley traces the often unpredictable path we have taken. From recreating a famous alchemist’s experiment, to following in Galileo’s footsteps, and putting himself in the hands of a hypnotist, Michael unpicks how science has changed the way we see ourselves, and the way we see our world.
It is a tale of courage and of fear, of hope and disaster, of persistence and success. It interweaves great forces of history – revolutions, voyages of discovery and artistic movements – with practical, ingenious inventions and the dogged determination of experimenters and scientists.
This is the story of how history made science and how science made history, and how the ideas which emerged made the modern world.
1. What Is Out There? How we came to understand our planet was not at the center of everything in the cosmos.
2. What Is The World Made Of? How atomic theories and concepts of quantum physics underpin modern technology.
3. How Did We Get Here? Michael Mosley tells how scientists came to explain the diversity of life on earth.
4. Can We Have Unlimited Power? The story of how power has been harnessed from wind, steam and from inside the atom.
5. What is the Secret of Life? Michael Moseley tells the story of how the secret of life has been unraveled through the prism of the most complex organism known – the human body.
6. Who Are We? The twin sciences of brain anatomy and psychology have offered different visions of who we are. Now these sciences are coming together and in the process have revealed some surprising and uncomfortable truths about what really shapes our thoughts, feelings and desires.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 5 hours, 55 minutes)

James Burke: Connections

Rather, the entire gestalt of the modern world is the result of a web of interconnected events, each one consisting of a person or group acting for reasons of their own (e.g., profit, curiosity, religious) motivations with no concept of the final, modern result of what either their or their contemporaries’ actions finally led to. The interplay of the results of these isolated events is what drives history and innovation, and is also the main focus of the series and its sequels.
To demonstrate this view, Burke begins each episode with a particular event or innovation in the past (usually Ancient or Medieval times) and traces the path from that event through a series of seemingly unrelated connections to a fundamental and essential aspect of the modern world. For example, The Long Chain episode traces the invention of plastics from the development of the fluyt, a type of Dutch cargo ship.

Watch the full documentary now (30 episodes, each 45 minutes long)

Connections (1978)

1. The Trigger Effect details the world’s present dependence on complex technological networks through a detailed narrative of New York City and the power blackout of 1965.
2. Death in the Morning examines the standardization of precious metal with the touchstone in the ancient world.
3. Distant Voices suggests that telecommunications exist because Normans had stirrups for horse riding which in turn led them to further advancements in warfare.
4. Faith in Numbers examines the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance from the perspective of how commercialism, climate change and the Black Death influenced cultural development.
5. The Wheel of Fortune traces astrological knowledge in ancient Greek manuscripts from Baghdad’s founder, Caliph Al-Mansur, via the Muslim monastery/medical school at Gundeshapur, to the medieval Church’s need for alarm clocks (the water horologium and the verge and foliot clock).
6. Thunder in the Skies implicates the Little Ice Age (ca. 1250-1300 AD) in the invention of the chimney, as well as knitting, buttons, wainscoting, wall tapestries, wall plastering, glass windows, and the practice of privacy for sleeping and sex.
7. The Long Chain traces the invention of the Fluyt freighter in Holland in the 1500s. Voyages were insured by Edward Lloyd (Lloyd’s of London) if the ships hulls were covered in pitch and tar which came from the colonies until the American Revolution in 1776.
8. Eat, Drink and Be Merry begins with plastic, the plastic credit card and the concept of credit then leaps back in time to to the Dukes of Burgundy, which was the first state to use credit.
9. Countdown connects the invention of the movie projector to improvements in castle fortifications caused by the invention and use of the cannon.
10. Yesterday, Tomorrow and You. A bit of a recap: change causes more change. Start with the plow, you get craftsmen, civilization, irrigation, pottery and writing, mathematics, a calendar to predict floods, empires, and a modern world where change happens so rapidly you can’t keep up.

Connections² (1994)

1. Revolutions – What do all these things have in common: 3 grandfathers’ lifetimes, 2 revolutions, 1750 Cornwall tin mines, water in mines, pumps, steam engines, Watt’s copier, carbon paper, matches, phosphorus fertilizer, trains and gene pool mixing…
2. Sentimental Journeys – What do these have in common: Freud, lifestyle crisis, electric shock therapy, hypnotherapy, magnetism, frenology, penology, physiology, synthetic dyes, the Bunsen burner, absorption, Fraunhofer lines, astronomical telescopes, chromatic aberrations, and surveying?
3. Getting it Together – James Burke explains the relationship between hot air balloons and laughing gas, and goes on to surgery, hydraulic water gardens, hydraulic rams, tunneling through the Alps, the Orient Express, nitroglycerin, heart attacks & headaches, aspirin, carbolic acid, disinfectant, Mabach-Gottlieb Daimler-Mercedes, carburetors, and helicopters.
4. Whodunit? – This episode starts with a billiard ball and ends with a billiard ball. Along the way, Burke examines Georgius Agricola’s De Re Metallica, how mining supported war, the role of money, the Spanish Armada, large ships, problems posed by a wood shortage, glass making, coal, plate glass, mirrors, the sextant, barometers…
5. Something for Nothing – How do shuttle landings start with the vacuum which was forbidden by the Church? Burke takes us on an adventure with barometers, weather forecasting, muddy and blacktop roads, rain runoff, sewage, a cholera epidemic, hygiene, plumbing, ceramics, vacuum pumps, compressed air drills, tunnels in the Alps…
6. Echoes of the Past – The past in this case starts with the tea in Dutch-ruled India, examines the Japanese tea ceremony, Zen Buddhism, porcelain, the architecture of Florence, Delftware, Wedgwood, Free Masons, secret codes, radio-telephones, cosmic background radiation and – finally – radio astronomy.
7. Photo Finish – Another series of discoveries examined by Burke which include Eastman’s film Kodak Brownie, the disappearing elephant scare of 1867, billiard balls, celluloid as a substitute for ivory, false teeth that explode, gun cotton, double shot sound of a bullet, Mach’s shock wave, aerodynamics, nuclear bombs…
8. Separate Ways – Burke shows how to get from sugar to atomic weapons by two totally independent paths. The first involves African slaves, Abolitionist societies, Sampson Lloyd II, wire, suspension bridges, galvanized wire, settlement of the wild West, barbed wire, canned corn, and cadmium.
9. High Times – The connection between polyethylene and Big Ben is a few degrees of separation, so let’s recount them: polyethylene, radar, soap, artificial dyes, color perception, tapestries, far East goods, fake lacquer furniture, search for shorter route to Japan, Hudson in Greenland, the discovery of plentiful whales…
10. Deja Vu – James Burke provides evidence that history does repeat itself by examining the likes of black and white movies, Conquistadors, Peruvian Incas, small pox, settlements that look like Spain’s cities, the gold abundance ending up in Belgium, Antwerp, colony exploitation, the practice of burying treasure to avoid pirates…
11. New Harmony – A dream of utopia is followed from microchips to Singapore, from the transistor to its most important element, germanium, to Ming Vases and cobalt fakes, which contribute to the blue in blue tiles used in special Islamic places, and Mosaics in Byzantium, the donation of Constantine, Portuguese navigation by stars…
12. Hot Pickle – Burke starts out in a spice market in Istanbul where you can find hot pickle, recounts the retaking of Istanbul by the Turks in 1453, follows the trail of pepper and tea and opium and the exploitation of addicts, moves to the jungles of Java, then to zoos, the use of canaries as carbon monoxide detectors…
13. The Big Spin – is a California lottery which is basically gambling. From here Burke takes us through Alexander Flemming’s chance discovery of penicillin, to Vierschoft’s observation that contaminated water is related to health, to Schliemann’s search for City of Troy, the theft of discovered treasure, and to Vierschoft’s criminology.
14. Bright Ideas – Gin and tonic was invented to combat Malaria in British colonies like Java, which leads us to Geneva where cleanliness is an obsession. Here tonic water was sealed with a disposable bottle cap, and razors became disposable, leading us to Huntsman’s steel, invaluable for making clock springs and chronometers.
15. Making Waves – a permanent wave in ladies’ hair is aided by curlers, and this leads us to explore borax, taking us to Switzerland, Johan Sutter’s scam, and the saw mill, and that means the discovery of gold leading to the 1848 California gold rush.
16. Routes – Jethro Tull, a sick English lawyer, recuperates sipping wine and contributes the hoe to help fix farming problems. Farm production is not going so well in France, either.
17. One Word – The one word that changed everything was “filioque” but we must make a trip to Constantinople, visit the Renaissance, meet Aldus Manutius of Venice, explore abbreviations, learn about Italic print, which resulted in an overload of books, requiring the development of a cataloging system.
18. Sign Here – Murphy’s Law says you need insurance from Lloyd’s of London, so pack your bags to study international law and protect yourself from piracy by calculating the probability. You better study Pascal’s math for that, but you might find yourself jailed for free thinking.
19. Better Than the Real Thing – starts in the 1890′s with bicycles and bloomers and then takes a look at boots, zippers, sewing machines, and infinitesimal difference. Speaking of small, we look at microscopic germs, Polarized light, sugar, coal, iron, micro-bubbles, the spectroscope, night vision…
20. Flexible Response – is a whimsical look at the myth of the English longbow, Robin Hood, sheep, the need to drain land with windmills, the effect of compound interest, decimal fractions, increased productivity, the Erie Canal, railroads, telegraphs, department stores, Quaker Oats, X-ray diagnostics…

Connections³ (1997)

1. Feedback – Electronic agents on the Internet and wartime guns use feedback techniques discovered in the first place by Claude Bernard, whose vivisection experiments kick off animal rights movements called humane societies that really start out as lifeboat crews rescuing people from all the shipwrecks happening because of all the extra ships out there…
2. What’s in a Name? – Remember the cornflakes from last episode? Thanks to the fact that corncobs make adhesives to bond Carborundum, otherwise known as silicon carbide, to grinding wheels used to grind light-bulbs.
3. Drop the Apple – At the Smithsonian, we learn of electric crystals that help Pierre and Marie Curie discover what they call radium, and then Langevin uses the piezo-electric crystal to develop sonar that helps save liberty ships (from German U-boats) put together with welding techniques using acetylene made with carbon arcs…
4. An Invisible Object – Black holes in space, seen by the Hubble Telescope, brought into space with hydrazine fuel, which was a by-product of fungicidal French vines, fueled by quarantine conventions and money orders, American Express and Buffalo Bill, Vaudeville and French battles, Joan of Arc and the Inquisition…
5. Life is No Picnic – Instant coffee gets off the ground in World War II and Jeeps lead to nylons and stocking machines smashed by Luddites, who were defended by Byron, who meets John Galt in Turkey, avoiding the same blockade that inspires the “Star-Spangled Banner,”…
6. Elementary Stuff – Alfred Russel Wallace, who studied beetles, Oliver Joseph Lodge and telegraphy, a radio designed by Reginald Fessenden, which was used by banana growers, studied by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, who got the Swiss to use stamps on postcards with cartoons of Gothic Houses of parliament, which in turn had been inspired by Johann Gottfried Herder’s Romantic movement…
7. A Special Place – Professor Sir Alec Jeffries of Leicester University in England develops DNA profiling and schlieren photography used by Theodore von Karman to study aerodynamics and Anthony Fokker’s airborne machine guns and the Red Baron and geography and Romantic ideas that start in Italy…
8. Fire from the Sky – Thanks to Continental Drift and Alfred Wegener’s passion for mirages, magic images from the sister of King Arthur, whose chivalry supposedly triggers the medieval courtly love answer to adultery, which were in turn inspired by the free love ideas of the mystical Cathars, who lived next to the mystical cabalists…
9. Hit the Water – Thanks to napalm, made with palm oil, also used for margarine, stiffened with a process using kieselguhr that comes from plankton living in currents studied by Ballot bbefore observing the Doppler Effect that caused Fizeau to measure the speed of light speed. Fizeau’s father-in-law’s friend, Prosper Mérimée, who wrote “Carmen”…
10. In Touch – Starting from an attempt for cheaper fusion power using superconductivity, which was discovered by Onnes, with liquid gas provided by Cailletet, who carried out experiments on a tower built by Eiffel, who also built the Statue of Liberty with its famous poem by the Jewish activist Emma Lazarus…

The Power Principle
This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.
It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.
Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on.
Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.

Watch the full documentary now
Part 1: Empire

Part 2: Propaganda

Part 3: Apocalypse

 The Genius of Charles Darwin

Life, Darwin and Everything. In the first episode Richard Dawkins explains the basic mechanisms of natural selection, and tells the story of how Charles Darwin developed his theory. He teaches a year 11 science class about evolution, which many of the students are reluctant to accept. He then takes them to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset to search for fossils, hoping that the students can see some of the evidence for themselves.
The Fifth Ape. In the second episode Richard Dawkins deals with some of the philosophical and social ramifications of the theory of evolution. Dawkins starts out in Kenya, speaking with palaeontologist Richard Leakey. He then visits Christ is the Answer Ministries, Kenya’s largest Pentecostal church, to interview Bishop Bonifes Adoyo. Adoyo has led the movement to press the National Museums of Kenya to sideline its collection of hominid bones pointing to man’s evolution from ape to human.
God Strikes Back. In the third and final episode, Dawkins explains why Darwin’s theory is one of history’s most controversial ideas. Dawkins uses this episode to discuss the opposition that evolution has experienced since it was first discovered. He starts by approaching various anti-evolutionists, ranging from John Mackay from Creation Research, Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, to English school teacher Nick Cowen. In order to address concerns they bring up, he shows the evidence for evolution, including fossil and DNA evidence.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 2 hours, 24 minutes)


The Fabric of the Cosmos

The Fabric of the CosmosThe Fabric of the Cosmos, a four-hour series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene, takes us to the frontiers of physics to see how scientists are piecing together the most complete picture yet of space, time, and the universe.
With each step, audiences will discover that just beneath the surface of our everyday experience lies a world we’d hardly recognize – a startling world far stranger and more wondrous than anyone expected.
Brian Greene is going to let you in on a secret: We’ve all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray.
Much of what we thought we knew about our universe – that the past has already happened and the future is yet to be, that space is just an empty void, that our universe is the only universe that exists – just might be wrong.
Interweaving provocative theories, experiments, and stories with crystal-clear explanations and imaginative metaphors like those that defined the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed series The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of the Cosmos aims to be the most compelling, visual, and comprehensive picture of modern physics ever seen on television.
Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 3 hours, 25 minutes)

Why I Am No Longer a Christian

Why I Am No Longer a ChristianIn this series the author (YouTuber Evid3nc3) explains his life as a born-again Christian, his deconversion, and his life as an atheist.
In the deconversion section, he shows how evidence, reason, and experiences related to prayer, morality, deconverted Christians, the Bible, and his relationship with God Himself all lead to his eventual inability to believe anymore.
The series Why I am no longer a Christian is not finished. It is a work in progress. Based on the author’s current notes for the series, he should be releasing a new video in the series once a month until April 2012. Every new video will be automatically added in the playlist above.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 3 hours, 27 minutes)



KymaticaEvolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction…
When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it’s tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it. (Excerpt from the film)

Watch the full documentary now

Atheism and Critical Thinking

Atheism and Critical ThinkingThis is a web series by a UK artist and secular humanist (QualiaSoup) discussing critical thinking, science, philosophy and the natural world.
He discusses the following: Makers of supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof. Explaining the concept, refuting common objections and giving a number of reasons that atheists are sometimes ‘fervent’.
A look at some of the principles of critical thinking. Faith has no place demanding agreement or punishing disagreement.
A look at some of the flawed thinking that prompts people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts to advise others who don’t to be more open-minded. A brief look at the pointless exercise of telling people, rather than asking them, what they believe.
A poor understanding of probability leads many people to put forward supernatural explanation for events that are far more common than they think. A look at the pitfalls of arguing against science from incomprehension or emotion. A challenge to the claim that a belief in science requires equal faith to the belief in a god.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 1 hour, 32 minutes)

Documentary List:

  1. After Mein Kampf
  2. Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend
  3. Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened
  4. Beneath The Veil
  5. Bill Clinton: His Life
  6. Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World
  7. Biography: Barack Obama
  8. Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey
  9. Bukowski: Born Into This
  10. Confucius: Words of Wisdom
  11. Craig Venter: Designing life
  12. D.M. Bennett: The Truth Seeker
  13. David Bowie: Sound and Vision
  14. Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini
  15. Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life
  16. Exploring Einstein: Life of a Genius
  17. General Idi Amin Dada: Self Portrait
  18. Grey Gardens
  19. Ho Chi Minh: Vietnam’s Enigma
  20. How Bruce Lee Changed the World
  21. I Knew Bin Laden
  22. Imagine: John Lennon – The Definitive Film Portrait
  23. Johnny Cash: The Last Great American
  24. Kurt Cobain: About a Son
  25. Living with Michael Jackson
  26. Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman
  27. Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948
  28. Matter of Heart
  29. Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory
  30. N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös
  31. Neil Young: Heart of Gold
  32. Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World
  33. Outlaw Comic: The Censoring of Bill Hicks
  34. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
  35. Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius
  36. Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy
  37. Tesla: Master of Lightning
  38. The Google Boys
  39. The House of Rothschild: The Money’s Prophets
  40. The Nazi Officer’s Wife
  41. The New Clinton Chronicles
  42. The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius
  43. The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney
  44. Timothy Leary: The Man Who Turned On America
  45. Tupac: Resurrection
  46. Warren Buffett Revealed
  47. Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon
  48. Who is Peter Joseph?
  49. Young, Nazi, and Proud
  1. 18th Street Gang
  2. A Cry for Innocence
  3. Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni
  4. After School Arms Club
  5. Alarma! Mexico’s Most Violent Crimes
  6. America’s Prison Problem
  7. American Drug War: The Last White Hope
  8. Asia’s Illegal Animal Trade
  9. Australian Druglords
  10. Australian Families of Crime
  11. Banged Up Abroad
  12. Bastards of the Party
  13. Battling the Yakuza
  14. Behind Bars
  15. Berezovsky
  16. Capturing the Friedmans
  17. Charles Manson Superstar
  18. Charles Manson Then and Now
  19. Chechnya: The Dirty War
  20. City of God, Guns and Gangs
  21. Cocaine Cowboys
  22. Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin’ with the Godmother
  23. Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer
  24. Confessions of an Innocent Man
  25. Cropsey
  26. Deadly Women
  27. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
  28. Death In Gaza
  29. Expendable: The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby
  30. Extradition
  31. Fashion Victims
  32. Gangland
  33. Guns, Culture and Crime in the US
  34. H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer
  35. High Drama: Honeymoon Hostage Situation
  36. How Terri-Lynne McClintic Became a Killer
  37. How to Commit the Perfect Murder
  38. How to Get Away with Stealing
  39. How to Kill a Human Being
  40. How to Rob Africa
  41. Hunting Pablo Escobar
  42. I Helped My Daughter Die
  43. Inside the DEA
  44. Interview with a Cannibal
  45. Jack the Ripper
  46. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
  47. Just Melvin, Just Evil
  48. Justice: Saudi Style
  49. Kill Him Silently
  50. Kill Me If You Can
  51. Kony 2012
  52. Kony 2012: Part 2 – Beyond Famous
  53. Land of Missing Children: The Rape Trade
  54. Law and Disorder in Philadelphia and Johannesburg
  55. Lucky Luciano
  56. Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?
  57. Madeleine Was Here
  58. Marc Dutroux: The Monster of Belgium
  59. Memory of the Camps
  60. Mob Stories: The Big Guy (Frank Cotroni)
  61. MS13: World’s most Dangerous Gang
  62. Murder in the Amazon
  63. Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind
  64. Paradise Lost
  65. Pirate Fishing
  66. Prisoner X
  67. Rampant INjustice
  68. Real Life Hannibal Lecters
  69. Renegade Jewish Settlers
  70. Robberies of the Century
  71. Ross Kemp on Gangs
  72. Ross Kemp: In Search of Pirates
  73. Sacco and Vanzetti
  74. Secrets of the Dead: Umbrella Assassin
  75. Serial Killers
  76. Sex Crimes and the Vatican
  77. Sherlock Holmes: The True Story
  78. Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War
  79. Slavery: A 21st Century Evil
  80. Spirit Child
  81. Ten Commandments of the Mafia
  82. Terror in Moscow
  83. Terror in Mumbai
  84. The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  85. The Chessboard Killer
  86. The Craigslist Killer: Seven Days of Rage
  87. The Death Squads
  88. The Devil Came On Horseback
  89. The Hasidic Drugdealer
  90. The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman
  91. The Ken and Barbie Killers
  92. The Killing Game
  93. The Litvinenko Inquiry
  94. The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald
  95. The Mark of Cain
  96. The Mexican Mormon War
  97. The Murder of Fred Hampton
  98. The Nigerian Connection
  99. The Phoenix Strangler
  100. The Rape of Nanking: Nanjing Massacre
  101. The Real Bonnie and Clyde
  102. The Road to Guantanamo
  103. The Secret Life of Radovan Karadzic
  104. The US and Honduras
  105. The World History of Organized Crime
  106. These Streets Are Watching
  107. Thieves by Law
  108. Trafficking: Demand and Supply
  109. Twist of Faith
  110. Undercover Copper
  111. Wham Bam Thank You Scam
  112. Who Killed John O’Neil?
  113. Who Really Killed Aung San?
  114. Why We Bang
  115. Young Kids, Hard Time
  1. Afghan Heroin: The Lost War
  2. Afghanistan: Drugs, Guns and Money
  3. Amateur Armstrongs
  4. American Meth
  5. Ancient Drugs
  6. Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict
  7. Breaking the Taboo
  8. Canada’s War on Weed
  9. Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
  10. CannaBiz: The Secret Economy of Marijuana
  11. Changing Lanes
  12. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
  13. Dirty Pictures
  14. Do I Drink Too Much?
  15. Dope Sick Love
  16. Drugs, Inc. – Cocaine
  17. Drugs, Inc. – Heroin
  18. Drugs, Inc. – Meth
  19. Ecstasy Rising
  20. Glut: The Untold Story of Punjab
  21. Grass: The History of Marijuana
  22. Heroin Nation
  23. High Country
  24. Hoffman’s Potion
  25. Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
  26. How Weed Won The West
  27. Ibogaine: Rite of Passage
  28. Ice Age
  29. If Drugs Were Legal
  30. In Pot We Trust
  31. Inside LSD
  32. Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?
  33. Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry
  34. Marijuana: A Chronic History
  35. Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction
  36. Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation
  37. Medical Marijuana Corruption
  38. Medicinal Cannabis
  39. Mexico’s Drug War
  40. Montana Meth
  41. Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure
  42. Sacred Weeds
  43. Science of Steroids
  44. Sex, Drugs, and Democracy
  45. Sex, Lies and Cigarettes
  46. Should I Smoke Dope?
  47. Stoned in Suburbia
  48. Strain Hunters
  49. Super High Me
  50. Swansea Love Story
  51. The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs
  52. The Beyond Within
  53. The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
  54. The Drug Trial That Went Wrong
  55. The Hemp Revolution
  56. The Oxycontin Express
  57. The Secrets of a Drug Dealer
  58. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
  59. The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
  60. The War on Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex
  61. The World’s Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)
  62. Tijuana Drug Lords
  63. Ultimate Grow
  64. Waiting to Inhale
  65. We Love Cigarettes
  66. What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?
  67. What’s The Score?
  68. When We Grow… This Is What We Can Do
  69. World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath
  1. 25 Million Pounds
  2. 97% Owned
  3. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
  4. Aftermath of a Crisis
  5. All Wars are Bankers’ Wars
  6. America’s Bankrupt Banks (Inside the Meltdown)
  7. An Inconvenient Death
  8. Argentina’s Economic Collapse
  9. Banking With Hitler
  10. Big Sugar
  11. Bigger Than Enron
  12. Black Money
  13. Breaking Inequality
  14. Britain’s Bad Housing
  15. Bush Family Fortunes
  16. Catastroika
  17. Collapse
  18. Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
  19. Crash: How Long Will It Last?
  20. Culture in Decline: Consumption-Vanity Disorder
  21. Culture in Decline: Economics 101
  22. Debt: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  23. Debtocracy
  24. Design the New Business
  25. End of Liberty
  26. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  27. Europe on the Brink
  28. Fiat Empire
  29. Flowing Through
  30. For Sale: The American Dream
  31. How the Banks Never Lose
  32. How the Banks Won
  33. I Want The Earth (plus 5%)
  34. I.O.U.S.A. – One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress.
  35. In Debt We Trust
  36. Inside Job
  37. Iraq’s Missing Billions
  38. Let’s Make Money
  39. Life and Debt
  40. Maxed Out
  41. MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis
  42. Merchants of Cool
  43. Million Dollar Traders
  44. Money and Life
  45. Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box
  46. Money as Debt
  47. Money as Debt 2: Promises Unleashed
  48. Money as Debt 3: Evolution Beyond Money
  49. Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System
  50. Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud
  51. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  52. Pawtucket Rising
  53. Phantom Shares
  54. Phoning from the Philippines
  55. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
  56. RBS: Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money
  57. Real Estate 4 Ransom
  58. Santa’s Workshop: Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories
  59. Secret History of the Credit Card
  60. Stealing Africa
  61. Super Rich: The Greed Game
  62. Supermarket Secrets
  63. The American Dream
  64. The Ascent of Money
  65. The Chicago Sessions
  66. The Cost of a Coke
  67. The Day of the Dollar
  68. The Diamond Empire
  69. The dot.com Bubble
  70. The Fall of Lehman Brothers
  71. The Food Speculator
  72. The Ka-Ching Dynasty
  73. The Mayfair Set
  74. The Midas Formula: Trillion Dollar Bet
  75. The Money Fix
  76. The Money Masters
  77. The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust
  78. The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse
  79. The Secret of Oz
  80. The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain
  81. The Take
  82. The Tax Free Tour
  83. Time for Change
  84. Trading on Thin Air
  85. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
  1. A River of Waste
  2. A World Without Water
  3. Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
  4. Addicted To Plastic
  5. Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)
  6. All Things Are Connected
  7. An Inconvenient Truth
  8. At the Edge of the World
  9. Between Sky and Ocean
  10. Bin Wars
  11. Blind Spot
  12. Blue Gold: World Water Wars
  13. Blue Vinyl
  14. Building Green
  15. Can the Gulf Survive?
  16. Chernobyl Heart
  17. Climate Change
  18. Countdown to Zero
  19. Crash Course: Ecology
  20. Damocracy
  21. Deepwater Disaster: The Untold Story
  22. Design: e²
  23. Don’t Talk About The Weather
  24. Earth: The Climate Wars
  25. Earthlings
  26. Edible City: Grow the Revolution
  27. End: Civ Resist or Die
  28. Fire Water
  29. First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
  30. Five Ways to Save the World
  31. Flotsam Found
  32. Flow: For Love of Water
  33. Fracking in America
  34. Freedom Fuels
  35. FUEL
  36. Garbage Island
  37. Garbage Warrior
  38. Gashole
  39. Gasland
  40. Global Dimming
  41. Global Warming or Global Governance?
  42. Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off
  43. Green Death of the Forests
  44. Green Gold
  45. Hawaii: Message in the Waves
  46. Here Comes The Sun
  47. Home Project
  48. Hot Planet
  49. How to Save The World
  50. Hunt for the Supertwister
  51. Inside Chernobyl
  52. Into Eternity
  53. Introduction to Permaculture Design
  54. Life After People
  55. Life Running Out Of Control
  56. Manufactured Landscapes
  57. Meat the Truth
  58. Meet the Climate Sceptics
  59. Natural World: A Farm for the Future
  60. No Impact Man
  61. Occupy Sandy
  62. Patent For A Pig: The Big Business of Genetics
  63. People and Power: The Toxic Truth
  64. Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution
  65. Plasticized
  66. Poison Fire
  67. Poison on the Platter
  68. Polar Apocalypse
  69. Prophets of Doom
  70. Salmon Confidential
  71. Satoyama: Japan’s Secret Watergarden
  72. Strange Days on Planet Earth
  73. The 11th Hour
  74. The Battle for the Arctic
  75. The Battle of Chernobyl
  76. The Big Freeze
  77. The Boy Who Cried Warming
  78. The Changing Climate of Global Warming
  79. The Cleantech Future
  80. The Climate Question: Degrees of Change
  81. The Coconut Revolution
  82. The Consequences of Suburbanization
  83. The Dirtiest Place on the Planet
  84. The End of the Line: The World Without Fish
  85. The Fight for Amazonia
  86. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  87. The Great Green Smoke Screen
  88. The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age
  89. The Last Continent
  90. The Plastic Cow
  91. The Sky is Pink
  92. The Slow Poisoning of India
  93. The Stories!
  94. The Story of Stuff
  95. The Sustainable City
  96. The World According to Monsanto
  97. Then and Now: Ishinomaki
  98. Toxic Light Bulb Investigation
  99. Toxic: Napoli
  100. Turlock
  101. Unearthed: The Fracking Facade
  102. Uranium: Is It a Country?
  103. Waste = Food
  104. We Feed The World
  105. We The Tiny House People
  106. Wegmans Cruelty
  107. What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire
  108. What in the World Are They Spraying?
  1. 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight
  2. AIDS Inc.
  3. Allergy Planet
  4. Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants
  5. An Inconvenient Tooth
  6. Back From the Edge
  7. Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs
  8. Birth in Nepal
  9. Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery
  10. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business
  11. Can GM Food Save The World?
  12. Can’t Stop Eating
  13. Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
  14. Cryonics: Death in the Deep Freeze
  15. Don’t Swallow Your Toothpaste
  16. Dying To Have Known
  17. Dying to Sleep
  18. Fast Food Baby
  19. Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America
  20. Fat Head
  21. Fix Me
  22. Food Matters
  23. Food, Inc.
  24. Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison
  25. Half Ton Man
  26. Hannah’s Anecdote
  27. Homeopathy: The Test
  28. House of Numbers
  29. Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime
  30. Jimmy’s GM Food Fight
  31. Making the Connection
  32. McLibel
  33. Modern Meat
  34. Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety
  35. My Strange Addiction
  36. Nuclear Nightmares
  37. Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame (Lecture)
  38. One Night in Bhopal
  39. Overcoming Obstacles In Treating Your Diabetes
  40. Pill Poppers
  41. Poison In The Mouth
  42. Prescription for Disaster
  43. Rise of the Superbugs
  44. Run From The Cure
  45. Seeds of Death
  46. Seeds of Freedom
  47. Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC
  48. Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine
  49. Sicko
  50. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
  51. Snake Venom Superman
  52. Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up
  53. Stigma
  54. Strange Culture
  55. Street Medicine
  56. Super Size Me
  57. Surviving the Cold
  58. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
  59. Sweet Remedy: Adulterated Food Supply
  60. Tapped
  61. The Age of AIDS
  62. The American Abortion War
  63. The Beautiful Truth
  64. The Boy Who Can Never Grow Old
  65. The Business of Being Born
  66. The Cancer Sell
  67. The Disappearing Male
  68. The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children
  69. The Drugging of Our Children
  70. The Drunkest Place on Earth
  71. The English Surgeon
  72. The Fluoride Deception
  73. The Future of Food
  74. The History of Asbestos
  75. The Lazarus Effect
  76. The Man Who Lost His Body
  77. The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?
  78. The Origins of AIDS
  79. The Price of Life
  80. The Truth 365
  81. The Truth About Vitamins
  82. The Twins Who Share a Body
  83. The Way of All Flesh
  84. The Weight of the Nation: Challenges
  85. The Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis
  86. The Weight of the Nation: Choices
  87. The Weight of the Nation: Consequences
  88. The World’s First Face Transplant
  89. THIN
  90. Treeman: Search For The Cure
  91. Under Our Skin
  92. Up/Down: Bipolar Living
  93. Vaccination: The Hidden Truth
  94. Vaccine Nation
  95. War on Health
  96. Way Beyond Weight
  97. When Food Kills
  98. Why Are Thin People Not Fat?
  1. 1421: The Year China Discovered America?
  2. 1932: A True History of the United States
  3. 42 Ways To Kill Hitler
  4. A History of Britain
  5. A History of Scotland
  6. A Tudor Feast at Christmas
  7. Afraid of the Dark
  8. Africa Addio (Farewell Africa)
  9. After Rome: Holy War And Conquest
  10. Alistair Cooke’s America
  11. America before Columbus
  12. An Islamic History of Europe
  13. Ancient Apocalypse: The Maya Collapse
  14. Ancient Apocalypse: The Minoans
  15. Ancient Discoveries
  16. Ancient Inventions of War, Sex and City Life
  17. Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
  18. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
  19. Ancients Behaving Badly
  20. Athens: The Truth about Democracy
  21. Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution
  22. Barbarians
  23. Battlefield Britain
  24. Beating The Bomb
  25. Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital
  26. Big Easy to Big Empty
  27. Black Athena: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece
  28. Brazil: An Inconvenient History
  29. British Empire in Colour
  30. Byzantium: The Lost Empire
  31. Call of the Snow Lion
  32. Cathedral
  33. Children of the Decree
  34. Cities of the Underworld
  35. Civilisation
  36. Civilization: Is the West History?
  37. Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer
  38. Cold War
  39. Columbus’ Lost Voyage
  40. Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
  41. Conquistadors
  42. Copenhagen Fall Out
  43. Crash Course: US History
  44. Crash Course: World History
  45. Cry of the Snow Lion
  46. Dark Ages: The Sacking of Rome
  47. Dr. Goebbels Speaks
  48. Dracula: The True Story
  49. Edwardian Farm
  50. Egypt’s Golden Empire
  51. Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs
  52. Empires: Napoleon
  53. Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition
  54. Engineering an Empire
  55. Engineering an Empire: The Maya and The Aztecs
  56. Fall of Great Empires: Storm Over Persia
  57. FBI’s Crime Lab
  58. Filthy Cities
  59. French Revolution
  60. Genghis Khan
  61. Gladiators: Back From The Dead
  62. Grandma’s Tattoos
  63. Guns, Germs, and Steel
  64. Haitian Revolution: Toussaint Louverture
  65. Hannibal: The Fall of Carthage
  66. Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism
  67. Hell in the Pacific
  68. History of the Home
  69. History of World War II: Hiroshima
  70. History’s Turning Points
  71. Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies
  72. Hitler’s Children
  73. Hitler’s Warriors: Manstein the Strategist
  74. How the States Got Their Shapes
  75. In Search of Myths and Heroes
  76. In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great
  77. In the Shadow of the Moon
  78. Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization
  79. Islam: Empire of Faith
  80. Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
  81. Julius Caesar’s Rome
  82. Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
  83. Kosovo: Can You Imagine?
  84. Krakatoa: The Last Days
  85. Kung Fu Killers: 10 Deadliest Weapons
  86. Legacy: The Origins of Civilization
  87. Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
  88. Lost Treasures of Tibet
  89. Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Inca
  90. Magical Egypt
  91. Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed
  92. Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France
  93. Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary
  94. Medieval Lives
  95. Mesoamerica
  96. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
  97. Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt
  98. Mysteries of Asia: Lost Temples of India
  99. Mystery of the Maya
  100. Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich
  101. Nanook of the North
  102. Nazi Concentration Camps
  103. Neanderthal
  104. New York: A Documentary Film
  105. Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom
  106. Pompeii: The Last Day
  107. Poor Us: An Animated History
  108. Pornography: The Secret History of Civilisation
  109. Prisoners of Katrina
  110. Prisoners of War Betrayed
  111. Provos, Loyalists and Brits
  112. Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth
  113. Racism: A History
  114. Roman Invasion of Britain
  115. Rosie: Stories from the Home Front
  116. Rough Crossings
  117. Royal Babylon
  118. Salvador Allende
  119. Secrets of the Aegean Apocalypse
  120. Secrets of the Ancients: Olmec Heads
  121. Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of Rome
  122. Secrets of the First Emperor
  123. Secrets of the Lost Empire
  124. Secrets of the Parthenon
  125. Seven Ages of Britain
  126. Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
  127. Shake The World
  128. Slavery and the Making of America
  129. Soviet Storm: WW2 In the East
  130. Space Race
  131. Spartacus: Behind The Myth
  132. Stealing a Nation
  133. Stealing Lincoln’s Body
  134. Suez: A Very British Crisis
  135. Syria: The Reckoning
  136. Tales from the Green Valley
  137. Tank on the Moon
  138. The Adventure of English
  139. The American Future: A History
  140. The Ancient Maya: Tools of Astronomy
  141. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  142. The Atomic Cafe
  143. The Birth of Israel
  144. The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
  145. The Bloody History of Communism
  146. The Canary Effect
  147. The Creation of the Computer
  148. The Crusades
  149. The Danish Solution: The Rescue of the Jews of Denmark
  150. The Dark Lords of Hattusha
  151. The Death of Yugoslavia
  152. The Electricity War
  153. The Empire in Africa
  154. The Eternal Jew
  155. The First Australians
  156. The Frankincense Trail
  157. The Great Book Robbery
  158. The Great Wall of China
  159. The Great White Silence
  160. The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
  161. The History of Chocolate
  162. The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists
  163. The Invisible Nation
  164. The Jews: A People’s History
  165. The Kings: From Babylon To Baghdad
  166. The Last Duel
  167. The Last Stand of the 300 Spartans
  168. The Legends of Santa
  169. The Lost Gods of Easter Island
  170. The Making of Modern Britain
  171. The Man Who Walked Across the World
  172. The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
  173. The Most Evil Men in History
  174. The Nazis, A Warning From History
  175. The Presidents
  176. The Revolution
  177. The Roman Empire in the First Century
  178. The Romantics
  179. The Russian Revolution
  180. The Samurai
  181. The Secret of El Dorado
  182. The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  183. The Spanish Civil War
  184. The Story of India
  185. The Strangest Dream
  186. The Surprising History of Sex and Love
  187. The Templar Code
  188. The True Story of Che Guevara
  189. The Truth About Christmas Carols
  190. The Truth of Troy
  191. The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
  192. The Weather Underground
  193. The Weight of Chains
  194. The Worst Christmas Jobs in History
  195. The Worst Jobs in History
  196. They Chose China
  197. Third Reich: The Rise and Fall
  198. Tibet: Murder in the Snow
  199. Titanic’s Achilles Heel
  200. UK Monarchy
  201. Victorian Farm
  202. Victorian Farm Christmas
  203. Victorian Pharmacy
  204. Vlad The Impaler
  205. Warrior Empire: The Mughals
  206. We: Arundhati Roy
  207. Weapons that Made Britain
  208. What The Ancients Did For Us
  209. What The Ancients Did For Us: The Indians
  210. What the Ancients Did for Us: The Islamic World
  211. When the Moors Ruled in Europe
  212. Who Killed Rasputin?
  213. World War 1 in Color
  214. Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine
  1. A Cow At My Table
  2. A Fall From Freedom
  3. A Grain of Sand
  4. A Tiger Called Broken Tail
  5. Agafia’s Taiga Life
  6. Alien Insect: Praying Mantis
  7. Amazon
  8. Animal Weapons
  9. Ants: Nature’s Secret Power
  10. Asian Tsunami Disaster
  11. Attenborough and the Giant Egg
  12. Baraka
  13. Before We Ruled the Earth: Hunt or be Hunted
  14. Big Dogs, Little Dogs
  15. Biosphere
  16. Born To Be Wild: Giraffes on the Move
  17. Bringing Up Baby
  18. Clever Monkeys
  19. Coelacanth: The Fish That Time Forgot
  20. Coral Reef Adventure
  21. Deep Sea
  22. Dog-Fighting Undercover
  23. Dogs Decoded
  24. Dolphins
  25. Encounters at the End of the World
  26. Europe: A Natural History
  27. Everest: The Death Zone
  28. Extraordinary Animals
  29. Flying Monsters
  30. Future Is Wild
  31. Galapagos
  32. Ganges
  33. Genesis
  34. Grand Canyon National Park
  35. Great Natural Wonders of the World
  36. Grizzly Man
  37. How Animals Do That
  38. How Earth Made Us
  39. Human Senses
  40. In the Shadow of the Tiger
  41. In the Valley of the Wolves
  42. In the Womb: Cats
  43. Incredible Human Machine
  44. Inside Nature’s Giants
  45. Invisible Worlds
  46. Japan’s Killer Quake
  47. Journey to the Sea of Cortez
  48. Jungle Trip
  49. Know your Mushrooms
  50. Life
  51. Life in Cold Blood
  52. Life in the Undergrowth
  53. Life of Mammals
  54. Living with Lions
  55. Living with Us
  56. Lord of the Ants
  57. Lost Land of the Jaguar
  58. Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday
  59. Man vs. Wild
  60. March of the Penguins
  61. MicroCosmos
  62. Monsters We Met
  63. Mountain of Ice
  64. Mutation: The Science of Survival
  65. Mysterious Origins of Man
  66. Natural World: The Chimpcam Project
  67. Nature’s Colors With The World’s Greatest Music
  68. NatureTech
  69. Nature’s Great Events
  70. Naughty by Nature
  71. Oceans
  72. Off the Grid
  73. Oliver The Chimp
  74. Our Labor of Love
  75. Pedigree Dogs Exposed
  76. Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series
  77. Plants for a Future
  78. Predators: The Ultimate Killing Machines
  79. Prehistoric Park
  80. Ray Mears: Extreme Survival
  81. Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection
  82. Sharkwater
  83. South Pacific
  84. Supernatural: The Unseen Powers of Animals
  85. Supersense
  86. Supervolcano
  87. Supervolcanoes
  88. Survival
  89. Survivorman
  90. Swarm: Nature’s Incredible Invasions
  91. Tasmanian Tiger: End of Extinction
  92. The Amber Time Machine
  93. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life
  94. The Cove
  95. The Elephant: Life after Death
  96. The Emotional World of Farm Animals
  97. The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
  98. The Last Lioness
  99. The Last Lions of India
  100. The Last Rhino
  101. The Life of Birds
  102. The Living Edens
  103. The Living Planet
  104. The Lost World of Lake Vostok
  105. The Marvels of Madagascar
  106. The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco
  107. The Most Extreme Animals
  108. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea
  109. The Nature of Sex
  110. The Private Life of a Cat
  111. The Private Life of Plants
  112. The Secret Life of Plants
  113. The Secret Life of the Dog
  114. The Song of the Earth
  115. The Superior Human?
  116. The Unknown World
  117. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
  118. There Is a Rhino In My House
  119. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
  120. Tortuga: The Incredible Trip of the Sea Turtle
  121. Tropic of Capricorn
  122. Visionaries: In Grave Danger of Falling Food
  123. Weird Nature
  124. Wild Russia
  125. Wild Thing: The Smithsonian National Zoo
  126. Winged Migration
  127. World’s Biggest Cave
  128. Yellowstone National Park
  1. A Competent Democracy
  2. A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism
  3. A Way Out of the War on Terror
  4. After Democracy
  5. Aghet: A Genocide
  6. AIPAC: The Israeli Lobby
  7. All Power to the People!
  8. America’s Dangerous Game
  9. American Blackout
  10. American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
  11. An Unreasonable Man
  12. Anarchism in America
  13. Anatomy of a Coup
  14. Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City
  15. Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas
  16. Bhutto
  17. Capitalism Is the Crisis
  18. China from the Inside
  19. Choosing the American President
  20. Clash of the Worlds
  21. Communism: The Promise and the Reality
  22. Control Room
  23. Conventions 2012: The Price of the Party
  24. Cuba after Castro
  25. Defamation
  26. Disenfranchised in America
  27. Dishonorable Disclosures
  28. Distorted Morality
  29. End of Nations: EU Takeover and The Lisbon Treaty
  30. Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel
  31. Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
  32. Escape from Doncatraz
  33. Ethos
  34. Face to Face with Annie Machon
  35. Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama
  36. Fear, Anger and Politics
  37. For Liberty
  38. Free For All
  39. Gaddafi: Our Best Villain
  40. Gaza We Are Coming
  41. Guns in the Sun
  42. How the White House was Won
  43. I’m a Conservative
  44. In Search of Putin’s Money
  45. IRAN (Is Not The Problem)
  46. Iran and the Bomb
  47. Iran and the West
  48. Iranium
  49. Iraq: After the Americans
  50. Kill the Messenger
  51. Letters from Iran
  52. Liberty Bound
  53. Lifting the Veil
  54. Nation of Exiles
  55. Nicaragua: A Nation’s Right To Survive
  56. No Ordinary President: Hugo Chavez
  57. No Volverán: The Venezuelan Revolution Now
  58. Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
  59. Operation Hollywood
  60. Orwell Rolls In His Grave
  61. Our Brand Is Crisis
  62. Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism
  63. Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq
  64. Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land
  65. Politics, Religion and the Tea Party
  66. Rageh Inside Iran
  67. Resistance in the West Bank
  68. Right America: Feeling Wronged
  69. Rivers of Blood
  70. Roger and Me
  71. Ron Paul and Internet Politics
  72. Russian Godfathers
  73. Secret Pakistan
  74. Showdown With Iran
  75. Slacker Uprising
  76. Slavery: A Global Investigation
  77. South of the Border
  78. Spin
  79. Stealing Your Freedom
  80. Street Fight
  81. Street Politics 101
  82. Suspect Nation
  83. Taxi to the Dark Side
  84. Terminal Democracy
  85. Thailand: A Year of Living Dangerously
  86. The Arab Awakening
  87. The Choice 2012
  88. The Day India Burned: Partition
  89. The End of America
  90. The Great African Scandal
  91. The Legacy of Nonviolent Movements in Iran
  92. The Men Who Killed Kennedy
  93. The Miami Model
  94. The Money Lobby
  95. The Most Dangerous Man In America
  96. The Most Secret Place On Earth
  97. The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror
  98. The Panama Deception
  99. The Power of Nightmares
  100. The Power Principle
  101. The Prime Minister and the Press
  102. The Putin System
  103. The Real Face of the European Union
  104. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  105. The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
  106. The Tank Man
  107. The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?
  108. The Truth Game
  109. The U.S. vs. John Lennon
  110. The United Nations Deception
  111. The US and the New Middle East
  112. The Voice of Generation Obama
  113. The War on Democracy
  114. The War Room
  115. The War You Don’t See
  116. The Zionist Story
  117. This is What a Democracy Looks Like
  118. Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule
  119. Triumph of the Will (Special Edition)
  120. True Stories: Taking Liberties
  121. Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties
  122. Undercover in Tibet
  123. Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election
  124. War and Peace
  125. War By Other Means
  126. Why We Fight
  127. Zimbabwe: State of Denial
  1. 2057: The City of the Future
  2. 3D Printed Guns
  3. 9 Minutes Before Space
  4. A Gift for the Hackers
  5. A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy
  6. An Original Maker: Paul Elkins
  7. Arduino
  8. Around the World in 90 Minutes
  9. Astrospies
  10. Battle of the X-Planes
  11. Beyond Human
  12. Build It Bigger: Floating City
  13. Building Gods
  14. Can You Hack It? – Hackers Wanted
  15. Car of the Future
  16. Carrier
  17. City Under the Sea
  18. Controlling the Web
  19. Cyberwar
  20. Download: The True Story of the Internet
  21. Drone On
  22. Dubai Palm Islands
  23. Estonia: Life in a Networked Society
  24. Everything is a Remix
  25. Failed Inventions
  26. Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
  27. Free The Network
  28. Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick
  29. Fusioneer
  30. Future By Design
  31. Future Intelligence
  32. Gaming for Life
  33. Gearing Up
  34. Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary
  35. Google Me
  36. Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777
  37. Hackers World: Anonymous Investigation
  38. Hackers: Outlaws and Angels
  39. Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology
  40. How to Build a Beating Heart
  41. Human v2.0
  42. Hyperland
  43. I Lost My Job
  44. In Its Image
  45. In the Realm of the Hackers
  46. Inside The Mind of Google
  47. Internet Rising
  48. Inventions That Changed the World
  49. James Burke: Connections
  50. Log Cabin Simplicity: Recrafting Pioneer Tiny Homes
  51. Man Made: Bugatti Veyron Super Car
  52. Megaship: OOCL Atlanta
  53. Modern Marvels: Carbon
  54. Nano: The Next Dimension
  55. Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
  56. Networked Society: On the Brink
  57. O Brave New World
  58. Objectified
  59. On the Line: A History of Ericsson
  60. On The Road With… Scientists at CERN
  61. Panopticon
  62. Playing God
  63. Project Code Rush
  64. Reach for the Skies
  65. Revolution OS
  66. Rise of the Machines
  67. Science of Surveillance
  68. Second Skin
  69. Seven Wonders of the World
  70. Sky Archaeology
  71. Smartest Machine on Earth
  72. Super Stadium
  73. Surveillance Technology
  74. Surviving a Car Crash
  75. Technocalyps
  76. Technology: World War 2.0
  77. Tetris: From Russia with Love
  78. The 2nd Assassination of JFK
  79. The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul
  80. The Code
  81. The Computer Programme
  82. The Genius Sperm Bank
  83. The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare
  84. The iPod Revolution
  85. The Machine That Changed the World
  86. The Machine That Made Us
  87. The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard
  88. The Race For The Future Car
  89. The Sakawa Boys: Internet Scamming in Ghana
  90. The Science Behind the Bike
  91. The Six Billion Dollar Experiment
  92. The Thorium Dream
  93. The Virtual Revolution
  94. Thorium: An Energy Solution
  95. Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
  96. Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires
  97. Tunneling under the Alps
  98. Video Game Invasion
  99. Web 3.0
  100. Web Warriors
  101. Who Killed America’s Biggest Gadget?
  102. Who Killed The Electric Car?
  103. Wired: South Korea
  104. World Island Wonder
  105. World Trade Center
  1. 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning
  2. 2012: Science or Superstition
  3. 7/7 Ludicrous Diversion
  4. 7/7: Crime and Prejudice
  5. 7/7: Ripple Effect
  6. 7/7: What Did They Know?
  7. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
  8. Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order
  9. America: Destroyed by Design
  10. America: Freedom to Fascism
  11. American Dictators
  12. Apollo Zero
  13. Area 51 Declassified
  14. Beslan
  15. Big Brother, Big Business
  16. Blood Coltan
  17. Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in the War On Terror
  18. Camp FEMA: American Lockdown
  19. Change is on the Horizon
  20. Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar
  21. Code Name: Artichoke
  22. Cold Fusion: Fire From Water
  23. Conspiracy of Silence
  24. Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up
  25. Dark Side of the Moon
  26. Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy
  27. December 21 2012: The End Of The World
  28. Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?
  29. Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic
  30. Evidence of Revision
  31. Eye of the Illuminati
  32. Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill
  33. FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
  34. Fluoridegate
  35. Good Copy Bad Copy
  36. Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse
  37. Hemp War Conspiracy
  38. In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism
  39. In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko
  40. inFact
  41. Inside Secret Government Warehouses
  42. Invisible Ballots
  43. Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined
  44. Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group
  45. Israel’s Secret Weapon
  46. JFK II: the Bush Connection
  47. Journey to Rockmont: Three Days of Light
  48. Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination
  49. Letter from Poland
  50. Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition
  51. Marathon Day: Boston
  52. Matrix of Evil
  53. Michael Shermer: The Believing Brain (Lecture)
  54. Mind Control: America’s Secret War
  55. Mind The Gap
  56. Monarch: The New Phoenix Program
  57. Mystery Quest: Hitler’s Escape
  58. MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax
  59. Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns
  60. Oklahoma City: What Really Happened?
  61. One Nation Under Siege
  62. Police State
  63. Programming of Life
  64. Propaganda
  65. Protocols of Zion
  66. Re-investigating Dreamland: Secrets of Area 51
  67. Resonance: Beings of Frequency
  68. Secret History of the Freemasons
  69. Secret Space
  70. Secrets in Plain Sight
  71. Secrets of the CIA
  72. Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice
  73. Slavery by Consent
  74. Spinning Terror
  75. Spying on the Home Front
  76. Symbolism in Logos
  77. The Art of Deception
  78. The Big Picture
  79. The Bin Laden Conspiracy: Dead or Alive
  80. The Capitalist Conspiracy
  81. The CIA and the Nazis
  82. The Crash of 1929
  83. The Data Theft Scandal
  84. The Enigma of Flying Spheres
  85. The FBI’s War on Black America
  86. The Great Culling: Our Water
  87. The Greatest Truth Never Told
  88. The Illuminati
  89. The Iron Wall
  90. The James Holmes Conspiracy
  91. The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After
  92. The Light Bulb Conspiracy
  93. The Lightbringers: The Emissaries of Jahbulon
  94. The Living Dead
  95. The Masters of Terror
  96. The New American Century
  97. The New Rulers of the World
  98. The Obama Deception
  99. The Order of Death
  100. The Phase
  101. The Real X-Files: America’s Psychic Spies
  102. The Secret Space Program
  103. The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone
  104. The Tobacco Conspiracy
  105. The Truth Behind the Moon Landings
  106. THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
  107. Uroko
  108. Votergate
  109. WACO: A New Revelation
  110. WACO: The Rules of Engagement
  111. Wake Up Call: New World Order
  112. War on Our World
  113. We Become Silent
  114. Why in the World are They Spraying?
  115. Zero Point
  1. Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death
  2. America’s Deadliest Weapon
  3. America’s War Games
  4. Apocalypse: The Second World War
  5. Attack of the Drones
  6. Attack! Battle of New Britain
  7. Balochistan: Pakistan’s Other War
  8. Battle Tank
  9. Benghazi Rising
  10. Beyond Treason
  11. Body of War
  12. Bomb Harvest
  13. Bombies: The Secret War
  14. Checkpoint
  15. Combat America
  16. Commando: On the Front Line
  17. Daylight Robbery
  18. Dealers in Death
  19. Death of Osama Bin Laden: Operation Neptune Spear
  20. Deir Yassin Remembered
  21. Ending the Nuba Genocide
  22. Enemy Image
  23. Exit Afghanistan
  24. Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre
  25. Fighting the Taliban
  26. Flying the Flag: Arming the World
  27. Genocide: Worse Than War
  28. Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
  29. Ghosts of Rwanda
  30. Gitmo: The New Rules of War
  31. Goodbye Indonesia
  32. Ground Zero: Syria
  33. Guarding the Queen
  34. Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own
  35. Guns For Hire (Afghanistan)
  36. Hearts and Minds
  37. Hollywood and the War Machine
  38. I Know I’m Not Alone
  39. Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories
  40. Invisible Children
  41. Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
  42. Iraq in Fragments
  43. Iraq’s Secret War Files (WikiLeaks Special)
  44. Iraq: The Reckoning
  45. Iraq: The Women’s Story
  46. Kill Shot: The Story Behind Osama bin Laden’s Death
  47. Life and Death in the War Zone
  48. Lock ‘N Load
  49. Militainment, Inc. – Militarism and Pop Culture
  50. Mission Accomplished
  51. My War, My Story
  52. No Childhood at All
  53. No End in Sight
  54. Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority
  55. Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
  56. Our War: 10 Years in Afghanistan
  57. Palestine is Still the Issue
  58. Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space
  59. Private Warriors
  60. Rachel: An American Conscience
  61. Report from the Aleutians
  62. Restrepo
  63. Robot Wars
  64. SAS Survival Secrets
  65. Shooting War: World War II Combat Cameramen
  66. Soldier Child
  67. Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave
  68. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields
  69. Star Wars In Iraq
  70. Tears of Gaza
  71. The Alpha Diaries
  72. The Art of War
  73. The Battle for the Sinai
  74. The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns
  75. The Cu Chi Tunnels
  76. The First World War
  77. The Fog of War
  78. The Fourth World War
  79. The Ground Truth: After The Killing Ends
  80. The Killing of Kashmir
  81. The Killing Zone
  82. The Manhattan Project
  83. The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
  84. The Prisoner: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair
  85. The Real Rebels of Congo
  86. The Secret Iraq Files
  87. The Trials of Henry Kissinger
  88. The True Story of Black Hawk Down
  89. The Unending War
  90. The War Game
  91. The War of the World
  92. The War Tapes
  93. The War: A Ken Burns Film
  94. The Wehrmacht
  95. The World at War (30th Anniversary Edition)
  96. This Is What Winning Looks Like
  97. Uncovered: The War on Iraq
  98. USA: Top Terrorist State
  99. USS Liberty Dead in the Water
  100. Vietnam: American Holocaust
  101. Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War
  102. War Made Easy
  103. War On Terror: At Home with the Terror Suspects
  104. War Photographer
  105. Wars In Peace
  106. White Light/Black Rain: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  107. Why We Fight
  108. World War II in Colour
  109. World War II: Behind Closed Doors
  110. Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia
  111. Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War
  1. A Hard Day’s Night
  2. A Joyful Slog
  3. Afghan Star
  4. Air Guitar Nation
  5. Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who
  6. American Hardcore
  7. Baadasssss Cinema
  8. Baby Beauty Queens
  9. Before the Music Dies (B4MD)
  10. Bob Dylan: No Direction Home
  11. Chopin: The Women Behind the Music
  12. Come Back Buddy
  13. Crap Shoot: The Documentary
  14. Cream’s Farewell Concert
  15. Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul
  16. David Guetta: Nothing But the Beat
  17. DIG!
  18. Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii
  19. Elvis: That’s the Way It Is
  20. Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls
  21. Flamenco at 5:15
  22. Foo Fighters Garage Tour
  23. From Mao to Mozart
  24. Getting into Cirque Du Soleil
  25. How Music Works
  26. Inside Jaws
  27. Janis Joplin: Her Final Hours
  28. Jim Morrison: His Final Hours
  29. Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock
  30. Keith Moon: His Final Hours
  31. Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany
  32. Mad Hot Ballroom
  33. Making: The Shining
  34. Man on Wire
  35. Marvin Gaye: His Final Hours
  36. Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey
  37. Music Changes Lives
  38. Musicians on Music
  39. New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music
  40. Paper Clips
  41. People in Motion
  42. Pink Floyd: The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon
  43. PressPausePlay
  44. Prince: The Glory Years
  45. Punk’s Not Dead
  46. Queen: Days of Our Lives
  47. Rip!: A Remix Manifesto
  48. Rize
  49. Scratch
  50. Shine a Light
  51. Show Business: The Road to Broadway
  52. Shut Up and Sing
  53. Spellbound
  54. Standing in the Shadows of Motown
  55. Style Stage: Hair, Style, and Music
  56. Such Hawks Such Hounds
  57. The Beatles Anthology
  58. The Future Is Unwritten
  59. The House of Cunt: Together and Alone
  60. The Last Waltz
  61. The Music Instinct: Science and Song
  62. The Punk Rock Movie
  63. The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter
  64. The States of Exit
  65. The Unspoken Word
  66. Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser
  67. Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation
  68. Tupac: His Final Hours
  69. Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music
  1. 5th Dimension Ghosts
  2. A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing
  3. Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man in the World
  4. Ancient Aliens
  5. Ancient Aliens Debunked
  6. Ancient Aliens: Season 1
  7. Ancient Aliens: Season 2
  8. Ancient Aliens: Season 3
  9. Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot
  10. Animal X
  11. Area 51
  12. Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World
  13. Athene’s Theory of Everything
  14. Atlantis: The Evidence
  15. Back from the Dead
  16. Beyond 2012: Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age
  17. Beyond and Back
  18. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil’s Sea
  19. Black Box UFO Secrets
  20. Bosnian Pyramids
  21. Cracking the Maya Code
  22. Crystal Skull Legend
  23. D’autres Mondes (Other Worlds)
  24. Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
  25. Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove
  26. Deep Sea UFOs
  27. DMT: The Spirit Molecule
  28. Edgar Cayce
  29. Esoteric Agenda
  30. Evolution of Life on Other Planets
  31. Extraordinary People: The Rainman Twins
  32. Fastwalkers
  33. Feng Shui: Living In Harmony
  34. Finding Atlantis
  35. Gary: Young, Psychic and Possessed
  36. Ghosts of the Underground
  37. Giants: The Mystery and The Myth
  38. Heaven Earth
  39. History of Magic
  40. HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?
  41. Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery
  42. I Believe In UFOs
  43. I Know What I Saw
  44. Illuminating Angels and Demons
  45. In Search of Ancient Astronauts
  46. Is It Real?
  47. Kymatica
  48. Leonardo: The Man Behind The Shroud?
  49. Life after Life
  50. Lost King of the Maya
  51. MonsterQuest: Season 1
  52. MonsterQuest: Season 2
  53. MonsterQuest: Season 3
  54. MonsterQuest: Season 4
  55. Monsters, Madness and Mayhem
  56. Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island
  57. Mysterious World: Search for Ancient Technology
  58. Mystery of the Disembodied Feet
  59. Mystery of the Murdered Saints
  60. Mystery of the Romanovs
  61. New Swirled Order
  62. Noah’s Flood
  63. Out Of The Blue
  64. Paranormal: Seeing Is Believing
  65. Paul and the Word
  66. Project 10:10:10 – Pill or Perception?
  67. Quest for the Lost Civilization
  68. Remote Viewing an Abduction: Searching for Christina White
  69. Riddle of the Sphinx
  70. Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.
  71. Ring of Power
  72. Scariest Places on Earth
  73. Secrets of the Maya Underworld
  74. Secrets of the Occult
  75. Secrets of the Playing Card
  76. Secrets of the Psychics
  77. Secrets of the Star Disc
  78. Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions
  79. Super Humans
  80. Technologies of the Gods
  81. That’s Impossible
  82. The Angel Effect
  83. The Bermuda Triangle
  84. The Billy Meier Story
  85. The Book That Can’t Be Read
  86. The Boy Who Lived Before
  87. The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes
  88. The British UFO Files
  89. The Day before Disclosure
  90. The Disclosure Project
  91. The Diva Mummy
  92. The Doomsday Code
  93. The Family That Walks on All Four
  94. The Friendship Case
  95. The Gerson Miracle
  96. The Girl Who Makes Miracles
  97. The Horizon Project
  98. The Hour Of Our Time: The Legacy of William Cooper
  99. The Illuminated Chakras
  100. The Legacy of Edgar Cayce
  101. The Legend of Atlantis
  102. The Lost Book of Nostradamus
  103. The Lost Caves of Giza
  104. The Lost Pyramids of Caral
  105. The New Roswell
  106. The Other Nostradamus
  107. The Pharmacratic Inquisition
  108. The Phoenix Lights
  109. The Portal: The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon
  110. The Power of Belief
  111. The Privileged Planet
  112. The Pyramid Code
  113. The Revelation of the Pyramids
  114. The Roswell Incident
  115. The Secret
  116. The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun
  117. The Wisdom of the Dream
  118. Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces
  119. UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied
  120. UFOs: The Secret Evidence
  121. Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age
  122. Vampire Secrets
  123. Water: The Great Mystery
  124. We Are the Aliens
  125. Weird or What?
  126. What Killed Arafat?
  127. What the Bleep Do We Know!?
  128. Who Built Stonehenge?
  129. Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
  130. Witchcraft and Magic
  131. World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape
  1. A Brief History of Disbelief
  2. A History of Christianity
  3. A History of God
  4. A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible
  5. All God’s Children
  6. Amongst White Clouds
  7. Around the World in 80 Faiths
  8. Banned from the Bible
  9. Belief and Fear of Death
  10. Beyond Belief
  11. Bloodline
  12. Bloody Cartoons
  13. Bob Dutko: Why He Fails
  14. Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church
  15. Buddha in Suburbia
  16. Buddha Wild: Monk in a Hut
  17. Clash of the Gods
  18. Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson
  19. Cults: Dangerous Devotion
  20. Dawkins on Religion
  21. Deconversion, Belief, and the Power of Silence
  22. Deliver Us From Evil
  23. Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale
  24. Devil’s Bible
  25. Did Jesus Die?
  26. Discovering Religion
  27. Divine Inspiration and Biblical Inerrancy
  28. Excavating the Empty Tomb
  29. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  30. Finger of God
  31. Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus
  32. For the Bible Tells Me So
  33. Friends of God
  34. Giants of the Bible
  35. God Is American
  36. God’s Next Army
  37. Hand of God
  38. In God We Teach
  39. In God We Trust?
  40. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
  41. Inside Mecca
  42. Inside New Zealand: How to Spot a Cult
  43. Into Great Silence
  44. Is Religion A Force For Good In The World?
  45. Is The Bible Still Relevant Today?
  46. Islam: What the West Needs to Know
  47. Jesus Camp
  48. Jesus of Siberia
  49. Journey into Buddhism: Prajna Earth
  50. Lessons in Hate and Violence
  51. Light at the Edge of the World: Science of the Mind
  52. Louis Theroux: Fundamentalist Christianity
  53. Malcolm X: Prince of Islam
  54. Me and the Mosque
  55. Meetings With Remarkable Men: Gurdjieff
  56. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
  57. My Brother the Islamist
  58. Mysteries of Mary Magdalene
  59. Mysteries of the Bible
  60. Oh My God
  61. One Day in the Life of a Men’s Monastery
  62. Openhand: 5 Gateways
  63. Orthodox Corruption
  64. Pagans
  65. Prostitutes of God
  66. Rastamentary
  67. Religulous
  68. Return to Africa’s Witch Children
  69. Riddles of the Bible
  70. Satan: Prince Of Darkness
  71. Scientology And Me
  72. Scientology: Inside the Cult
  73. Secret Bible
  74. Secret Files of the Inquisition
  75. Secrets of the Koran
  76. Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World
  77. Sex, Drugs and Religion
  78. The Arrivals
  79. The Atheism Tapes
  80. The Atheist Experience: Ray Comfort Interview
  81. The Bible Unearthed
  82. The Bible’s Buried Secrets
  83. The Big Silence
  84. The Buddha
  85. The Case for Christ
  86. The Days of Genesis
  87. The First Jesus
  88. The Four Horsemen
  89. The Fundamentalists
  90. The God Who Wasn’t There
  91. The Hidden Story of Jesus
  92. The History of Angels
  93. The History of the Devil
  94. The Life of Buddha
  95. The Life of Muhammad
  96. The Lost Gods
  97. The Lost Gospel of Judas
  98. The Lost Gospels
  99. The Miracles of Jesus
  100. The Missing Years of Jesus
  101. The Most Hated Family in America
  102. The Muslim Jesus
  103. The Naked Truth
  104. The Protestant Revolution
  105. The Road To Armageddon: A Free Spiritual Guide
  106. The Root Of All Evil?
  107. The Secrets of Scientology
  108. The Story of God
  109. The Story of Lord Buddha
  110. The Thinking Atheist
  111. The Third Jihad
  112. The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life
  113. The Zen Mind
  114. There Are No Gods
  115. Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy
  116. Top Ten (Failed) Proofs for God’s Existence
  117. True Islam
  118. Undercover Mosque
  119. Unholy War
  120. Unmistaken Child
  121. Varanasi, India: Beyond
  122. What Genesis Got Wrong
  123. What the Bible Got Wrong: A Flat Earth
  124. Who Wrote The Bible?
  125. Who’s Got God’s Millions?
  126. Why I Am No Longer a Christian
  127. Zeitgeist Refuted
  1. “Science” of the Gaps
  2. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tsunamis
  3. 100 Greatest Discoveries
  4. 100 Greatest Discoveries: Origins And Evolution
  5. A Brief History of Time
  6. A Traveler’s Guide to the Planets
  7. A Universe From Nothing (Lecture)
  8. A War on Science
  9. Absolute Zero
  10. Adventures In Human Evolution
  11. Aftermath: Population Zero
  12. Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply
  13. Alien Earths
  14. Alien Fireballs
  15. Alien Planet
  16. Alien Worlds
  17. An Experiment to Save The World
  18. Ape to Man
  19. Are There More Than Three Dimensions?
  20. Are We Alone in the Universe?
  21. Are We Still Evolving?
  22. Aristotle’s Lagoon
  23. Arithmetic, Population and Energy (Lecture)
  24. Armstrong: NASA 50th Anniversary
  25. Asteroids: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  26. ATOM
  27. Atom Smasher
  28. Battle of the Brains
  29. Beautiful Minds
  30. Becoming Human
  31. Ben Stein’s Flunked: No Intelligence Applied
  32. Biggest Things in Space
  33. Birth of the Earth
  34. Born to Rage: Inside the Warrior Gene
  35. Brain Story
  36. BrainSex: Why We Fall in Love?
  37. Brave New World with Stephen Hawking
  38. Break the Science Barrier
  39. Can We Make a Star on Earth?
  40. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
  41. Chemistry: A Volatile History
  42. Clash of the Dinosaurs
  43. Cloning the First Human
  44. Cosmic Collisions
  45. Cosmic Journeys
  46. Cosmic Voyage
  47. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
  48. Cracking the Colour Code
  49. Crash Course: Biology
  50. Crash Course: Chemistry
  51. Curiosity
  52. Dangerous Knowledge
  53. Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
  54. Darwin’s Secret Notebooks
  55. Darwin’s Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species
  56. David Attenborough’s First Life
  57. Derek Tastes of Ear Wax
  58. Destination Titan
  59. Destiny in Space
  60. Did Cooking Make Us Human?
  61. Did Darwin Kill God?
  62. Dimensions: A Walk Through Mathematics
  63. Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
  64. Discovering Ardi (Ardipithecus Ramidus)
  65. DNA: The Molecule of Life
  66. DNA: The Secret of Life
  67. Do We Really Need the Moon?
  68. Do You Know What Time It Is?
  69. Do You See What I See?
  70. Do You Want To Live Forever?
  71. Don’t Grow Old
  72. Drain the Ocean
  73. Earth 2100: The Final Century of Civilization?
  74. Earth Story
  75. Earth: Making of a Planet
  76. Einstein and E=mc^2
  77. Einstein’s Equation Of Life and Death
  78. Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony
  79. End Day
  80. Everything and Nothing
  81. Evolution
  82. Evolution and Irreducible Complexity
  83. Evolution Primer
  84. Evolutions
  85. Evolve
  86. Exploring Life Extension
  87. Extinctions
  88. Extreme Archaeology
  89. Extreme Universe
  90. Facts of Evolution
  91. Falsifying Phylogeny
  92. Faster than the Speed of Light?
  93. Fermat’s Last Theorem
  94. First Orbit
  95. For All Mankind
  96. Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism
  97. Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension
  98. Fractals: The Colors of Infinity
  99. Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point
  100. From Big Bang to Man
  101. From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy
  102. From the Earth to the Moon
  103. Frontiers of Deep Space
  104. Future Life on Earth
  105. Galapagos: Beyond Darwin
  106. Genius of Britain
  107. Genius of Pythagoras
  108. God on the Brain
  109. God, The Universe and Everything Else
  110. Google: Behind the Screen
  111. Growing Up in the Universe
  112. Health: Body Builders
  113. Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion
  114. Hello, I’m A Scientist
  115. Here Be Dragons
  116. High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos
  117. History Cold Case
  118. Homo Futurus
  119. Homo Sapiens: Who Are We?
  120. How Did Life Begin?
  121. How Did the Universe Begin?
  122. How Does Your Memory Work?
  123. How Long Is A Piece Of String?
  124. How Science Changed Our World
  125. How the Earth Was Made: Season 1
  126. How the Earth Was Made: Season 2
  127. How the Universe Works
  128. How To Build A Dinosaur
  129. How to Live to 101
  130. How To Mend A Broken Heart
  131. Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery
  132. Human Ape
  133. Human Body: Pushing The Limits
  134. Human Cloning
  135. Human Evolution: Clash of The Cavemen
  136. Human Instinct
  137. Hyperspace
  138. I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means
  139. Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans?
  140. Ice Age Meltdown
  141. If We Had No Moon
  142. In the Womb
  143. In the Womb: Multiples
  144. Inside Planet Earth
  145. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking
  146. Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
  147. Is Seeing Believing?
  148. James Burke: The Day The Universe Changed
  149. Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
  150. Journey to 10,000 BC
  151. Journey to the Edge of the Universe
  152. Journeys from the Centre of the Earth
  153. Jupiter: The Giant Planet
  154. Killer Asteroids
  155. Known Universe: Alien Contact
  156. Known Universe: Decoding the Skies
  157. Known Universe: Stellar Storms
  158. Known Universe: The Biggest and The Smallest
  159. Known Universe: The Fastest
  160. Known Universe: The Most Explosive
  161. Last Extinction
  162. Learning to Think Critically
  163. Light Darkness and Colors
  164. Light Fantastic
  165. Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution
  166. Living on Mars
  167. Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla
  168. Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives
  169. Magnetic Storm
  170. Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita
  171. Mars, Dead or Alive
  172. Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
  173. Miracle Planet
  174. Mission to Titan
  175. Monster of The Milky Way
  176. Moon For Sale
  177. Moons of the Solar System
  178. Most of the Universe is Missing
  179. My Pet Dinosaur
  180. Mythbusters: Collection 1
  181. Natural Mystery
  182. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Called by the Universe (Conversation)
  183. Newton: The Dark Heretic
  184. Nice Guys Finish First
  185. Obsessed and Scientific
  186. Oldest Mummies in the World
  187. Origins
  188. Origins of Us
  189. Owning the Weather
  190. Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
  191. Pandora’s Box
  192. Parallel Universes
  193. Phages: The Virus that Cures
  194. Placebo: Cracking the Code
  195. Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth
  196. Pleasure and Pain
  197. Powers of Ten
  198. Predators in Your Backyard
  199. Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
  200. Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth
  201. Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine
  202. Richard Feynman: The Character of Physical Law
  203. Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
  204. Roving Mars
  205. Science and Islam
  206. Science Under Attack
  207. Scientific American Frontiers
  208. Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
  209. SciShow: Chemistry
  210. SciShow: Dose
  211. SciShow: Great Minds
  212. SciShow: Infusion
  213. Search for the First Human (Sahelanthropus Tchadensis)
  214. Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy
  215. Secrets of The Mind
  216. Secrets of the Stone Age
  217. Seeing Stars
  218. Seven Wonders of the Microbe World
  219. Six Degrees of Separation
  220. Sixty Symbols
  221. Space Tourists
  222. Star Clock BC: Antikythera Mechanism
  223. Stargazing: A Graphic Guide To The Heavens
  224. Stephen Hawking’s Universe
  225. Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe
  226. Stone Age Apocalypse
  227. Stress: Portrait of a Killer
  228. Supermassive Black Holes
  229. Supernatural Science: Previous Lives
  230. T. Rex: Warrior or Wimp?
  231. That’s Impossible: Eternal Life
  232. The Ape That Took Over The World
  233. The Ascent of Man
  234. The Beauty of Diagrams
  235. The Big Bang
  236. The Big Bang Machine
  237. The Body Machine
  238. The Brain
  239. The Brain: Our Universe Within
  240. The Cell
  241. The Changing Ape
  242. The Chemistry of Almost Everything
  243. The Code: Numbers, Shapes and Prediction
  244. The Core
  245. The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide
  246. The Day I Died
  247. The Day the Earth Nearly Died
  248. The Day We Learned To Think
  249. The Death of the Oceans
  250. The Death Star
  251. The Elegant Universe
  252. The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion
  253. The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein
  254. The Fabric of the Cosmos
  255. The Four-Winged Dinosaur
  256. The Genius of Charles Darwin
  257. The Ghost in our Genes
  258. The Great Robot Race
  259. The Hawking Paradox
  260. The Human Body
  261. The Human Face
  262. The Human Family Tree
  263. The Human Spark
  264. The Incredible Human Journey
  265. The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus
  266. The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestors
  267. The Mars Underground
  268. The Molecule That Made Our World
  269. The Moon, the Tides and Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  270. The Mystery of the Human Hobbit
  271. The Mystery of the Jurassic
  272. The Nine Months That Made You
  273. The Periodic Table of Videos
  274. The Planets
  275. The Poetry of Science (Discussion)
  276. The Primacy of Consciousness
  277. The Purpose of Purpose: Richard Dawkins (Lecture)
  278. The Quest For Life
  279. The Real Eve
  280. The Real Neanderthal Man
  281. The Real Superhumans: Quest for the Future Fantastic
  282. The Search for Adam
  283. The Search for Life: The Drake Equation
  284. The Secret Life of Chaos
  285. The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock
  286. The Secret World of Pain
  287. The Secret You
  288. The Shape of Life
  289. The Space Shuttle: A Horizon Guide
  290. The Story of Maths
  291. The Story of One
  292. The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion
  293. The Strange World of Nanoscience
  294. The Sun
  295. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs
  296. The Ultimate Guide: Pyramids
  297. The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang
  298. The Universe: Season 1
  299. The Universe: Season 2
  300. The Universe: Season 3
  301. The Universe: Season 4
  302. The Universe: Season 5
  303. The Universe: Supernovae
  304. Through the Wormhole
  305. Through The Wormhole: Are There Parallel Universes?
  306. Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone?
  307. Through The Wormhole: Beyond The Darkness
  308. Through the Wormhole: Can We Live Forever?
  309. Through The Wormhole: Can We Travel Faster Than Light?
  310. Through the Wormhole: Does Time Exist?
  311. Through The Wormhole: How Did We Get Here?
  312. Through the Wormhole: How Does the Universe Work?
  313. Through The Wormhole: Is There A Creator?
  314. Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?
  315. Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?
  316. Through the Wormhole: Is there Life after Death?
  317. Through The Wormhole: Is Time Travel Possible?
  318. Through the Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes
  319. Through The Wormhole: What Are We Made Of?
  320. Through the Wormhole: What Do Aliens Look Like?
  321. Thunderbolts of the Gods
  322. Time
  323. Time Machine
  324. Time Trip
  325. To Infinity and Beyond
  326. Uncertain Principles
  327. Universe: The Cosmology Quest
  328. Violent Universe
  329. Visions of the Future
  330. Walking With Dinosaurs
  331. Was Darwin Wrong?
  332. Weirdest Planets
  333. Welcome to Mars
  334. What Darwin Didn’t Know
  335. What Darwin Never Knew
  336. What Happened Before the Beginning?
  337. What Happened Before the Big Bang?
  338. What is One Degree?
  339. What Is Reality?
  340. What is the Higgs Boson?
  341. What Makes a Genius?
  342. What Makes Us Human?
  343. What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?
  344. What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
  345. What We Still Don’t Know?
  346. When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions
  347. Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?
  348. Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole
  349. Why Are We Here?
  350. Why Birds Sing
  351. Why Do Viruses Kill?
  352. Why Do We Talk?
  353. Why Reading Matters
  354. Why We Believe in Gods: Andy Thomson (Lecture)
  355. Wonders of the Solar System
  356. Wonders of the Universe
  357. World’s Oldest Child
  358. Ötzi: The Iceman Murder
  1. 10 Rules for Dealing with Police
  2. 180° – The Movie
  3. 2010 Vancouver Olympics: The Movie
  4. 2012: The Mayan Word
  5. 2210: The Collapse?
  6. 24 Hours on Craigslist
  7. 40 Years of Complete Isolation
  8. A Life in Japan
  9. A Nuclear Family
  10. A Pearl Under the Rubble
  11. A Step from Heaven
  12. A Survivor’s Guide To Plane Crashes
  13. A Walk To Beautiful
  14. Affluenza
  15. Age of Extremes
  16. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
  17. All’s Well and Fair
  18. America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis
  19. American Autumn: an Occudoc
  20. American Juggalo
  21. American Movie
  22. American Nomads
  23. American Pimp
  24. Americana: Slab City
  25. Americana: The 2nd Revolutionary War
  26. An African Journey
  27. An Emasculating Truth
  28. Anaheim: A Tale of Two Cities
  29. Andy Morgan: A Story
  30. Apartheid Did Not Die
  31. Around the Balkans in 20 Days
  32. Assange: Facebook, Google, Yahoo are Spying Tools
  33. Atheism and Critical Thinking
  34. Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark
  35. Banking on Heaven
  36. Beautiful Sentence
  37. Beautiful Young Minds
  38. Beer Wars
  39. Beyond Me
  40. Big Fat Gypsy Weddings
  41. Blood Diamonds
  42. Born into Brothels
  43. Born Rich
  44. Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope
  45. Bowling for Columbine
  46. Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
  47. Buena Vista Social Club
  48. Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children
  49. Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children: Revisited
  50. Burning Man
  51. Burning Man Festival
  52. Busted! The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
  53. Bye Bye Havana
  54. Cables from Kabul
  55. California Dreaming
  56. Cambodia’s Orphan Business
  57. Capitalism: A Love Story
  58. Carts of Darkness
  59. Children Full of Life
  60. Children of Beslan
  61. Children of the Secret State
  62. Children Underground
  63. Chile Rising
  64. China: Secrets, Selection, Innovation, and Change
  65. Cirque du Soleil: Quidam
  66. Cocaine Submarines
  67. College Conspiracy
  68. Constantin and Elena
  69. Consuming Kids
  70. Contempt of Conscience
  71. Counter-Intelligence
  72. Crash Course: Literature
  73. Creationist Junk Debunked
  74. Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth
  75. Crossing Mexico’s Other Border
  76. Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview
  77. CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil
  78. Culture in Decline: Baby Go Boom!
  79. Culture in Decline: War on Nature
  80. Culture in Decline: What Democracy?
  81. Culture of Fear
  82. Cut: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision
  83. Darfur Diaries: Message from Home
  84. Dark Days
  85. Darwin’s Nightmare
  86. Daughter from Danang
  87. Deportee Purgatory
  88. Derren Brown: The System
  89. Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree
  90. Discovery Atlas: Brazil Revealed
  91. Discovery Atlas: China Revealed
  92. Discovery Atlas: India Revealed
  93. Divorce: Iranian Style
  94. DPRK: The Land of Whispers
  95. Educating Black Boys
  96. Education for a Sustainable Future
  97. Education, Education
  98. Egypt: A Nation in Waiting
  99. Empire of Secrets
  100. Energy War
  101. Every F*cking Day of My Life
  102. Explore China
  103. Exposing the Noble Lie
  104. Eyes and Ears of God
  105. F**K – A Documentary
  106. Famous in 31 Days
  107. Fascination
  108. Fourteen Days in May
  109. Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education
  110. Freedom: Are You a Freedom Seeker?
  111. From Glasgow to Detroit
  112. From Minneapolis to Mogadishu
  113. Fry’s Planet Word
  114. Gamer Revolution
  115. Generation Exile
  116. Generation Jihad
  117. Generation OS13: The New Culture of Resistance
  118. Give Us the Money
  119. God Grew Tired of Us
  120. Grim Sweepers
  121. Gunsmoke: USA
  122. He Will Eat Anything for Fame
  123. Heimo’s Arctic Refuge
  124. Hijacking Humanity
  125. Hope for Colombia
  126. Horn of Africa Crisis
  127. How Beer Saved the World
  128. How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?
  129. How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
  130. How Racist Are You?
  131. How The Kids Took Over
  132. How to Survive a Disaster?
  133. How Will We Love?
  134. Human Resources
  135. Hummingbird
  136. I Am Woman: Leap of Faith
  137. Ida’s Choice
  138. If The Oil Runs Out
  139. In Saddam’s Shadow
  140. In this World
  141. Innocents Betrayed
  142. Inside Burma: Land of Fear
  143. Inside Iranian Cinema
  144. Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think
  145. Inside the Medieval Mind
  146. Inside the U.S. Secret Service
  147. Into The Fire
  148. Iran: Yesterday and Today
  149. Japanorama
  150. John and Yoko’s Year of Peace
  151. Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
  152. Julian Assange In Conversation With John Pilger
  153. Kakaram
  154. Kampuchea: From Pond to Fountains
  155. Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face
  156. Kay Kay: The Girl from Guangzhou
  157. Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale
  158. Land Rush
  159. Life in a Day
  160. Life or Death in the Gaza Strip
  161. Life without Benedetta
  162. Living in the Sewers of Bogota
  163. Long Way Down
  164. Long Way Round
  165. Louis Theroux and the Nazi’s
  166. Louis Theroux on Black Nationalism
  167. Louis Theroux: Hypnotists
  168. Louis Theroux: Survivalists
  169. Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists
  170. Made in Spain
  171. Madness in the Fast Lane
  172. Making Millions the Easy Way
  173. Manga Mad
  174. Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook
  175. Massacre at Virginia Tech
  176. Maybe Buenos Aires?
  177. Mechanized Death: Legendary Driving Safety Film
  178. Meet The Natives: England and USA
  179. Meet the Stans
  180. Mexican Narco Cinema
  181. Miss Tibet and the Limbo of Exile
  182. Missionaries of Hate
  183. Modern Ireland
  184. Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?
  185. Mugabe and the White African
  186. Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge
  187. My Cultural Divide
  188. My Flesh and Blood
  189. Naked Citizens
  190. Naqoyqatsi
  191. Natascha: The Girl In The Cellar
  192. Natural Family Values
  193. Networked Society
  194. North Korean Film Madness
  195. North Korean Labor Camps
  196. Obey
  197. Occupied Cascadia
  198. Occupy Wall Street: The History and the Survival
  199. Odessa Girls
  200. Okupacion
  201. One Day in the Life of a Rice Farmer
  202. Outlaw Births
  203. Owned and Operated
  204. Pandilleros: A Wish to Live
  205. Paradise or Oblivion
  206. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream
  207. Places That Don’t Exist
  208. Poor America
  209. Poverty in Chicago
  210. Promises
  211. Punch Drunk
  212. Punishment and Profits: Immigration Detention
  213. Punishment: A Failed Social Experiment
  214. Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment
  215. Radiant City
  216. Rent a Rasta
  217. Revolution Through Arab Eyes: The Factory
  218. Richard Dawkins: Faith School Menace?
  219. Richest People of the Middle East
  220. Rise Like Lions
  221. Risking It All
  222. Rosling’s World
  223. RSA Animate
  224. Ruby Ridge
  225. Russia: A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby
  226. Ryanair Caught Napping
  227. Saving 10,000: Winning a War on Suicide in Japan
  228. Secular Believers
  229. Secular Morality
  230. Seeking Elvis: The King Lives On
  231. Sex, Lies and Julian Assange
  232. Shouting Fire: Stories From The Edge of Free Speech
  233. So What If My Baby Is Born Like Me?
  234. Solar Mamas
  235. Standing Strong
  236. Statesmen
  237. Status Anxiety
  238. Stephen Fry in America: Deep South
  239. Stephen Fry in America: Mississippi
  240. Stephen Fry in America: Mountains and Plains
  241. Stephen Fry in America: New World
  242. Stephen Fry in America: True West
  243. Streets of Plenty
  244. Stupid in America
  245. Sudan: History of a Broken Land
  246. Sudan: The Break-Up
  247. Suicide Forest in Japan
  248. Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers
  249. Syria: Songs of Defiance
  250. Taboo
  251. Taboo: Body Modifications
  252. Tales From the G20
  253. Taxing Times in Timor
  254. Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die
  255. The Age of Transitions
  256. The Alchemy of Spirit
  257. The Chinese Are Coming
  258. The Coca-Cola Case
  259. The Codes of Gender
  260. The Collective Evolution
  261. The Corporation
  262. The Crisis of Civilization
  263. The Curse of Oil
  264. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  265. The Dark Side of Chocolate
  266. The Dyslexia Myth
  267. The End of Poverty
  268. The End of Suburbia
  269. The Enemies of Reason
  270. The Exile Nation Project
  271. The Fabulous Life of Wallstreet Brokers
  272. The Facade of the American Dream
  273. The Forgotten Man
  274. The Fort Fisher Hermit
  275. The Fuck-It Point
  276. The Genius of Charles Darwin: The Uncut Interviews
  277. The Girl Who Survived Rabies
  278. The Globalization Tapes
  279. The Greek Resistance
  280. The Guantanamo Guidebook
  281. The House Fata Didn’t Build
  282. The Ice Man
  283. The Kids Punch Back
  284. The London Perambulator
  285. The Love Competition
  286. The Modern Racist Paradigm
  287. The Oasis
  288. The Peacewalker
  289. The People’s Republic of Capitalism
  290. The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power
  291. The Right to Roam
  292. The Rockefellers
  293. The Secret of the Seven Sisters
  294. The Shape of the Future
  295. The Shock Doctrine
  296. The Smell of Paradise
  297. The Story of English
  298. The Story of the Weeping Camel
  299. The Trouble With Atheism
  300. The Trouble with Experts
  301. The Truth About Violence
  302. The VICE Guide to Belfast
  303. The VICE Guide to Congo
  304. The VICE Guide to Karachi
  305. The VICE Guide to Liberia
  306. The VICE Guide to North Korea
  307. The Winter of the Beard
  308. The World’s Greatest Money Maker: Warren Buffett
  309. The Yes Men
  310. The Yes Men Fix the World
  311. There’s No Tomorrow
  312. This (Illegal) American Life
  313. This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  314. This is Coffee
  315. Through Human Eyes
  316. Tiger Spirit
  317. Toronto G20 Exposed
  318. Torture: America’s Brutal Prisons
  319. Trance-Formation
  320. Transmission 6-10
  321. Tribal Wives
  322. Tribe
  323. Triple Hate
  324. TROM: The Reality of Me
  325. Trouble in Amish Paradise
  326. Trudell
  327. Ulaanbaatar: City of Nomads
  328. Umbrella
  329. Under the Knife
  330. Undercity: New York City Urban Exploration
  331. Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed
  332. UNGRIP
  333. Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide
  334. Unveiled and Lifted
  335. Us Now
  336. Utopia on the Horizon
  337. War Dance
  338. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
  339. Welcome to Australia
  340. Welcome to Lagos
  341. Welcome to North Korea
  342. Welcome to the World
  343. What is INDIE?
  344. What Would Jesus Buy?
  345. When The Levees Broke
  346. When We Were Pirates
  347. Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going (Lectures)
  348. Who Really Invented Vodka?
  349. Who Rules America?
  350. Why Do People Laugh at Creationists?
  351. Why I Am No Longer a Creationist
  352. WikiRebels
  353. Wings of Evolution
  354. Woke Up Alive
  355. Wordplay
  356. Working Man’s Death: Brothers
  357. Working Man’s Death: Ghosts
  358. Working Man’s Death: Heroes
  359. Working Man’s Death: Lions
  360. World’s Strictest Parents
  361. Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide
  362. Zeitgeist: Addendum
  363. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
  364. Zeitgeist: The Movie


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